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Statement by Anonymous of Halifax re Parsons protest

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Apr 12th, 2013
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  1. Anonymous of Halifax would like to thank the collective at large for working diligently to bring the eyes of the world upon our community. Without your help, there would be no justice for Rehteah Parsons.
  3. However, we must express our concern at the calls for protest scheduled this Sunday at 2pm in front of the Halifax Regional Police headquarters. This protest has been scheduled without consultation of the local collective, and thus has no organizers.
  5. We fear that many in the collective at large misunderstand Halifax as another Steubenville. You might not be aware that we have a vibrant activist community here. You might not be aware that we have an active Black Block, and militant anti-capitalist community. Without organization, this protest is merely an invitation for anyone who has beef with the RCMP and Halifax Regional Police to come express their anger violently.
  7. Anonymous of Halifax has resolved to change this, to ensure the safety of our community and that the good name of Anonymous is protected. We pride ourselves on our positive relationship with the Halifax Regional Police, and unlike other groups we have worked and will continue to work closely with them. The Halifax Regional Police has had our back, protected us from harm, and acted in good faith as brokers of discussion for us in the past. Despite our disappointment with the local RCMP, these facts will never be forgotten.
  9. To anyone planning to attend this protest: we welcome and encourage your attendance... but sully the name of Anonymous or Rehteah Parsons through acts of violence at your own risk.
  11. Rehtaeh's family has made very clear their desire for any actions to be an expression of love and tolerance, a characteristic of Rehteah's nature. We ask anyone who plans to attend to keep this fact at the front of their mind. Anonymous demands Justice for Ray Parsons, not retribution.
  13. Knowledge is our weapon. And it just so happens that knowledge is free.
  15. We do not forgive.
  16. We do not forget.
  17. Expect us.
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