Dadonequus Discord Part 302

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  1. >Celestia led you through the hallways. You just stayed silent. Thinking. Contemplating.
  2. >"nothing to say?" Celestia asked as she looked forward. It was then you realized you were walking aimlessly through the castle with her just to be alone and on pace.
  3. >You just tilt your head slightly downward and stare downward. You still didn't know what to feel. But, you couldn't let this chance slip away.
  4. "I have plenty. Like the fact you are knowingly going to destroy my friendship with Chrysalis. It's a real thing. That exists."
  5. >"I'm aware, and I apologize. This decision wasn't easy to make once that fact had been considered."
  6. "Then why? Why not let me do it my way?"
  7. >"Because Anon. There is no guarantee she can be reformed. other dimension or no. The Chrysalis of this dimension is cruel and underhoofed and cares for nothing but herself and her machinations. Let me ask you this, and be truthful, aside from your friendship, how have you progressed in her actual reformation in treating others with kindness,friendship, and respect?"
  8. >You stop, grimacing/
  9. >Fuck, just as Chrysalis always says. And has even shown. There has been no progress in that regard.
  10. "..She treats me pretty good"
  11. >"I would hope so considering how you defend your friendship with her. But that doesn't answer my question. Has she even considered having good will towards ponies?"
  12. >Dammit Celestia, c'mon.
  13. "Well, I mean, she hasn't done anything horrible to them yet, right?"
  14. >Celestia shook her head and sighed "Except for a filly, that would be correct."
  15. >Ouch, she said that to remind you of that moment. How she, without care, just watched as her children feasted on Scootaloo. Something that was also your fault.
  16. >You remain silent
  18. >"Anon, I didn't say that to hold something over you. I said it to make a point. Even as your friend, she has no care for even the most innocent of ponies. Your friendship with her has made no actual progress in her reformation. And I have to agree with my sister. We can't keep looking away while she does as she pleases."
  19. "I have it under control. Better than Thorax would. How could you possibly leave it to him? He's a coward."
  20. >"Faith Anon, faith. the determination is there, the heart. And I'm sure you noticed the peculiar changes in his wings. It started when Luna and I started giving him lessons to improve his friendship making abilities. curious to be sure, but the most curious of all is the fact that his hunger for love has nearly disappeared. We all came up with a shared theory that changelings are capable of producing their own love. And in that sense. Become self sufficient. But for there to be love, there needs to be harmony. Has Scrappy shown any odd changes since he's become Applebloom's dog?"
  21. >You groan and roll your eyes, looking away from Celestia as you continued to walk beside her.
  22. "You're trying to change the subject. Faith isn't going to make a difference here. They won't listen to him."
  23. >And just like that, Celestia stops answering or talking to you. Which frustrates you even more.
  24. "FINE! sheesh. Yes, there's been a a kinda change. He doesn't eat as much love as he used to. But his wings are the same. Which means Thorax is the only one with that weird mutation thing on his wings. Now can we stay on point?"
  25. >"Hrn, or perhaps Scrappy is only starting to truly understand friendship, as per our theory. But yes, let's talk about faith and-" You interrupt Celestia right there
  26. "Don't. Don't do that. The guy nearly starved himself because he thought he hurt Scootaloo and he still didn't get blue wings. That's where everything falls apart. All you're doing is going to get the guy ripped to shreds unless you and Twilight put up a good barrier."
  28. >Celestia seems to take no offense, instead. She just continued. calm and poised despite your rude demeanor. "And from what we understand from Thorax. Changelings are normally ravenous with their neverending hunger. Causing uncontrollable urges to feed on large amounts of love at a time upon finding a plentiful amount. Thorax had succumbed a few times. And through forgiveness and care, that has ceased to be a problem. Since this issue was never brought up to me in Applebloom's letter. It's safe to assume that Scrappy's love for his friends is what sustained him and kept him stable without even he himself realizing it. Just as Thorax's hope sustained him"
  29. >...wut?
  30. "So you're saying changelings don't need to eat at all if their all producing love themselves?"
  31. >Celestia nods "Exactly, if anything that is one of our stronger points."
  32. >Egh, you hate to admit it. But, that's pretty good. Still, still....your friendship.
  33. "Ok, you really have put a lot of thought into this, I admit that. But, Celestia, please, listen"
  34. >You sigh, calming down realizing she may actually have a semblance of a better plan
  35. "This plan, it doesn't sound like you really want to try to reform Chrysalis. Just her hive. I don't think she's going to be too happy when she gets back and that's still going to cause a whole mess of trouble. The entire town has already accepted her as Nymous, what are we even going to do about that?"
  36. >"It depends on her, and on you. If we do reform the hive, she will cease being a threat. And therefore can remain in the basement of your home. It may seem cruel to do this to her. But as long as she has a friend, as long as she really wants to have one, then perhaps you'll be able to reform her then."
  37. >So thats it then? just go for the hive and hope for the best. She wasn't even considering if it instead made her even more dangerous. Or, as dangerous as she can currently be right now"
  39. "And what if Chrysalis goes insane? She won't listen to me, her betrayer. She won't listen to Scrappy once she finds out Thorax is alive. And what about Scrappy anyway, what about his feelings?"
  40. >"unfortunately, that is a gamble on how much he truly cares about his friends. If they are there for him. Then I am sure things will be alright. As for Queen Chrysalis herself, I'm sure Discord wouldn't let her do anything drastic if it put Fluttershy at risk. Unfortunately, even our plan is not perfect. I understand the town will have suspicions once words gets out. For your sake Anon, my sister and I will take full responsibility for that. As far as anypony else knows. You,Discord, nopony else knew the true identity of "Nymous". "
  41. >What?! taking full blame? Lying?
  42. "And you think that'll work?"
  43. >"Chrysalis can be very convincing. Anon, to let you know. We would have made Thorax public much sooner already if it wasn't for the fact that Queen Chrysalis would find out. I don't like keeping secrets and hiding details from the ponies who look upon me for wisdom and leadership."
  44. "Unless it's convenient. I don't think you understand how I feel. Chrysalis is really more than just a friend. She really is like a sister to me. We laugh together, we pick at each other, we have similar interests sometimes, we can be ourselves among one another, watch movies, share ideas. And, she saved my life, twice. Twice Celestia, Twice. Even if your plan is good, even if you're willing to take the blame, you're destroying one of the best friendships without at LEAST thinking up a better plan to keep it intact. There has to be someway, There's always a way."
  45. >Celestia shook her head "Unfortunately Anon, I don't see one. And I already know many ponies will be hurt once everything is said and done. As for your friendship, I'm truly sorry, the best I can do for you is refrain from banishing her yet keeping her in the basement"
  47. >Keeping her in the basement. Like a fucking animal. Yep, just trick her. Take her children. Then lock her up while she hates you forever.
  48. "...That's cruel Celestia"
  49. >"I know, I'm sorry. I understand how you feel Anon, you know I once-" but you cut her off, fuck that noise.
  50. "no! don't even mention Nightmare Moon! Don't! Ok, because that was some stupid jealous entity thing that was YOUR fault! Me and Chrysalis are close. Ok? And you just want me to betray her. That's it. That's the part that bothers me the most. Because you have this freaking notion that Thorax CAN reform the hive, that Scrappy will be alright, And that Chrysalis will stay put and not just hate ponies even more while I lose her as a friend! Where do you get off! Huh?"
  51. >You were huffing, puffing mad. That she could just drop this shit on you and make you feel as if you don't have a choice. That for some fucking reason, they couldn't come up with a saturday morning way to fix everything.
  52. >...even if you couldn't come up with one either.
  53. >Celestia stayed calm, but she became more melancholic. She didn't like seeing you this way. It seemed to hurt her. Especially when she noticed tears in your eyes. "Anon, you're being selfish. have you even thought of how Fluttershy will react? Have you forgotten your other friends, in which Chrysalis would surely do harm if she ever schemed to use them in her escape? My sister and I have decided to take the blame so that your life can remain intact. "
  54. "Really? Is that so?"
  56. >Celestia's tone then became cold, as she stared down at you, finally finding your impudence rather atrocious "I remind you Anon. Chrysalis has been an enemy of Equestria for countless generations. And long before you arrived on Discord's good graces. You yourself have said she has made no progress to accepting reformation. And there are others, many others, who deserve justice for the crimes she has committed. She is ruthless and cold down to her core Anon. And wouldn't think twice about destroying anypony that gets in her way. That includes the friends you hold dear. We have given you chances when we should have acted immediately. We ourselves have lied to our good friends for the sake of your friendship with one who would see our way of life destroyed. And we are willing to take a blow to our integrity to make sure the life you have made does not fall apart. To be quite honest Anon, you have no right to question this. We are not doing this to ruin your friendship. We are doing this to protect our home and help those that may themselves be under a heinous rule that keeps them from understanding goodness and harmony. I have apologized for what will happen. But I will not listen to you chastise my decision or belittle the fact that I too had to make a regretful decision in my life that without Twilight and her friends would mean that I would spend an eternity without my best friend and sister. Do I make myself clear?"
  57. >Holy shit, her eyes. That's some death glare when she approached those final words. It struck fear into your heart.
  58. >And her words. Dammit, what if Chrysalis at some point did do that? Use your friends against you. Just so she can be free. She hadn't done it yet. But, what if she got desperate? She doesn't care about them. And she'd probably think she could have you on her side eventually.
  59. >But, if none of that was in the equation. Then she'd just be another good friend and sis that hangs in the basement.
  61. >Discord was cool and all. But he was so random, and always spoke in a way that didn't jive with you sometimes. And usually had some kind of thing going on. Chrysalis was a lot more chill. You liked that.
  62. >You were going to lose that.
  63. >And yet, how could you argue Celestia now? Your life was that of a colt. You had more friends now than ever before. A marefriend even.
  64. >You started sobbing, you lose. You were going to lose something you cared about no matter what you did. You couldn't even bounce Chrysalis back to her original hive without being designated a traitor.
  65. >Chrysalis, why couldn't you just reform?
  66. >Why?
  67. "Princess C-Celestia, I-I. I don't...I don't know how....I don't..."
  68. >You enter a fetal position as the loss just hits you harder and harder
  69. "I don't want to lose any of my family or friends. Not one.."
  70. >You hide your face in your hooves as you cry.
  71. "I can't think of a way. I can't. E-even if I don't do anything. She'd know I betrayed her when she knows about T-thorax. S-she's like family to me. S-she really is. W-when I gave her a Ferrari..."
  72. >you gulp and sniffle
  73. "S-she was so happy. She was genuinely happy. It felt so nice.."
  74. >You dragged yourself over to her and threw yourself at her mercy. Hugging her left foreleg.
  75. "How? How can I just do this to her?"
  76. >Celestia softened up again. She lowered herself onto her belly and let you cry into her side. "I'm truly sorry Anon."
  77. "I'm sorry too..I'm sorry about what I said, a-about L-Luna...and stuff"
  78. >But even as you had this moment. your brain was racing.
  79. >Yeah, for now you'd accept this. And you were sorry.
  80. >But you did have your horn as well. Maybe, just maybe. You could pull something out of your ass that works for everyone.
  82. >Why were you crying anyway?
  83. >Was it because you lost?
  84. >Was it because it was an on the fly plan to try to sway Celestia?
  85. >Was it because of the conflict that so much shit was hanging. Your life, your friends, stability.
  86. >was it all of that?
  87. >Possibly. Defeat and worry was a recipe for tears.
  88. >even with your horn, what could you do? What could you do to get everything wrapped up in a neat little bow?
  89. >You had nothing. and it pierced your soul and let the tears come out.
  90. >You were going to lose her. And it was going to hurt.
  91. >What could you do? Follow Chrysalis? enslave the ponies who campaigned against her? Who would destroy your bond with her?
  92. >You couldn't do that. Your other friends too, were important. Fluttershy and her love for you, Starlight and her progress back to having a good life, Lyra and Bonbon and the fact they hung with you despite being a "kid". And Discord and the fact that without him, you wouldn't even be here.
  93. >And Celestia herself. She held her patience with you after you told her to be quiet about Nightmare Moon, she didn't fling you into a wall or snap back like a venomous snake. Here she was. letting you snuggle into her side and cry.
  94. >But you still had to come up with something.
  95. >But what? Really, the only thing you could do is get a second opinion. Ask someone who knows the changelings well if they can reform in anyway. Because if they can't, then maybe you can have this called off and go back to the way things are going now.
  96. >You could ask Scrappy. But he's too dumb to give an accurate answer. Hell, the only one who'd know at this point is the Excaptain. Or rather, the X-captain.
  97. >....The X-captain...
  99. >But would he tell the truth? Does he even know?
  100. >Not like it'd hurt asking.He can't hurt you.
  101. >Damn, it's not even a good plan. But maybe you could make it work.
  102. >You just needed things to go back to how they were. But if you couldn't. Fuck, what could you do?
  103. >Because there's no way Thorax could do it. No fucking way.
  104. >Your tears start to dry up as you contemplate your self admitted weak ass plan. It'll just have to do for now.
  105. "I'm alright now Princess Celestia. I-I understand. I didn't make any progress for her liking ponies and you're doing this to protect everypony else. I'll help."
  106. >"Thank you for understanding Anon. As I've said. This is in no way an attack on you or the surprising friendship you have. And I can only hope that Chrysalis follows the example we plan to impart onto her hive. It is regrettable if she does not. But the safety of Equestria comes first."
  107. >You sigh, of course it was.
  108. "I know, thank you for at least letting me try. But, is there really no other way? I just, I really do care about her. And even if hates me, I'll still care. Things we did together? I'll never forget it"
  109. >Celestia was silent for a moment. She was in deep thought.
  110. "Princess Celestia?"
  112. >"Part of me doesn't agree with my own plan. I have great sympathy for you despite you befriending one of our greatest enemies. If Queen Chrysalis would just listen to me. There'd be no problem. If she was more open to negotiation, we could work something out. But she's actively trying to destroy us even now, despite friendship and restrictions, and as a princess. I cannot overlook this. I never want to garner the hate of ponies I care about as well. It worries me that once this is done, that you would come to hate me, my sister, Twilight, perhaps even some of your other friends. All I can do is make it as easy for you as possible. That's all I can guarantee." Celestia wanted to do something for everyone. But her duty meant she had to do what was right. even if she herself did not like it.
  113. >She was making it really hard to plot when she was trying to empathize with you. Ugh, she was good at this. Maybe there was a legitimate claim that you would maybe turn a little vengeful when it happened. In a Saturday morning sense. But c'mon, you wouldn't...right?
  114. "I'd never go evil or anything. I just, well you already know."
  115. >"Hrn, perhaps we should change topics while we're alone. Get our mind off of these troubling thoughts." Celestia suggested
  116. >You look up at her, curious. A change of subject? a change to what exactly? not like there's anything else that could be interesting.
  117. "Like what?"
  118. >"Well, I've heard that I have a son. Or rather, you're my son a dimension or two away." Celestia stood up and walked by a window as she stared towards the sun "I was wondering if you had met him. Or perhaps know what he is like."
  122. >Celestia notices your ears droop and the fluster in your face just from the mention. She was about to tease, but felt, for once. the moment wasn't appropriate. But she wondered why you seemed so visibly jealous. "You don't like him I see."
  123. "I didn't say anything..."
  124. >"But your face says it all. Have you met him before?"
  125. >You sigh and shake your head
  126. "No, but he's apparently suave,sweet, and friendly. I don't know. I don't trust him."
  127. >"Why not?"
  128. "I....dunno. He showed up twice in this world. The second time with him apparently asking Scrappy some questions I don't even remember."
  129. >"Or you don't care to,as I understand it. He seems to be planning a campaign against the changelings. Coincidental, but given he trusts Scrappy. I can't help but feel his plan might be similar to my own in a few ways. If he's a prince, then there's no doubt I'd know about what he's doing. He'd be my son after all. I wonder how proud of him I am. And yet, I don't have to wonder. It's a strange feeling"
  130. >uuggghhhh
  131. "Well, I guess. Why are you really asking me this anyway? Not like I could be your son now. Or, what. did you want one of your own?"
  132. >Celestia shook her head "No, I'm content with how things are now. I just thought it was a cute thought. Though, speaking of family. Anon, can you count to five?"
  133. >Wut?
  134. "Uhhhh, why?"
  135. >"Just asking, if you were to count it. I'd like to ask you to do it right now. I want you to see a strange but humorous phenomenon"
  136. >Humorous huh?
  137. "I dunno if I'm in the mood for funny stuff."
  138. >Celestia smiled a warm smile at you "I think you will, if only because you being around Discord must give you some shared small grudges. I would just like you to count to five and see if it will make you smile. That's all."
  139. >whatever...
  140. ", two,three,four,fiv-wha?!"
  142. >The moment you reach five. A frantic Twilight poofs right in front of Celestia. She was in a panic "P-Princess Celestia! Thank goodness I found you! I just realized a few seconds ago that it would mean that Fluttershy is Queen Chrysalis's aunt. What do we tell here?! WHAT DO WE TELL HER?!"
  143. >Celestia smile died. She knew Twilight was going to poof in for something. But she must have anticipated something different. Truly, there was a few things Twilight didn't realize that would sperg her mind. Like, what to do with the changelings and Thorax AFTER it's all said and done.
  144. >"Oh...Twilight" Celestia took a small breath as she grimaced "I know you won't like it. But we cannot tell her."
  145. >"Princess Celestia, are you saying we just lie to her? About everything? She's one of my best friends. H-how can you expect me to do that to her? Chrysalis is pretending to be her neice. That's wrong!" It was like Twilight had forgotten how dire the situation was in general in favor of Fluttershy.
  146. >"Yes, unfortunately. That is what I'm saying. Anon has been doing it for quite some time and I can assure you, he does not like having to do it. Nopony wants to. But as the protectors of Equestria. We have too if we want to succeed." Yeah, Celestia didn't look happy about it at all.
  147. >"But, there has to be another way. We can't just lie to her." Twilight tried to reason with her.
  148. >"As I said.Luna and I will take the blame and the responsibility for everything that happens. It's not only to protect Anon, Twilight, it is also to protect you. I don't wish to keep things from Fluttershy the same as you" Celestia was really final on this. Christ, it wasn't just you. Twilight had second thoughts too. although nowhere near as dire. For a cartoon horse pony. Having to lie like that might as well be. "But what must be done must be done."
  150. >"Ah- umm...ngh" Twilight tried to raise another point, but was having trouble retorting "Princess, I don't think it'd be good for you to take on so much blame. This is more than just Fluttershy. I want everypony to come out of this alright"
  151. >"As do I. But only fate will decide how things go. And thus, I will make sure none of you suffer a terrible fate. It will be a burden Luna and I will bear. No matter how great." Celestia was giving Twilight a lamentably serious look. Just like with you, she wanted Twilight to accept what has to be done.
  152. >"But Princess. I know this is important. But, you mean too much to me too to allow you to do that. Let me take the blame instead then. At least I can do that much for you. I owe you so much for everything you taught me" Twilight stopped when Celestia gently planted her hoof to Twilight's head
  153. >"Twilight, you are the Princess of Friendship and a beacon of hope to everypony everywhere. Should things not go as planned or if ill thoughts still go by then I will not allow you to take any blame. You are too important for that. As is Cadence. It will be alright as long as we all work together. This is all for reforming those who very well may just need another chance and loving understanding. And that, to me, is more important than myself. Everypony who is good, who has heart, that is capable of love and care. Those are the ponies I will sacrifice everything I have for again and again if need be. But ponies will still need somepony to look up to should I be very wrong. And that somepony shall be you Twilight, Do you understand?"
  154. >Twilight twitched, and then looked down as she started to tear up "I do."
  155. >"Thank you for understanding" Celestia gently wiped Twilight's tears away, and hugged her close.
  157. >After that. There wasn't much else too the meeting than fine tuning the edges. Everyone got along with Thorax great and Thorax himself showed more self-esteem as he conversed. He seemed happy. And Cadence accepted him.
  158. >Yep, the plan was set. And you were so conflicted on what to do on your own that you could feel your soul burning.
  159. >And who knows how Twilight must feel. Now she was somewhat in the same boat as you. She had to lie to Fluttershy, and by extension. Everyone else. It didn't sit right with her. She had to act like she didn't know. And it ate her up inside. Even moreso that she had to play nice with Chrysalis without letting her know as well, that she knew.
  160. >Hell, you wanted to get home and speak to the X-captain immediately. You wanted to get that over with.and see if this was even all worth it.
  161. >But Celestia, she didn't want Twilight going home alone since Cadence would be staying longer to wait for a train back to the Crystal Empire. She asked you if you wouldn't take your shortcut home and instead accompany Twilight on the train back to Ponyville. She felt you both needed the company.
  162. >...fine. but was only a matter of time now. Wasn't it? What were you even going to do?
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