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  1.     Long distance relationships are often difficult. You don’t get to experience that physical aspect that fuel many other relationships. Therefore, alternatives have to be made to keep a steady connection with your partner. Communication with others has been made easier with the addition of new internet advances, such as multiplayer games, streaming, and sites like the now shutdown rabbit. Popcorn has been created as a substitute for rabbit, which is currently in closed beta and I want to obtain a beta key.
  2. There is no doubt that many others want access to Popcorn as well. It seems to be the most promising site since Rabbit at its prime. For me, I believe that my situation does not have much more significance than any other person’s. I want a stable site to spend time with my long-distance girlfriend of nearly two years. We originally used rabbit, but everyone knows how that turned out. My bond with her is unreal to me, I honestly cannot compare it to any other relationship that I’ve witnessed. We have spent countless hours watching movies, shows, and playing games while having the connection of a “real life relationship.” It is difficult to explain with words, my life was dark and gloomy before we met. Spending time with each other is the most significant part of a relationship. Our relationship has made such an impact on both of our lives that we have already planned things for the future. I believe that online relationships are more about having deep thought related conversations and building emotional trust. My partner and I have a desire to try out this new site. We have gone through so many others with no avail. Using other sites or apps is generally a struggle as they rely heavily on a good internet connection and a high-end device. Neither of us have access to those and rabbit’s virtual browser made it so much easier for us to enjoy watching movies and shows together. It may have had an update that ruined the user experience at the beginning of the year, but it still worked.
  3. Based on the screenshots and video recordings I have seen of Popcorn, the user interface looks clean and smooth. I have been following its development ever since May, when the rabbit development team was laid off. Each new piece of information given has intrigued me greatly. I have been making an attempt to participate in each contest held in order to win a beta key. I want to be able to say I was part of the early development portion of Popcorn as it grows more and more. I have partaken in many other closed beta releases, seeing the end result of it when it goes public amazes me just like a parent seeing their child become successful in life. Time goes by so quickly that you never get to fully appreciate the early stages of anything.
  4. In conclusion, a long distance relationship requires a lot of bonding time and effort in order to function properly. I believe that having access to Popcorn will fulfill the enjoyment that my relationship has been missing recently.
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