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  1. Hello!
  3. As you probably know, I'm Ashynook (my real name is Dawid Jakubowski), main author of this game. Along with my friend KamykDD, and some helpers and testers I'm working on this game for over a year. But I've posted news about releasing pre-alpha version on 15 August 2018. It didn't work out. I want to explain why we have so huge delays.
  5. [size=150][color=#00FF00]1. Procrastination[/color][/size]
  6. I have mental problem, about which I am unable to talk about publicly. But it is related to severe trauma. I have some symptoms that are hard to work with. I have psychotherapy to help me manage some symptoms i have due to trauma. I decided to go to psychotherapist to fix my problems with procrastination (because i doubt it that it's just simple laziness. It is not). I'm working as hard as possible to recover myself. I wanted to release game on 15 August 2018, but i had some symptoms that wrecked me for many months. Currently I'm stable enough and healthy enough to use insanity to accomplish my... our* dreams.
  8. [size=150][color=#00FF00]2. Cross-Compilation to Windows. I didn't have laptop/pc with windows...[/color][/size]
  9. .. on which i could compile AOU (stands for "Ace Of Universe") applications (it is not only a game, but also - version uploader, launcher, prelauncher, unit tests...). I have MSI laptop with linux (which is pretty strong) but I used to compile AOU applications on VirtualBox running legally buyed Windows 7 copy. But now I have another laptop which has Windows 10 and I'm able to compile AOU. I also had problems with compilation under MinGW (its Window's version of original GNU GCC compilator for c++), as I had to import some additional DLL-s which I knew are not nessesary, but my compilator was a mess. I have fresh MinGW compilation setup and I've fixed all problems with cross compiling for Windows. (I'm compiling for windows 32 bits for now) I also finished problems with additional DLL-s. (some people know this problem, when compiler doesn't compile std c++ libraries statically, and you need files such as stdc++-6.dll... which are not nessesary)
  11. [size=150][color=#00FF00]3. New ideas... New ideas... New ideas...[/color][/size]
  12. I'm INTJ-A personality, and I feel that I am creative (oh that narcissism of mine). And that means I have huge amount of ideas in my head. I'm using... UML tool called PlantUML for making a tree of ideas. I use it mostly for UML, but I also use it for making something like graphs. But I don't like graphic editors of UML like Dia program, or others, where you use mouse to draw diagrams. (btw, I use UML diagram editors for concept drawing because they're very simple rectangles, etc... So I just write script in PlanUML script language of what I want to implement. And as I look at it now... It's just... I have too many ideas to implement just for alpha. And it is taking hell long to implement them.
  14. [size=150][color=#00FF00]4. Map editor and gameplay[/color][/size]
  15. Map editor took me many days to implement. Currently its finished, but I am going to show it when I finish full alpha version.
  17. [size=150][color=#00FF00]5. Northern Ireland (travel to Belfast), learning English grammar...[/color][/size]
  18. I'm planning to move to Belfast as fast as possible, as (for me, not for many) it is the only place worth for building its own enterprise. It takes time to plan everything from scratch to make my travel as good as possible. I'm from Poland, and my first language is Polish. I'm spending some time to learn English grammar as I still make many mistakes and need someone to review what i'm writing in English.
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