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  1. @component
  2. @componentGroup OR @group
  3. @description OR (assumed)
  4. @extension OR @mixin (optional, a class that can optionally appear on the same element that is being extended.)
  5. @extends(what the extension is extending. Can either be a component, a property, or another extension. The extension class name should appear on the same element that is being extended. If it's extending an extension, then that means it must include the extension's class, and the extensions extendee class).
  6. @property (standard member of the component, usually always required)
  7. @within (component this is a property of, usually implied to be the last defined component, so usually not specified)
  8. @required (signifies that a property is required as part of the component. if not present, means the property is optional)
  9. @requires (other components this component depends on. css for that component must be on the page.)
  10. @example OR @markup (for extensions, we can infer examples based on the @defaultExample?)
  11. @defaultExample (example used to create extensions?)
  12. @zenCss OR @cssObject
  13. @brief OR @tagline (short summary)
  14. @image (location of rendered expected image? relative to one assumed parent img directory. Or we can just follow a convention where image name is same as component name)
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