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Session 11

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  1. (3:52:28 PM) ApricotCordial: == Session #11 ==
  2. (3:52:55 PM) ApricotCordial: Arcadia had found some scraps of stuff.  Nessa had found the combination for the safe taped under the blotter on the desk.
  3. (3:54:25 PM) ApricotCordial: Shimmer was.... Somewhere.
  4. (3:54:36 PM) ***Nessa proceeds to try that combination out!
  5. (3:55:15 PM) ***Shimmer was with them...she had found that box of ammo and a hoof full of caps...
  6. (3:56:32 PM) Arcadia left the room (quit: Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in).
  7. (3:57:09 PM) Eden [Eden@Pony-4f5a6n.link] entered the room.
  8. (3:57:36 PM) Eden is now known as Arcadia
  9. (3:59:25 PM) ApricotCordial: Nessa spins the dial and opens the safe!
  10. (3:59:53 PM) ***Nessa rubs her forehoofsies together in anticipation...
  11. (4:00:37 PM) ***Arcadia hums, happy with her find, and slowly wanders her way back to the others, using her telepathic connection to find them.
  12. (4:01:47 PM) ***Shimmer was quietly watching Nessa work
  13. (4:02:48 PM) ApricotCordial: Nessa is in a seperate room from Shimmer and Arcadia
  14. (4:03:04 PM) ApricotCordial: Or was.
  15. (4:03:27 PM) ***Nessa is -- indeed -- quite far away from the PM's office.
  16. (4:03:34 PM) ***Shimmer follows Arcadia then
  17. (4:03:39 PM) ***Nessa has the door open, though, and they know where to find her.
  18. (4:04:18 PM) ApricotCordial: Nessa finds that the safe is filled with neatly counted stacks of bills.  Old world paper money, it would seem, thousands of dollars worth of the stuff, plus a few zippered bank bags, and a stack of manila envelopes.
  19. (4:05:41 PM) ***Nessa rubs her muzzle. Paper bills are virtually worthless now, except maybe as scraps of cloth.
  20. (4:06:00 PM) ***Nessa reaches for the envelopes so she can inspect them more closely.
  21. (4:11:35 PM) ApricotCordial: They're empty.  They all have Army return address labels at the top.
  22. (4:12:31 PM) ***Nessa digs through the pile of bills to make sure they aren't hiding anything.
  23. (4:12:53 PM) ***Nessa doesn't want to accidentally leave a bar of gold bullion behind or something...
  24. (4:14:04 PM) Nessa: "So," she greets Arcadia and Shimmer. "You find hide or hair of that armory yet?"
  25. (4:14:52 PM) ***Arcadia groans a little. "Dang... This place is big..." She mutters to herself. "Nope, I found a small pistol and some rounds for it, and some random junk."
  26. (4:16:20 PM) ***Shimmer shakes her head. "No...but I've mostly been following you all."
  27. (4:17:00 PM) Arcadia: "Oh! And some hoof cuffs!"
  28. (4:17:08 PM) Shimmer: "I think this building might be adminitration...and I'm kind of sure they don't keep the armory in the administration building..."
  29. (4:17:42 PM) Nessa: "Front desk had a note to the effect of there being a small one," Nessa says.
  30. (4:19:22 PM) ApricotCordial: Nessa finds more bills!  And some regular-sized white envelopes that feel like they hold.... maybe more paper money!
  31. (4:19:54 PM) ApricotCordial: There was indeed a note to that effect.  The building itself is not that large, and the trio has already searched 3/4 of it.  In some part or another.
  32. (4:20:57 PM) ***Nessa sighs as she shoves all the bills back in the safe and closes it up.
  33. (4:21:18 PM) Nessa: "Alright. That was a total bust," she says. "Let's go look where we haven't before."
  34. (4:21:52 PM) Arcadia: "Sounds like a plan!"
  35. (4:23:02 PM) Shimmer: "Sounds like an idea to me.
  36. (4:23:16 PM) ***Nessa leads the group to the part of the building her PipBuck's automapping hasn't already pinged exhaustively.
  37. (4:23:53 PM) Arcadia: "So... What exactly does an armory look like?"
  38. (4:24:05 PM) Shimmer: "A room with several racks for weapons."
  39. (4:24:27 PM) Nessa: "There's no set appearance," Nessa says. "It's just a secure place to keep a lot of weapons."
  40. (4:24:33 PM) ***Arcadia blows a raspberry. "Sounds boring to me! "
  41. (4:24:36 PM) Nessa: "An armory could be a room, or it could be a whole facility."
  42. (4:25:03 PM) Nessa: "Yeah, well, not all of us can make daggers of eldritch force out of thin air."
  43. (4:25:38 PM) Arcadia: "You should try it sometime! It's so easy to use..."
  44. (4:25:56 PM) Shimmer: "I'll stick with invisibility and running away." She nods
  45. (4:25:57 PM) ApricotCordial: Heading back to the hallway junction, straight ahead is the unexplored wing.  The signs indicate the mess hall, Officer of the Day, and Guard Room are all located down there.
  46. (4:27:34 PM) Nessa: "Guard Room sounds promising," Nessa says as she heads there.
  47. (4:28:17 PM) Arcadia: "Ooh! Maybe they'll have a bigger gun for me!"
  48. (4:29:00 PM) Shimmer: "You go from bored to excited like that." Shimmer giggles
  49. (4:29:04 PM) ***Nessa quietly wonders how long they're going to survive out here.
  50. (4:30:55 PM) ***Arcadia giggles. "The benefits of having listened to the thoughts of an entire village for most of my life? I'm absolutely nuts!"
  51. (4:38:56 PM) Shimmer: "I am fortunate to have not had that experience." Shimmer smiles
  52. (4:39:03 PM) ***Nessa keeps walking until she reaches the Guard Room.
  53. (4:42:13 PM) ***Arcadia hums a tune, her tail flicking eagerly as she jingles and jangles from the chains wrapping her pack
  54. (4:43:27 PM) ApricotCordial: They find everything easily enough.  All the rooms are labelled.
  55. (4:46:19 PM) Arcadia: "Armory... armory..." She mutters. "Which one is the armory?"
  56. (4:46:55 PM) ***Nessa waits for the formless, featureless expanse of creation to resolve into the Guard Room door.
  57. (4:48:14 PM) ***Shimmer picks a labled room hopefully one that says armory and heads for that door!
  58. (4:49:02 PM) ***Arcadia is sort of lost, honestly. She's forgotten where she's looking for!
  59. (4:54:49 PM) ApricotCordial: The Guard Room has a table, a rifle rack, and a few sets of bunks.  There are a few lockers.
  60. (4:55:08 PM) ***Nessa hmms.
  61. (4:55:29 PM) ***Nessa steps in and tries the lockers.
  62. (4:57:31 PM) ApricotCordial: They're unlocked.  Other then a scattering of reading material and trash they're empty.
  63. (4:58:37 PM) ***Nessa checks under the beds.
  64. (4:58:52 PM) ***Shimmer checks the rifle rack!
  65. (5:07:37 PM) ApricotCordial: Nessa finds.... Dust.  And some spiders that skitter away from her.
  66. (5:07:56 PM) ***Nessa makes a little "nyehhhh..." sound.
  67. (5:08:01 PM) ApricotCordial: Shimmer finds it empty, but smelling of oil and grease, with a locked bar about midway across it.  There are a few ammo boxes next to it.
  68. (5:23:09 PM) Shimmer: "I found ammo!...I seem to be REALLY good at finding ammo..."
  69. (5:24:53 PM) ***Shimmer riffles through the ammo boxes to be sure
  70. (5:25:18 PM) ApricotCordial: The boxes are locked.
  71. (5:25:25 PM) ApricotCordial: Chances are they do contain munitions!
  72. (5:31:00 PM) ***Nessa will head over and give them a look if Shimmer asks.
  73. (5:32:44 PM) ***Shimmer tries each and after finding them locked. "Hey Nessa!...they're still locked~ That usually means ammo!"
  74. (5:32:52 PM) Shimmer: "...also I can't pick locks."
  75. (5:33:23 PM) Nessa: "Not many can," Nessa says as she walks over and tries her hoof at cracking the ammo-boxes open.
  76. (5:35:30 PM) Shimmer: "You know...despite the gun turrets...I've got a really good feeling for today." Shimmer chirps up clearly in good spirits.
  77. (5:36:32 PM) Nessa: "Yeah," Nessa says as she jimmies the locks. "We'll try the big armory after this. Hopefully we won't get creamed by the security in there..."
  78. (5:38:21 PM) Shimmer: "I doubt I'll be of much use against robots..." Shimmer sighs
  79. (5:38:30 PM) Shimmer: "but I'll try and do what I can."
  80. (5:39:00 PM) Nessa: "You never know. There might be something in the environment you can exploit," Nessa says. "Just keep your eyes open."
  81. (5:39:38 PM) ApricotCordial: The lockpick snaps.
  82. (5:40:58 PM) ***Nessa groans...
  83. (5:41:20 PM) Nessa: "Running out of those," Nessa mutters, carefully clearing it out as she readies to try again.
  84. (5:47:43 PM) ApricotCordial: The first ammo box pops open on her second try!  Inside are about eight tear gas grenades.
  85. (5:49:08 PM) Nessa: "Neat," Nessa says. "Riot control grenades."
  86. (5:49:14 PM) ***Nessa starts working the other one.
  87. (5:52:01 PM) Shimmer: "Sweet!...thought shouldn't those be in a grenade box?..." She looks inside taking four.
  88. (5:55:56 PM) ApricotCordial: The insie of the metal box is lined in cardboard.
  89. (6:01:46 PM) ApricotCordial: *inside
  90. (6:02:15 PM) Shimmer: by the way checking green's sheet. He did her perks wrong
  91. (6:02:26 PM) ApricotCordial: Wrong Channel
  92. (6:02:34 PM) Shimmer: eep!)
  93. (6:05:50 PM) ApricotCordial: Nessa opens the second case!  She finds it full of little cardboard packages!  The top one is labeled 'Ball, M2 Alternate .30-06'
  94. (6:07:05 PM) ***Nessa opens it up.
  95. (6:07:11 PM) ***Nessa opens one up, rather.
  96. (6:08:22 PM) ApricotCordial: It's full of bullets!
  97. (6:11:41 PM) ***Arcadia shakes herself out of her silent reverie, blinking in confusion. "Codfish!"
  98. (6:12:41 PM) Nessa: "... huh. Rifle rounds," Nessay says. "No 5.56mm, though..."
  99. (6:13:16 PM) Shimmer: "Told you there was some ammo."
  100. (6:13:20 PM) Shimmer: "anyone want the rest of the ammo?"
  101. (6:13:26 PM) Shimmer: "err grenades?"
  102. (6:17:04 PM) Nessa: "Well, Arcadia, if you'd mind carrying this--" Nessa holds up the .30-06 rounds.
  103. (6:17:10 PM) Nessa: "I think we'd better move on."
  104. (6:18:40 PM) ApricotCordial: It's an entire box
  105. (6:19:12 PM) ApricotCordial: Approximately 200 rounds.
  106. (6:19:13 PM) Nessa: "These are full on battle-rifle cartridges," Nessa says. "Definitely worth something to someone."
  107. (6:20:23 PM) ApricotCordial: *250 rounds.
  108. (6:23:25 PM) Shimmer: "so...what kind of weapon takes that ammo?" She asks poking around a bit more
  109. (6:24:12 PM) ***Shimmer searches the bunks...if nothing else blankets are nice1
  110. (6:24:44 PM) ApricotCordial: The blankets are neatly folded at the end of the beds!  There are six in total.
  111. (6:25:15 PM) ***Shimmer collects them after searching the bunks to be sure there was no hidden contraban or anything
  112. (6:31:38 PM) ***Nessa heads out to see if the Officer of the Day place has anything of note about it.
  113. (6:32:41 PM) ***Arcadia plucks the box of ammo up for Nessa. "I can grab it, sure. "
  114. (6:34:30 PM) ***Shimmer heads for the mess hall. "I'm going to see if I can find some rations. They sell pretty well."
  115. (6:34:34 PM) ApricotCordial: It's right next door!  There's a desk, more filing cabinets, some blackboards and corkboards with notices pinned to them.  In the back is a locked gate!
  116. (6:35:03 PM) Nessa: "Aha! I think this is it..."
  117. (6:35:32 PM) Nessa: "Also, Shimmer, that's a good idea. Though I think we'll probably have to eat them ourselves, rather than sell them."
  118. (6:35:50 PM) Arcadia: "Can I take the door?"
  119. (6:35:56 PM) ***Nessa reads a few of the notices as she walks towards the gate.
  120. (6:36:29 PM) ***Shimmer hesitates and looks toward the gate...maybe that was a better idea...
  121. (6:36:30 PM) ApricotCordial: They mostly seem to be about standing orders, notices about classifications of civilians to be denied entry/detained for deportation or incarceration.
  122. (6:38:20 PM) ***Nessa turns her attention to the gate.
  123. (6:38:34 PM) Arcadia: "I mean, I don't need to rip it open this time, but I want to keep it..."
  124. (6:39:14 PM) ApricotCordial: It's steel, locked, and inside are visible two full racks of rifles and a rack of pistols, with ammunition cans stacked in the corner.  Also stacked on shelves are helmets and flak vests.
  125. (6:41:44 PM) ***Nessa checks to see how exactly the gate is locked. Is there an electronic component she can exploit via a terminal nearby, perhaps?
  126. (6:43:08 PM) ApricotCordial: It is an electronic lock!  It seems to be linked to the desktop terminal.
  127. (6:43:56 PM) ***Nessa hmms and turns to the terminal on the desk.
  128. (6:44:54 PM) ***Nessa pulls a connecting wire from her PipBuck and checks the terminal's security...
  129. (6:45:31 PM) ***Shimmer continues to do the thing that she does and loot the messhall while they're doing more relevent things
  130. (6:46:38 PM) ApricotCordial: Shimmer finds the room full of tables and benches!  The freezers are offline, but oddly empty of the scent of rotting vegetable matter.  On the shelves are literal tons of cans of vegetables, fruit, bread, powdered drink mixes, powdered egg mixes, powdered milk...
  131. (6:47:47 PM) ***Shimmer 's eyes go wide. "Jackpot!" She claps her front hooves togeather really happily.
  132. (6:48:58 PM) ***Shimmer frowns. "how to haul all of this..." She trots back and forth in comtemplation.
  133. (6:50:15 PM) ***Shimmer heads back to the others a clear skip in her step!
  134. (6:51:03 PM) ApricotCordial: The BIOS Scrolls by as Nessa turns the computer on!  There are other functions on the terminal menu, but the locking mechanism is right on the first screen.
  135. (6:51:16 PM) ***Shimmer is gonna be curious about the freezers not smelling like rot...but maybe the doors was just sealing the smell out.
  136. (6:52:41 PM) ***Nessa unlocks the gate.
  137. (6:52:49 PM) ApricotCordial: It swings freely open!
  138. (6:52:59 PM) ***Nessa smirks~
  139. (6:53:23 PM) ***Nessa checks-out the other functions on the terminal.
  140. (6:53:41 PM) Shimmer: "Hey guys. you would NOT believe just how much food there is."
  141. (6:53:46 PM) ApricotCordial: Mostly it seems to be full of daily reports.
  142. (6:54:00 PM) Shimmer: "We're going to need a wagon...maybe two or three."
  143. (6:54:28 PM) ***Arcadia flicks her ears. "Food? Wagon? I could try pulling one..."
  144. (6:54:34 PM) Shimmer: "Literally tons" She squees. "We're rich!"
  145. (6:55:48 PM) Shimmer: "oh! you got the armory open too!"
  146. (6:57:14 PM) ***Nessa exits out of the terminal and goes to inspect the armory.
  147. (6:57:36 PM) Nessa: "Yep!" she says to Shimmer.
  148. (6:57:41 PM) ***Shimmer is practically dancing.
  149. (6:57:59 PM) Shimmer: "Think that the weather has cleared enough to make a run to town?"
  150. (6:57:59 PM) Nessa: "Electronic locks are a lot easier than mechanical ones for me," Nessa says.
  151. (6:58:31 PM) Nessa: "Er, it took us a while to just get here," Nessa says. "Heading back to town seems like it'd be a huge setback."
  152. (6:58:34 PM) Shimmer: "I want to hire a couple wagons to make a profit here."
  153. (6:58:51 PM) Shimmer: "Nessa...you've got a calculator on that pipbuck?"
  154. (6:59:05 PM) Arcadia: "Let me know if there's a gun you think fits me?"
  155. (6:59:08 PM) ***Nessa stares blankly at Shimmer for a second.
  156. (6:59:11 PM) Nessa: "Does a bear shit in the woods?"
  157. (6:59:49 PM) ***Arcadia raises her hoof and hops up and down. "Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me! "
  158. (6:59:49 PM) Shimmer: "We're getting maybe three hundred caps between us for a literal week."
  159. (7:00:30 PM) Shimmer: "I can sell individual cans for between three to six caps...a piece."
  160. (7:00:34 PM) Shimmer: "There are TONS."
  161. (7:00:58 PM) Shimmer: "Not including the haul from this armory."
  162. (7:01:19 PM) Nessa: "Yeah. Well, I think we can all see your pupils have transformed into giant, golden bits. But have you seriously forgotten what we saw on our way up here?" Nessa asks.
  163. (7:01:55 PM) Shimmer: "Make a profit via our trip."
  164. (7:02:12 PM) Shimmer: (wait I misread that)
  165. (7:02:44 PM) Nessa: "I've been getting the vibe that we've been lucky thus far not to get into a confrontation with that... giant horde of hunter-ponies."
  166. (7:03:26 PM) Shimmer: "We can plot a path around that..."
  167. (7:03:30 PM) Nessa: "They killed the Enclave patrol, despite their superior technology and power armor. They stampeded all over this base, and the fact that it hasn't /already/ been looted?"
  168. (7:03:46 PM) Nessa: base-- and the fact that it hasn't already been looted...?"*
  169. (7:04:18 PM) Nessa: "These things set-off alarm bells for me. If you try and establish some kind of caravan through this territory, you're going to go bankrupt, and your employees will lose their lives. That's what I'm getting."
  170. (7:04:35 PM) Nessa: "So we take what we can carry, we stay small and unnoticed, and we get to MXC."
  171. (7:06:21 PM) ***Shimmer sighs. "I suspect the enclave died because they tried to fight them off...a small caravan of fliers might be more successful..."
  172. (7:07:02 PM) Nessa: "The weather is just as dangerous and capricious as the inhabitants, I imagine," Nessa says.
  173. (7:07:06 PM) ***Arcadia rolls her eyes. "Could I make a comment here? The crazy mare has an idea, but isn't sure it'll work."
  174. (7:07:28 PM) Nessa: "Shoot," Nessa says, walking into the armory to inspect what lies within.
  175. (7:08:00 PM) Arcadia: "Could we get access to a sky wagon? Or at least the frame of one?"
  176. (7:08:17 PM) Arcadia: "You know, one of those big bus things?"
  177. (7:09:38 PM) Nessa: "Not without some trouble," Nessa says.
  178. (7:09:46 PM) ApricotCordial: Nessa finds the guns on the rack look a lot like regular battle rifles, but with gaping holes where the internal magazine is on those.  It looks like they would fit a substantially larger magazine.
  179. (7:09:50 PM) Shimmer: "Fine." she says tersely. "suggest away Arcadia." She says entering the armory. She'll return her later setting up a hive.  "Actually if we could find someway to rent one the haul is sufficent to make a profit even if we hired it for a couple grand..."
  180. (7:11:11 PM) Arcadia: "If we, theoretically, could... I could tow the whole thing. Even without a spark battery, I have enough magic to make it within a safe distance of town, and I can fly on top of that."
  181. (7:12:55 PM) Shimmer: "and...if need be...I could contact one of my siblings to help with that..." She mumbles deep in thought..
  182. (7:16:54 PM) Shimmer: "Okay I know of a few partially scrapped ones...and at least two of the larger nearby settlements have ones they'd be  willing to lease us..."
  183. (7:17:23 PM) Shimmer: "those are actually fully operational...err last I checked anyway."
  184. (7:17:42 PM) Shimmer: "if Grease is half the mechanic he claims probably three."
  185. (7:18:02 PM) Nessa: "So, Shim. There's actual armor here, if you want to... ditch that literal barrel you're wearing."
  186. (7:19:02 PM) ***Green steps out of the shadow near a building to the side of Nessa. She is large in stature, wearing grey tribal camouflage, and emerging as if the snow suddenly took shape into a large red hulking mare. The large barrel of a gun mounted to a battlesaddle points at the general direction of the group but she's not got the trigger ready. "Hey assholes. You're making enough noice to wake the
  187. (7:19:03 PM) ***Green dead." She talks in a low voice. "and you'll be dead soon if you keep this up."
  188. (7:19:36 PM) ***Shimmer gasps. "you've seen my barrel? That's scandelous..." she giggles cutting off at the noise and immediately going invisible and darting away!
  189. (7:21:39 PM) ***Arcadia flicks her ear and shrugs her pack off, her horn flaring to keep from breaking her flasks. "Are you really sure attacking is a smart thing? If we're both being loud and not being attacked right now, aren't we dangerous?"
  190. (7:22:55 PM) Nessa left the room (quit: Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Damnfool))).
  191. (7:23:08 PM) Nessa [Mibbit@Pony-g70pjj.dsl.coastside.net] entered the room.
  192. (7:24:44 PM) ***Green looks slightly embarassed for a moment, and puts her barrel away from their general vincinity as she gets closer to the group. "I'm not trouble. You've lured the herd here with your racket." The large mare says in her most quiet voice while her eyes flicker back out the doorway she came from.
  193. (7:25:11 PM) ***Nessa peeks out from the spot of cover she'd taken for herself.
  194. (7:27:02 PM) ***Shimmer speaks invisibly from the ceiling. She may be casting her voice up there or she may actually be there. "what exactly are they? and color me surprised that they could hear us throught the walls...but I suppose the explosion and gunfire of that turret might have done it. So the question is...who are you?"
  195. (7:28:12 PM) ***Arcadia twists her barrel around, wings ruffling as she turns to face the newcomer. "The herd? You mean the group that we avoided last night without an issue?" She bluffs, magic still glowing from her horn and adding an emerald light to the area. "Dang it... Shimmer! I was trying to make us sound intimidating!" She whines at nowhere in particular, stomping her hoof on the ground.
  196. (7:28:36 PM) Nessa: "Historically, pointing guns at us hasn't been a very healthy thing to do," Nessa calls over to Green.
  197. (7:29:47 PM) ***Green looks up at the ceiling and then shrugs as she walks closer. "I am trying to help. Because doing this on my own now is suicide."
  198. (7:32:27 PM) ***Green nods to Arcadia and keeps talking in a hushed tone. "Use that ceiling thing and check the other side of this building. They'll be coming from there. You don't have much time. To them sacred ground has been disturbed."
  199. (7:33:14 PM) Nessa: "God damnit..." Nessa mutters.
  200. (7:33:53 PM) ***Green nods with approval. "You came prepared right? barbed wire and landmines?"
  201. (7:34:04 PM) Shimmer: "Arcadia there are few things more intimidating then a group that has successfull defeated a base's defenses and has an inisible member..." She sighs. "Well if this is going to turn into a bust...Nessa, Arc empty the armory at least."
  202. (7:34:08 PM) Nessa: "No!" Nessa whines.
  203. (7:34:19 PM) ***Arcadia grumbles and huffs. "I'm not talking to her right now, she messed up my big intimidating speech! She's getting the silent treatment from me." She says matter-of-factly.
  204. (7:34:25 PM) Arcadia left the room ("AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )").
  205. (7:34:31 PM) Nessa: "I'm going to see what I can do about slaving the base defenses to my PipBuck..."
  206. (7:34:44 PM) Arcadia [Eden@Pony-4f5a6n.link] entered the room.
  207. (7:34:44 PM) ***Nessa also calls Red Alert over from her position in the base garage!
  208. (7:35:43 PM) Arcadia: "I can make storm clouds? Does that help?"
  209. (7:36:24 PM) ***Arcadia hums. "Ooorr..." She sets to work digging around in her pack, making all sorts of racket.
  210. (7:37:56 PM) Shimmer: "I can hide the entrance of the building and turn them against each other." Shimmer says.
  211. (7:37:59 PM) ***Green makes a calming gesture. "shhh. You don't scare me. I'm almost as big as you." She tries putting a hoof forward to touch Arcadia's hoof. It's bulgy with muscle tissues. "You look like you haven't eaten enough. Do you want a potato?"
  212. (7:39:58 PM) Nessa: "Are we running, hiding or fighting?" Nessa asks the others.
  213. (7:40:11 PM) ***Arcadia almost instinctively flashes her horn again, the end of a chain snapping like a striking snake just ahead of Green's hoof. "I'm looking for something. Do not touch my hoof, or you might lose it." Her voice had taken on a very serious tone, quite unlike her previous almost foal-like joviality.
  214. (7:40:55 PM) Shimmer: "Run and hiding." Shimmer says. "These things tore up the enclave...and while I might be able to put up a fight...I do NOT envy our chances."
  215. (7:42:20 PM) Nessa: "If I can get to them, we have the base defenses at our disposal," Nessa says.
  216. (7:42:30 PM) Nessa: "That's a huge force-multiplier."
  217. (7:43:07 PM) ***Green puts out her tongue and grins. "Great. Personal issues. I have those too." She says as calm as possible despite flinching from the initial surprise. "The way i see it. We either find something big to save us in the armory, or you appease them with some sacrifice."
  218. (7:43:38 PM) Arcadia: "And I could bathe in some more radiation... Is there a high-concentration area nearby?" She asks, after digging out a single small flask of heavy duty material. "And I have some Flux."
  219. (7:45:14 PM) Shimmer: "if it comes to sacrifice." Shimmer says. "Then we're going to fight." She was growing more fond of the little dysfunctional family that they'd put tgeather and she'd not sacrifice them.
  220. (7:46:24 PM) ***Nessa reviews her map of the HQ and tries to estimate where the nexuses of the automated security system might be hiding.
  221. (7:49:49 PM) Nessa: "I'm going to prep for a fight," Nessa says to the others, eyes on her PipBuck.
  222. (7:50:38 PM) ***Green looks up at Arcadia "You'd be fighting too? They outnumber you all significantly."
  223. (7:51:27 PM) Green: "If one of you who can fly flew up and let them chase you we might just be able to run and hide somewhere."
  224. (7:52:55 PM) Nessa: "A good plan, but we are exceedingly poor at that sort of deception," Nessa says.
  225. (7:53:00 PM) Arcadia: "Yes. Do I look like I can't handle myself in a fight?" She snorts. "More likely than not, they'll think me a monster like every other pony we've met has." She sets her hoof down with a solid clop. "And this time, I'll show them what a monster I can be..."
  226. (7:54:07 PM) Green: "They're about 50 strong right now, and angry at this trespass on their holy ground. The louder you get, the more you attract. Sure. We could probably kill these 50, but what about the next pack?"
  227. (7:54:59 PM) Shimmer: "We won't be here for the next."
  228. (7:55:21 PM) Nessa: "Well, we kill the first few, then run. You said they were almost on top of us, right? We're in a pretty fortified position, and if they're virtually about to attack us, then it'd be a tactical error to give-up our position of strength."
  229. (7:55:47 PM) Shimmer: "Besides the more of them their are...the better suited my abilities are..."
  230. (7:55:57 PM) Shimmer: "Now...tell us more about what we are fighting here."
  231. (7:59:30 PM) ***Green shrugs. "They're the Dakota herd. Guardians of the old war. They fight like feral beasts and don't seem to care who or what they tear into. These are wearing light armor and carry decent guns."
  232. (7:59:37 PM) Green: "Not as big as mine, but big enough."
  233. (8:00:09 PM) Nessa: "Joy..."
  234. (8:00:50 PM) Shimmer: "Are they intelligent?" She asks. "Because if they dont care who they fight....I will twist them against each other." She says coldly.
  235. (8:01:08 PM) ApricotCordial: Nessa is discovering that there's not much of a defensive grid in the building.  They've already destroyed about 2/3 of it by taking out the turrets in the Provost Marshal's office.
  236. (8:01:23 PM) ***Nessa sighs...
  237. (8:01:28 PM) ***Arcadia picks up her flask, only one of the four she kept stashed within her pack, and hums. "I can take the brunt of most attacks, and my magic can devastate ponies... Though I wonder..." She cracks the cap open, the rainbow colored fluid inside sloshing slightly in her grasp before she takes a quick sip from the container.
  238. (8:01:30 PM) ***Nessa is liking these odds less, now.
  239. (8:01:48 PM) ApricotCordial: The Camp was only a reserve installation, and it shows in the construction.  The buildings are constructed pretty much like standard civilian business buildings with a few reinforced rooms.
  240. (8:02:18 PM) ***Nessa informs the others that they basically ruined two thirds of the useful turrets in the building.
  241. (8:02:46 PM) ***Nessa hopes -- at the very least -- that there's only one or two ways into the building, rather than several.
  242. (8:03:19 PM) ***Green shrugs. "I've heard some herds have have better equipment, and they're smart enough in a fight to not follow their friends into barbed wire and landmines. Fighting them just makes more of them appear, and we're near their sacred site, so this probably isn't the only pack nearby. When they go feral they don't talk much, and definitively can't be reasoned with. "
  243. (8:03:40 PM) ***Nessa goes away while Arcadia literally drinks liquid death.
  244. (8:04:03 PM) ApricotCordial: There is in fact only two entrances.
  245. (8:04:11 PM) Shimmer: "Good." Shimmer says. "Exactly intelligent enough." She says. "Where are we doing this.s"
  246. (8:04:11 PM) Arcadia: "Mmm... So, ghouls?"
  247. (8:04:38 PM) ApricotCordial: Arcadia feels woozy.
  248. (8:05:16 PM) Nessa: "No. Ponies," Nessa says.
  249. (8:05:21 PM) ApricotCordial: Arcadia feels woozy, her head spinning.
  250. (8:05:47 PM) ***Arcadia starts getting a giddy grin on her face. "Man... That shit is hard!"
  251. (8:06:18 PM) ApricotCordial: It's not a pleasant feeling.... For the first time in her life, perhaps, Arcadia feels sick to her stomach.
  252. (8:07:07 PM) ***Green shakes her head at Arcadia. "Ghouls? I don't know what that is, but these ones are very much ponies. They bleed and die like any other pony, but I'd like to think somethings wrong in their heads."
  253. (8:08:09 PM) ***Arcadia shudders and holds a hoof to her head. "Okay... Much less fun now... Hrk..." She's quite easily seen as in distress, ears pinned back against her skull, wings drooping, and her face becoming a much less attractive shade of green.
  254. (8:09:36 PM) ***Green shudders, and then looks to Nessa with a concerned look, but then turns back to Arcadia. "Got any 5.56 mm ? The baby has seen some use." She indicates her battlesaddle weapon. Some sort of Light Machine Gun.
  255. (8:10:27 PM) Nessa: "Nope. Just .30-06," Nessa says.
  256. (8:10:45 PM) Nessa: "I could retool your saddle to take one of the new rifles we have, though," Nessa says.
  257. (8:10:58 PM) Shimmer: "There are ammo boxes."
  258. (8:11:15 PM) ***Green checks some of the ammunition boxes. "I've still got enough to take on this herd."
  259. (8:11:24 PM) Nessa: "Oh, right. We didn't check those before we got /threatened/," Nessa says pointedly to Green.
  260. (8:12:04 PM) Green: "I was just checking you out. Safety first."
  261. (8:12:22 PM) Green: "It's called a risk assessment. The police manual says so."
  262. (8:14:19 PM) ***Green looks at Messa. "We might have a better chance if we make our way towards the armory."
  263. (8:19:06 PM) ***Green elaborates "I never got that far before the noise alerted the herd, buut. It is said. That Vanilla Ripple Armory is surplus storage for artillery shells."
  264. (8:19:48 PM) ApricotCordial: Green finds the boxes are open.
  265. (8:20:13 PM) ***Arcadia wobbles slightly on her hooves, reaching out to hold herself steady with a wall. "Artillery shells sound like fun... I could... Mn... Toss'em..."
  266. (8:21:59 PM) ***Shimmer begins to look through the smaller armory they'd already gotten into.
  267. (8:22:54 PM) ApricotCordial: Arcadia feels a wave of nausia sweep over her that threatens to floor the towering alicorn, but, instead she feels her throat fill with burning bile.
  268. (8:23:58 PM) ***Green frowns and looks up at Arcadia. "Are you sure you don't want a potato?"
  269. (8:24:02 PM) Green: "You look horrid."
  270. (8:24:16 PM) ***Shimmer starts doing a cost examination...and dons a combat trooper helmet.
  271. (8:24:32 PM) ***Shimmer examines the pistols and checks out the rifles.
  272. (8:25:58 PM) ApricotCordial: There are half a dozen 10mm pistols with extended magazines.
  273. (8:28:42 PM) ***Arcadia heaves and clenches her eyes shut, a few sparks dancing free of her horn. A heavy shudder ruffles her wings just moments before another heave, the tall alicorn nearly doubling over as she spews the entirety of her stomach's contents across the ground.
  274. (8:29:12 PM) ***Shimmer takes three battle rifles. "Hey Arcadia..." She starts to say before seeing her look sick. "are...you okay?" She asks unrolling the blankets and placing the rest and the pistols upon the blanket rolling it up.
  275. (8:30:41 PM) ApricotCordial: Arcadia is visibly sick, but she's feeling a lot better now that the floor is splattered with glowing fluids that seem to be eating into the floor tiles.
  276. (8:31:04 PM) ***Shimmer drags the blanket visibily having trouble moving the mass
  277. (8:31:08 PM) Shimmer: "You alright?"
  278. (8:31:14 PM) ApricotCordial: Out of nowhere, a brick smacks into the door frame.  Shattering into a dozen little pieces it throws a piece of paper into the air with a flutter.
  279. (8:31:33 PM) ***Nessa looks in from her spot just outside the room...
  280. (8:32:03 PM) ***Shimmer disappears mid hug attempt scuttling for cover!
  281. (8:32:43 PM) ***Green looks to one entrance and readies a burst. "Be glad it was a brick."
  282. (8:32:46 PM) ***Arcadia coughs and spits her mouth clean, shaking herself. "That... ugh... Goddess fuck me with a grain silo, that was the single worst experience that I can remember..."
  283. (8:36:36 PM) ***Nessa grabs the paper and reads it.
  284. (8:49:28 PM) Shimmer: "What does it say?'
  285. (8:49:50 PM) ApricotCordial: It is, disturbingly, written in blood.  Fresh blood, from the smell and the color.  The hoofsmanship is poor, as it appears to have been dabbed with a feather onto the paper.
  286. (8:50:11 PM) Shimmer: "I..bet that is a pegasus feather..."
  287. (8:50:24 PM) ApricotCordial: The message itself is perhaps more or less menacing; "COME OUTSIDE.  NO KILL.  WANT TALK" below a bloody hoofprint.
  288. (8:50:50 PM) ApricotCordial: Shimmer is fully aware that there are, at max, a handful of pegasai in the city and she has never seen a tribal pegasai.
  289. (8:51:06 PM) ***Shimmer was thinking the feathers of the enclave they'd killed.
  290. (8:51:35 PM) ApricotCordial: It would be hard to tell; most of their wings were in a fairly advanced state of decay.
  291. (8:52:14 PM) ApricotCordial: Shimmer is also aware that in a good many of the more primitive tribes, pegasai foals are often killed at or shortly after birth as abominations.
  292. (8:52:15 PM) ***Shimmer inhales. "shit."
  293. (8:52:47 PM) Shimmer: "I'm going out there...I've got the best chance for success...and best chance to get away if it turns out to be a trap."
  294. (8:54:10 PM) Arcadia: "You're also... Hurk... Much more fragile... You should let me, I'm just as good at talking as you are... Once I can stop feeling my stomach roll around like it is..."
  295. (8:54:42 PM) Nessa: "Well."
  296. (8:54:57 PM) ***Green looks at Arcadia with surprise. "You're looking like you're just about to vomit again missy.."
  297. (8:56:18 PM) Nessa: "Want fire-support?" Nessa asks Shimmer.
  298. (8:56:21 PM) ***Arcadia staggers up and sways. "And you look like a pony." She says, eyes unfocused. "Just because I'm a bit... Urf... Nauseous, and the room is spinning... Doesn't make what I said any less true!"
  299. (8:59:01 PM) ***Green frowns. "Yea. Sure. you can. Look I can go, but I would need someone with the gift of the gab with me, because Applejack did not bless me with such things."
  300. (9:01:18 PM) ***Shimmer considers. "fire support might be nice..." She admits.
  301. (9:01:53 PM) ***Shimmer shimmers into view and her horn glows again a soft light envolping her and her positive qualities are slightly exaggerated.
  302. (9:01:58 PM) ***Arcadia blinks. "Who's Applejack? It sounds like a whiskey or cereal..."
  303. (9:02:20 PM) ***Green chuckles. "Yes that too."
  304. (9:03:14 PM) ***Shimmer trots for the exit. those that knew her could see the hesitation and fear but Green would see just a confident mare!
  305. (9:03:25 PM) ***Green nods at Shimmer. "Let's go then babe. If things go wrong the hallucinating alicorn will totally bail you out."
  306. (9:04:48 PM) Arcadia: "I'm not hallucinating, you're hallucinating!"
  307. (9:04:53 PM) ***Green follows Shimmer out, glancing to the sides as they get out the door.
  308. (9:05:37 PM) Shimmer: "you really might want to stay back...if things go bad I plan on going invisible and running." She admits
  309. (9:06:13 PM) ApricotCordial: The hallway is empty outside.
  310. (9:06:31 PM) ApricotCordial: They have a clear path all the way to the front door it seems.
  311. (9:06:47 PM) ***Green shrugs. "I'll live long enough for whoever things go bad against to die first."
  312. (9:07:03 PM) Green: "Maybe."
  313. (9:07:16 PM) ***Shimmer steps outside.Steeling herself for what needs to come. "I'll do what I can to help with that."
  314. (9:07:33 PM) Green: "Just don't fail."
  315. (9:08:01 PM) ***Shimmer mumbles hope that the one we're meeting likes mares...
  316. (9:09:23 PM) ***Green chuckles and continues to walk towards the front door. "I have a bottle of Applejack Daniels if you want a bit of liquid courage."
  317. (9:09:32 PM) ApricotCordial: Shimmer and Green step outside, instantly feeling a hundred eyes on them as the ponies milling about in front swing their gaze to them.
  318. (9:10:22 PM) Shimmer: "Alcohol really doesn't agree with me..." She attempts a smile. She stops just outside. "We are here under your invitation to talk."
  319. (9:11:24 PM) ApricotCordial: Most of them are mares, it seems, with a few stallions, all wrapped in skins and furs for warmth.  In the middle burns a fire in the snow.  There's something else there as well but a cordon of tribals hides it for the moment before they part in unison.  
  320. (9:12:28 PM) ***Nessa watches from behind Shimmer and Green, pulse pistol holstered, but not secured...
  321. (9:12:52 PM) ApricotCordial: Reclining by the fire on a large skin is a snow white unicorn, wearing nothing but thin silver bracelets around her legs and a snake-like silver clip on her gray tail.  At her hooves are a bowl, some paper, and a few flasks.  Behind her sits a tense ochre pegasus mare.
  322. (9:13:24 PM) ApricotCordial: She beckons at the duo, her voice ice, "Come."
  323. (9:13:36 PM) ***Green makes a show of flexing her size and bulk behind Shimmer as she mumbles. "Well. That's different."
  324. (9:14:04 PM) ***Shimmer subconsciously thinks. called it...though for the entirely wrong reasons...well screw it they don't need to know that. "I won't question it." She says stepping forward slowly.
  325. (9:14:31 PM) ***Green nods and follows Shimmer towards the fire.
  326. (9:16:37 PM) ApricotCordial: None stop her, but a shave-headed mare they pass by flashes a wicked grin and the hint of a blade at her side at the two.
  327. (9:18:10 PM) ApricotCordial: The mare waits, casually scuffing her hoof across the pelt she lays on.
  328. (9:21:11 PM) ApricotCordial: She makes a 'come on' gesture to Green and Shimmer.
  329. (9:22:17 PM) ***Shimmer hadn't stopped her approach but picks up the pace
  330. (9:24:20 PM) ***Green smirks as she follows Shimmer and takes a seat next to the fire while eyeing the bottles before looking upon the snow white Unicorn.
  331. (9:24:59 PM) ***Shimmer takes her seat.
  332. (9:25:05 PM) ApricotCordial: The unicorn gazes on them darkly, "Where are the rest?"
  333. (9:25:47 PM) Shimmer: "Inside preparing a defense." She says calmly.
  334. (9:26:08 PM) Shimmer: "Trust in diplomacy, but be prepared for the worst."
  335. (9:26:10 PM) ApricotCordial: She taps her hoof against the blanket, frowning, "Said come outside.  No.  Kill.  Want.  Talk."
  336. (9:26:39 PM) ***Nessa is watching from the doorway.
  337. (9:26:52 PM) ApricotCordial: She leans back, turning her attention to the pegasus mare, gesturing at the pair and twittering something that /vaguely/ resembles Equestrian, sped up and higher pitched.
  338. (9:27:07 PM) Green: "We are here to talk. We didn't know how many you wanted to talk to."
  339. (9:27:10 PM) ***Arcadia is further back still, trying to not lose more of her stomach contents
  340. (9:27:41 PM) Shimmer: "We are here to speak." he says nodding.
  341. (9:27:42 PM) ApricotCordial: The mare looks... Less happy, but nods and replies.  Shimmer and Green can easily see the magic bandage wrapped around her neck.
  342. (9:28:11 PM) ApricotCordial: The unicorn rolls back to stare at them, "Your battle mates.  Tell them to come out.  Or no talk."
  343. (9:30:06 PM) ApricotCordial: She turns her head to stare at the entrance to the building, right at Nessa.
  344. (9:30:55 PM) ***Shimmer sighs. "We talk, and if you keep your word. we will. We  have come out in good faith." She says.
  345. (9:31:07 PM) ***Green eyes Shimmer before looking up. "One of them are sick."
  346. (9:31:44 PM) ApricotCordial: Arcadia's actually starting to feel a little better, if hungry for the glow of radiation.
  347. (9:33:34 PM) ***Arcadia rubs her eyes with a groan. Feeling better is good, feeling hungry isn't... And she's too wobbly-legged to try and wander off and find what she craves. So... She hobbles her way to Nessa and unceremoniously flops onto the ground next to her
  348. (9:33:55 PM) ApricotCordial: She doesn't spare Shimmer a second glance.  Good faith apparently has little bearing for tribals.
  349. (9:35:03 PM) ***Nessa heads out with the others. Fine...
  350. (9:35:23 PM) ApricotCordial: "You tell, come out," she repeats herself levelly, "Have kept word.  Not killed.  Not torn apart, not called fire down on the temple to wipe faithless from our lands."
  351. (9:35:25 PM) ***Green leans into Shimmer on the shoulder. "I think we should do as she says."
  352. (9:37:40 PM) Shimmer: "Fine." She grits her teeth. "Step out everyone." She turns back to eye the mare. "You would not call fire upon your temple. It is safer and smarter to have us leave it ,but know this if you break your sacred word. I will see to it that my dying will is done." She say calmly without malace. A statement of strength and fact.
  353. (9:39:41 PM) ApricotCordial: The other unicorn is unmoved by Shimmer's posturing, meeting her gaze and staring back.  The black of her pupils seem to be without end to their depths.
  354. (9:40:02 PM) ***Arcadia makes a grumbling protest as she staggers out of the building, her graceful gait marred by her recent sickness and the burning hunger she was feeling... She does manage to keep her head held high, though her wings are visibly drooping upon her frame
  355. (9:40:13 PM) ApricotCordial: Nessa finds the same situation Shimmer and Green did.  The tribals stare, but make no noise or movement towards them.
  356. (9:40:34 PM) ***Shimmer meets that gaze. She was completely capable of ordering a pony to end their own life, and if her friends were harmed she would without a second hesitation.
  357. (9:44:41 PM) ApricotCordial: Without a visible sign or gesture, the pegasus leans forward and extends her wings to shield the unicorn's body as she waits for Nessa and Arcadia to pass through the silent gauntlet.
  358. (9:46:03 PM) ApricotCordial: She watches and waits as the others make their passage across the chilly snow.  By the fire, Shimmer and Green are fairly comfortable!
  359. (9:47:04 PM) ***Arcadia pauses a moment to catch her breath and try to steady her steps, folding her wings and taking on a more.. Regal stance as her long strides let her appear to casually walk towards the rest of the group.
  360. (9:49:45 PM) ApricotCordial: Shimmer can see that there's something wrong with the darker colored mare, but not necessarily what.  There's some stamping of hooves in the snow, as if to warm them up, as Arcadia passes.
  361. (9:50:32 PM) ***Shimmer had spotted the bandage around her neck. She tries to figure out what that weakness may mean.
  362. (9:58:00 PM) ***Nessa is quiet and watching as she assumes her position near her allies, watching the crowd closely and warily.
  363. (9:58:36 PM) ***Arcadia snorts and turns her gaze to the ponies stamping against the snow, ruffling up her wings again as she passes and joins her friends
  364. (9:58:49 PM) ***Shimmer is stated at the center of group flanked on both sides by her friends. She notes the absence of Red alert.
  365. (10:00:59 PM) ***Nessa has her robot on call, but she doubts it'll be able to take anyone by surprise...
  366. (10:03:23 PM) Green left the room (quit: Connection closed).
  367. (10:03:28 PM) Green [Dinawartote@Pony-1s0opj.customer.lyse.net] entered the room.
  368. (10:06:08 PM) ApricotCordial: Red Alert is standing about ten feet away among the tribals.
  369. (10:07:02 PM) ApricotCordial: They seem to be ignoring her, although her eyes glow and take in the assembly of living equines.
  370. (10:09:42 PM) ApricotCordial: The tribals looking menacing to Arcadia, and the sight of the slender white unicorn with her eyes closed reclining beneath the brown pegasai's wings.
  371. (10:10:03 PM) ApricotCordial: *pegasus's
  372. (10:12:53 PM) ApricotCordial: The fire warms the foursome by the fire and the sullen tribal leader.  She sits, her feathery blanket receeding into the background.  "You have come here for treasure," she states simply, nodding her head back towards the rest of the camp, "The tools and creations of the ancestors."
  373. (10:14:57 PM) Shimmer: "we came here for shelter." She says calm and truthfully. "but as our way of survival we investigated the building with intention of finding what we could to improve our chances of surviving this harsh cold and the hostile creatures that are upon this land." she says simply.
  374. (10:16:23 PM) ApricotCordial: "There is nowhere for you out there," she gestures towards the plains, "Too cold for the tower dwellers, even for the sky warriors.  You came here for the tombs."
  375. (10:17:43 PM) ***Shimmer looks quietly to Nessa. "our destination is to the north still correct?" She asks before looking back to the mare. "It is our intention fo reach a settlement long cut off from the rest of our kind far to the north."
  376. (10:18:03 PM) ***Green mumbles "These are things meant to be used. You don't make a hammer to worship it."
  377. (10:18:19 PM) Shimmer: "to open peaceful trade if possible, or to report of it's demise if it is empty."
  378. (10:21:28 PM) ApricotCordial: "If you go into someone's house and take their hammer, then go, kill pony with it, who is to blame?  You, or the hammer's owner?" the mare replies to Green before continuing her discussion with Shimmer, "Your kind are our kind, we are all ponies."
  379. (10:23:25 PM) ApricotCordial: She lifts her head, "But nothing lives in the north.  The wind dogs scour the land, great beasts from the north stamp the forests.  The dead walk and glow."
  380. (10:24:54 PM) ApricotCordial: "You have brought shame to the honored dead, but knew not what you did.  This one does not wish you harm," she says plainly, without artifice.  As far as Shimmer can tell this mare may be the most honest negotiator she's ever met, "This one tells you truthfully; do not go to the north beyond the cities of the dead.  Return to your homes and speak no more of such things."
  381. (10:25:46 PM) ***Shimmer eyes glint a bit at that remark and she smiles. "It pleases me that you are not quick to divide us into groups." she says. "however our methods and means for survival are rather different. It was never our intention to trespass." she says in truth. "However I am afraid that our quest takes us into those brutal lands. It is not something that we can
  382. (10:26:55 PM) Shimmer: get out of." She frowns. "we have been tasked with it and given our word...with the exception of our newest number. We do not wish you harm, and were it within our ability we would return home and forget this venture."
  383. (10:27:05 PM) ***Green frowns at the mare trying to philosophise her. "I'm sure you'll have no problem watching them go to their deaths using the ancestors tools then. No hammers killing ponies. Just ponies against the north."
  384. (10:29:57 PM) Shimmer: "New comer. would you please be silent." Shimmer says. "you spoke that you do not have the gift of gab as it were. That is my talent and duty" She wasn't fond of other messing negotations with slights intended or not.
  385. (10:30:15 PM) ApricotCordial: "This one would wish soul death on no pony," she says seriously, lifting a hoof to the sky, "A great storm swept across our camp last night as we slept.  This one saw in it the heads of the Goddesses, in stars and mist, before the wind dogs.  It is a sign."
  386. (10:31:04 PM) ***Green supresses the urge to whistle and merely nods.
  387. (10:31:57 PM) ***Shimmer nods paling a bit at the implication that the mare was making. "A sign of what...if I may ask?"
  388. (10:32:12 PM) ApricotCordial: "This winter will kill many," she says with a hint of sadness, "By cold and snow, by the howling wind.  If you are honorbound, then this one may not stop you.  Perhaps the two will take your dedication into account when weighing your souls."
  389. (10:33:52 PM) Shimmer: "Perhaps...,but ponies are known for surviving...even where we are not meant to be." she says. "May we ask for your blessing for our return passage if we survive?"
  390. (10:36:03 PM) ApricotCordial: She waves a hoof, "No.  This one has said she wishes no harm to come to you, for your ignorance, but you have brought enough destruction to these tombs by your passing."
  391. (10:36:45 PM) ***Nessa looks thoughtful...
  392. (10:36:52 PM) ***Nessa is glad this didn't turn into a bloodbath.
  393. (10:36:53 PM) Shimmer: "We would not intend on stopping by these tombs again." she amends. "but our return trip may require us to seek shelter."
  394. (10:37:18 PM) ApricotCordial: "Pay head to the battleground you passed by on the river; generosity is not our fault, it is a blessing, but one with limits," she narrows her gaze at Shimmer, "Return home by the fastest route."
  395. (10:37:19 PM) Shimmer: "We were hoping should we return successful perhaps we could seek hospitality and share tales of our travels."
  396. (10:38:15 PM) ***Arcadia flicks her right ear. "I feel that we are not welcome any more..." She mumbles to herself.
  397. (10:38:37 PM) ***Shimmer nods with a note of disappointment. "so be it. We appreciate the mercies granted upon us. Is there a way perhaps we may repay them." she had noticed the injury and now that things are less hostile she is looking to provide what aid they can to endear themselves
  398. (10:40:09 PM) ApricotCordial: She deferentially nods to Arcadia, "Your angel speaks wisely.  We do not hold traditions of hospitality with outsiders.  You have met with us on equal terms, and we will part on those terms.  Heed my warning; cross not our path again."
  399. (10:42:48 PM) ***Arcadia blinks a few times in rapid succession. Angel? "You... I'm sorry... You think I'm an angel?" She asks, eyes wide open upon her stunned visage. "I don't..." She goes to continue, though a glance around makes her freeze up in nerves, wings fanning out as she stutters for a response to what she sees.
  400. (10:44:25 PM) ApricotCordial: The unicorn makes another polite gesture towards Arcadia, "You bear the mark of the goddesses, blessed with the unicorn's horn, the sky pony's wings, and the strength of the earth pony."
  401. (10:46:19 PM) ApricotCordial: "This one believe your presence speaks well of your battle mates' character, but we stand firm in our warning," her voice is almost threatening again as she stares into Nessa's, Green's, and Shimmer's eyes in turn, "Our trust is sacred, our word, our bond.  Go no, make camp away from this place.  May the goddesses continue to smile upon your journey."
  402. (10:46:58 PM) ***Arcadia swallows nervously. She's used to ponies running from the mere mention of her kind... This is a lot for her to process... "I... I..." She can barely even think, her mind grinding to a halt so quickly you could practically hear the gears locking up.
  403. (10:47:17 PM) ***Shimmer nods standing slowly and bowing her head. "You have heard her. Let us make our way away from here."
  404. (10:47:42 PM) ApricotCordial: She stands once finished speaking, not terribly impressive in height, about Nessa's height or taller.  It appears her laying position was concealing a horrific, barely healed scar across her barrel.  The unicorn bows towards the foursome.
  405. (10:48:09 PM) ***Nessa touches her PipBuck and calls her robot to follow.
  406. (10:48:33 PM) ***Green scratches her mane, looks around herself and shrugs. "Right. I assume you ponies have a direction?"
  407. (10:48:50 PM) ***Shimmer quietly feels very fortunate that she was not in her native form here. She was familiar with how...poorly changeling were regarded. "Yes, We head north."
  408. (10:49:57 PM) ApricotCordial: The crowd parts around them, giving them a clear path back towards the river.  Brown pegasus moves beside the other mare, almost supporting her.
  409. (10:50:15 PM) ***Arcadia moves almost mechanically, her large and graceful figure rising on newly steady legs and bowing in return to the unicorn. "May Sol and Selene, and the goddesses who guide their movements, watch over your herds."
  410. (10:56:10 PM) ApricotCordial: The group heads across the bridge as the barely risen sun reflects off the snow!
  411. (10:56:24 PM) ApricotCordial: == Session #11 End ==
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