Trell Shadowlands week 1 basic prideful routes

Dec 3rd, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Welcome to Shadowlands mythic+! I created basic routes for anyone looking for a starting point in the first week of m+ (heroic week). We don't know the affixes that will be active yet so I'm making these routes for specifically good prideful timings, hoping that it will work well for any affix set. If it ends up being bolstering then it may require some different pulls.
  3. If you are more experienced in mythic+ these can be used as good starting points for your routes.
  5. Copy the link below and open in another window, then copy the import string into your Mythic Dungeon Tools addon ingame to get the routes.
  7. Heroic week basic Prideful routes:
  8. De Other Side -
  9. Halls of Atonement -
  10. Mists of Tirna Scithe -
  11. Plaguefall -
  12. Sanguine Depths -
  13. Spires of Ascension -
  14. The Necrotic Wake -
  15. *Theater of Pain -
  17. *I think some count is off on MDT especially in Theater, but not positive. If you don't get Prideful for Kul'Tharok, Xav, and Gorechop, then it's wrong for sure.
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