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  1. The 2A protection act of 2020
  2. Bill 0001
  3. Authored by Congressman Jack Bauer R-MO
  4. Section 1. This bill shall be titled the 2A Protection Act of 2020
  5. Section 2. This bill will declare all laws which deny a fit citizen any reasonable firearm null
  6.     Section 2a. This will apply to all laws last and present
  7.     Section 2b. A fit citizen is defined as a citizen with no previous serious offenses or mental illnesses
  8.        Section 2ba. A serious offense is defined as rape, murder, assault, abuse etc.
  9.     Section 2c. A reasonable firearm is defined as any weapon not used and made specifically war such as a bazooka
  10. Section 3. This bill is to go into effect as soon as the February congressional session begins
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