Statement From Operation Golden Eagle mirror Orig:Nov8,2017

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  1. Originally pasted by A Guest on Wednesday 8th of November 2017 06:59:21 PM CDT mirrored here in solidarity and for the posterity of anonymous & #opgoldeneagle.
  3. ***********************************************************************************************************************************
  5. Statement From Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle
  7. Wednesday - November 8, 2017
  9. Hello World --
  11. Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle was launched officially on September 1, 2017. It consists of three phases. The first and second phases were covert and highly secretive.
  13. Phase One was a three week period ending September 21, 2017 and consisting of a series of intensive planning sessions nearly every day and lasting up to 12 hours. In that period we produced an unprecedented 35 Mb of top secret support files and a 35 page pdf manual, and purchased all the equipment Commander X would need for his odyssey across the North American continent and into Mexico and eventual freedom. Operatives both in Canada locally, as well as from all over the world via secure Internet link - participated in this first stage of Operation Golden Eagle.
  15. Phase Two, also highly covert for obvious reasons - was Commander X's journey from Toronto, Ontario - Canada, to and across the border between the USA and Mexico - X's retrieval by a select and elite "desert retrieval team", and his transport into a series of safe houses provided by wonderful people in Mexico. That phase was complete with the publication of our press release and other operation related material on November 5, 2017.
  17. Phase Three which began immediately upon the announcement of Commander X crossing the border and being safely retrieved and secured, is indefinite and public. The goal is to ensure that a timely granting of refugee status and political asylum by the government of Mexico for Commander X is forthcoming. To that end those both in the Anonymous Global Collective as well as all other people around the world are encouraged to follow our Twitter account for updates and action alerts and utilize the tools on the Op website to support the goal of obtaining political asylum for Commander X (see links below).
  19. We will have much more to say when the time comes for us all to acknowledge and thank the Mexico government for their generous protection of X. On behalf of all the operatives of Anonymous Operation Golden Eagle we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing support of our efforts.
  22. SIGNED  --  Anonymous
  24. -----------------------
  26. Twiter:  @OpGoldenEagle
  28. Website:
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