Anon - Not What You Wanted

Sep 8th, 2015
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  1. >You snort, shaking your head
  2. >This bitch be crazy
  3. "Fuck no I don't mean it."
  4. "You're a kid, and grown-ups can't have that sort of fun with little girls."
  5. >Her face falls
  6. >For a moment she looks like she's about to cry
  7. >But then her brows knit into an expression of anger
  8. >She stamps her foot furiously
  9. >"Well, why did you say I could?!" she bellows
  10. >"You're not supposed to make promises you can't keep!"
  11. >You roll your eyes at her childish display
  12. "Honestly, Sweetie, I was joking. I didn't think you actually wanted to."
  13. >"Well why NOT?!" she squeaks, her voice cracking
  14. >Facepalming, you rub at your forehead as you get your thoughts in line
  15. "I dunno', Sweetie. Maybe because little girls don't care about that sort of thing?"
  16. >But apparently that was the wrong thing to say
  17. >Her face is contorted in fury
  18. >"I'm NOT a little girl. I'm TWELVE!"
  19. >You sigh
  20. >If there's one thing you don't need right now, it's an argument with a preteen girl about whether she's little or not
  21. >When she so obviously is
  22. >You try to diffse the situation before her shouting draws too much attention
  23. >Dismissively, you wave a hand over towards her two friends standing not too far away across the dance floor
  24. "Look, Sweetie, i'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't have said you could play with my dick."
  25. "Just go hang out with your friends, alright? Have fun. It's what this dance is supposed to be about."
  26. >Still glowering petulantly at you, she doesn't even reply
  27. >She stomps off through the crowd to her friends
  28. >You shake your head
  29. >That was a ridiculous situation
  30. >But you kinda' have yourself to blame on that one
  31. >Whatever
  32. >Everyone else at the dance seems to be having fun
  33. >And you haven't seen any trouble so far
  34. >That's what you like about high school dances
  35. >Easy to supervise
  37. >After your discussion with Sweetie, you could use a drink
  38. >You make your way over to the refreshments table only to find it empty
  39. "Damn"
  40. >One of Sweetie's friends appears at your elbow
  41. >"Here y'all go," she says as she pushes a drink into your hand
  42. >"Mah cousin said she might come, so ah've been holding a drink for her"
  43. >"Looks like she's done called things off, though"
  44. >You take the cup gratefully, downing a large mouthful
  45. "Thanks a lot," you say. "Too bad about your cousin, though"
  46. >"Naw," the red-haired girl drawls, "This ain't really her thing, anyhow"
  47. "Oh?" you ask, making conversation, "What does she- woah!"
  48. >You get hit by a sudden wave of drowsiness
  49. >Your vision blurs
  50. >Your speech slurs
  51. >And before slipping into unconsciousness, you feel three small pairs of hands grab you
  53. >...
  55. >You're not sure how long you were out
  56. >But you feel cold
  57. >Hear the wind rustling in the trees
  58. >So you're not at the dance any more
  59. >This isn't good
  60. >You try to sit up and get your bearings, only to get jerked back painfully
  61. >Apparently, you've been decked out with restraints on your wrists and ankles
  62. >Set out on the floor, spread eagled
  63. >The last thing you remember-
  64. >Wait
  65. >Fuck
  66. >Have you been drugged and kidnapped?
  67. >Nearby, you hear whispering voices
  68. >"-and you just don't do that"
  69. >"Ah know, ah get it, but what if he-"
  70. >"Quiet! He's waking up."
  71. >You recognise those voices
  72. "Sweetie?"
  73. >You croak, your throat is dry
  74. "Is that you? Let me up!"
  75. >Suddenly, the wind is knocked out of your lungs
  76. >The pale little girl practically jumped on top of you, straddling your chest
  77. >"I'm afraid I can't do that," she says with a sinister smirk
  78. >"You still have a promise to keep"
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