May 11th, 2015
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  1. I masterfully triple jump into the Mayor's office while wearing my "Captain Chemistry!" Super Hero outfit. A little bit ago the alarm in my bedroom went off.
  2. I was pretty shocked, because it's been a long long while since it last went off. I was geared and prepared to throw some shoes at people once more!
  4. I stylishly hop over to the Mayor, a visibly pregnant Albino Crocodile girl sitting in a chair, and pose in front of her. "What is the emergency!?"
  5. "Oh, there is none." She casually chuckles, showing off her rows of teeth in the process.
  6. My body goes limp in response to this. "Then why did you do the gay little signal thing?" God damn it all, I was expecting some action!
  7. "I was wondering if your one masked friend would arrive." She rubs her belly and puts on a worrisome face, "I haven't heard from him in a while."
  8. "Yeah, the one Moth girl was arrested last week, and the one guy whose name I can never remember was deported to Mexico a few months ago..." I explain what happened to my team while awkwardly scratching the back of my head.
  9. My Mayor painfully looks down at the floor before turning around in her office chair, "I-I see... You may go now. I need some alone time..."
  10. I quickly and quietly leave the way I came. Upon landing on the cement, I call a cab and return home.
  11. At least I can get back to watching more "Better Call Saul".
  15. ---
  16. ---
  19. At a local store a petite Wyvern in a dress tries to reach for a box of cereal on a tall shelf, but she can not reach it. She could easily get to it if she flew up and grabbed it, but her pride and store policy prevent that.
  20. "URGH! DAMN IT ALL!" She quietly yells and grunts out while trying to reach the box of Frosted Jabbering Wocks, only to be just out of reach from grabbing it with her wing's claws.
  22. A tall and peppy Werewolf, with red hair and purposely torn clothing, rolls a shopping cart by and sees the Wyvern desperately reaching for the box. She casually walks up and grabs a box with no effort. She tries to hand it to the Wyvern, to help her out.
  23. "N-No! I will grab a box myself!" The Wyvern refuses the help. The Werewolf shrugs and places the box in her own shopping cart, which is stuffed with various meats and cheeses, and continues her shopping. As she walks away, the Wyvern realizes what just happened, and begins to tear up.
  24. An employee notices this and shouts out "We're going to need a clean up in Aisle 8 in a minute!"
  27. ---
  28. ---
  31. I sit at the local Kindergarten, getting two Werecats to stop trying to kill each other, and substituting for Mrs. Emmerich the Echidna since I was the only one around who had the free time to do so.
  32. After a good 10 minutes they finally tire down and allow me to get back to the others.
  33. I stop a Jinko from stealing from another kid's lunchbox and tell her that's bad. In response, she replies with, "Call the cops, I don't give a flying fuck."
  34. A Dragon tries to hoard every toy she can in a corner for herself. Whenever I tell her to share she spits small fireballs while hissing.
  35. A small Yeti hugs my leg and won't let go, slowing me down.
  36. I try my best to stop a young Ryu from crying, but she doesn't stop.
  37. After an hour of remembering why I decided to teach highschoolers, and wondering where these kids learned half of the words they're spewing out, Mrs. Emmerich finally returns.
  38. "Thank you once again for looking after them, it means a lot to me!" She happily thanks me while the kids all, as if by magic, act in line.
  39. "There's no need." I say while rubbing a bite mark left by a young Apophis that wasn't old enough to produce venom yet.
  40. "Please, it means a lot to me. How about dinner? My treat." She insists.
  41. "I said there's no need..." I grumble and walk away, doing my best to shake off the Yeti with every other step.
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