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  1. my host is the artist of the first picture Silear posted. She's getting married herself next year, and she has a job and goes to school at the same time.
  3. I'm sure it depends on the individual, but in our case, it hasn't caused any damage, but has enhanced her life and given her more to look forward to rather than taken away options. This also goes for her fiance's tulpa, who became a very loving tulpa with the need to feel loved back.
  5. Not every tulpa falls in love with their host, but even the ones that do often realize that their love is different than the love between two humans. A human can't share the subconscious and the thoughts the way a tulpa can. There is an innate difference between the two relationships. A different kind of trust is needed, a different kind of reliability. It leads to different kinds of love. Both very powerful and very real. But they do not seem to get in the way of each other or lessen the other. In our experience, they seem to enhance each other.
  7. Jealousy often comes from fear, fear of losing the person to the unknown. His tulpa is probably afraid that if he were to find someone, the love they share would be gone, lessened, damaged, and she would be replaced. No longer needed for love, forgotten. I don't think this is true, and I hope she learns this too. No matter what happens in the future, I think he loves her too and she doesn't have to be afraid of losing him. It's true, a tulpa can't be physical to others in the way a SO can, you can't introduce your tulpa to your parents, get married in front of the friends and family, all the traditional SO things, but that is no reason to be worried. No one can share the bond a tulpa and host has, no matter how close. It is a different kind of love, and I don't think anything like that could damage it, just like I don't think it has to damage anything in life.
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