Ponies are cool yet, report 1

May 5th, 2013
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  1. Date: [expunged; 30 hours after event 38D315]
  2. Subject of document: Initial report of observations.
  4. List of references:
  5. 148: general file number associated with the investigation.
  6. 148-P-01: Pending research subject, kept in case the event is of a more malevolent nature than currently assumed.
  7. 148-C: Cause of the incident, identified as the group of interest Are We Cool Yet?
  8. 148-E: Event 38D315, which necessitated this investigation.
  10. Subject: 148-P.
  11. Subject was previously employed as an Agent of [EXPUNGED], tasked with observing 148-C. Following event 148-E, 148-P reported being exposed to the event and insisted on being taken into isolation, citing the potential of a biological agent despite none being found at the scene of the crime.
  13. 148-P-01 is a Caucasian male of [DESCRIPTION EXPUNGED] who has been part of [EXPUNGED] for the last █ years. Subject is in fit physical condition, with no known disabilities or diseases.
  15. Upon personal insistence by the subject, subject was placed in an isolation cell, equipped with a sensor array, including:
  16. - two (2) microphones,
  17. - human-range optics,
  18. - thermal imaging optics,
  19. - one (1) speaker,
  20. Plus basic amenities.
  22. Observation log; day 1. All times are relative to the time at which the subject was put into isolation. An excerpt containing several noteworthy observations follows.
  24. +0:00 Subject enters containment.
  25. +0:35 Subject starts pacing his cell, appears frightened.
  26. +2:03 Subject sits down, attempting to calm down.
  27. +5:34 Subject requests use of the toilet, granted.
  28. +10:52 Subject requests reading materials, granted. Delivery completed without incident.
  29. +13:46 Subject requests to be told the time, granted.
  30. +14:12 Subject expresses sleepiness, requests for the lights to be dimmed, granted.
  31. +15:08 Thermal image implies the subject is asleep.
  32. +22:58 Subject wakes up, requests for a psychological evaluation, denied. Note: thermal imaging shows subject’s body temperature is a degree below his average.
  33. +23:15 Subject’s temperature has dropped by 2 degrees centigrade.
  34. +23:58 Subject’s temperature has dropped by 1 additional degree centigrade.
  35. +24:02 Subject retrieved from isolation for physical examination. Note: upon entry of the assistant tasked with the retrieval, subject’s temperature returned to normal levels over the course of five (5) minutes.
  37. Excerpt from the report of the physical examination:
  39. Subject shows no significant handicaps or injury. Subject does complain about a slight stiffness in the joints of the extremities, as well as a slight headache. Prescribed one (1) pill of over-the-counter aspirin, plus one more pill, an hour before sleep.
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