12/5 teams notes and laser/needles

Dec 6th, 2018
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  1. 12/5 Teams
  3. Specific things to work on
  4. - collapsing at round start
  5. - edgeguard plan vs. fox in different situations
  6. - what to do when roma has throw (maybe practice his fthrow my dsmash/ftilt?)
  8. - (roma) being more comfortable playing back; remembering the rules of the back (treat front as 1v1)
  9. - (roma) freaking out less when playing outside
  10. - (roma) shooting the minimum number of lasers necessary to maximize available frames
  11. - (roma) bailing out by full hopping
  13. - (me) chilling on platforms less, being more active and adjusting to the situation quickly
  14. - (me) chasing tech chases with dsmash less, especially at lower %/can’t send other guy offstage
  15. - (me) still jumping less; holding positions better via WD back, ftilt, dsmash, utilt
  16. - (me) being quicker about grabbing when roma forces block
  17. - (me) recognizing needle setup quicker (when roma has them grabbed by ledge and i have no needles charged)
  18. - (me) more awareness by ledge; still too much useless stuff
  21. needle/laser patterns
  23. i shoot grounded needles, he comes down with laser afterwards from side plat
  24. he shoots grounded laser, i time my SH over it
  25. he comes down from FJ with laser, i time my SH over it + crouch afterwards (so he can shoot another one if necessary and I can roll otherwise/act with tilt if need to hold front)
  26. he shoots grounded laser in place, i charge/shoot grounded needles from plat
  27. he shoots grounded laser, i shoot diagonal needles (he does laser from spacing where i won’t hit him even if he does slight forward laser)
  28. he advances with grounded laser, i charge cancel my diagonal needles on reaction (so as not to hit him)
  29. he lasers and i run off bair/fair between
  30. he full jumps, i grounded needle
  31. he dash dances in place, i do FJ needle past him
  32. i time my roll as his laser comes out
  33. he times his roll as my needles go through
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