Immortality blues (twiggy, sad, short, easy feels) to do

Jun 9th, 2017
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  1. >
  3. >It's been over a thousand years since you saw the last of them.
  4. >It was Pinkie. Smiling, right until the end, her warm hoof still holding yours close.
  5. >"Smile for me," She said.
  6. >Before she left.
  8. >And now, all you have left is this photograph.
  9. >Everything else vanished, taken away by the sands of time.
  10. >Every robes Rarity made you.
  11. >That apple tree AJ planted in the castle's yard.
  12. >That 'radically awesome' rug Rainbow made out of clouds for your birthday.
  13. >Everything's gone.
  14. >And this photograph won't make it another thousand years.
  15. >The colors are worned out, its paper so used it could turn to dust under your careful hoof.
  16. >Soon, all you'll have left of them is your memories.
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