Mew in glitch Rocket HQ world

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  1. A new Mew glitch method, albeit one with seriously adverse side effects. I found two methods. This one does not require a Link Cable but the other one does. I will upload the other one that requires a Link Cable soon.
  3. This is yet another, previously undocumented means of obtaining Mew in Pokémon Yellow in glitch maps CC, CE (and CD if an item other than TM05 is used). These are glitch worlds that play Rocket HQ's music and have Rocket HQ's name.
  5. I have a previous video about these glitch maps which may be found here.
  7. Note that this trick is highly dangerous because:
  9. 1) The method used to obtain 64 Pokémon via Super Glitch removes the $50s in a players name, causing saving to destroy the save file (this could possibly be fixed with a specific second Super Glitch)
  10. 2) The glitch corrupts the values for various "current map scripts" (list of all map script addresses,7332.msg198934.html#msg198934)
  12. Notice that in this video that after the glitch the museum guy is in the middle of Pewter City and Viridian Forest brings up a Pokémon Center script. This is due to corrupted current map script values. Certain corrupted map scripts values may freeze the game.
  14. The only known way to fix the map scripts is by using arbitrary code execution.
  16. The trick:
  17. Glitch maps CC, CD, CE can be accessed by altering the exit location address (D364; item 36) in an expanded items pack obtained with a trick like dry underflow ( or the 255 Pokémon SRAM glitch ( at the beginning of the game (although this method did not use the latter).
  19. One must toss 50-52 of item 36 if there are 256 (equivalent to "0"). If there are not 256 to begin with, then the quantity of item 30 (an Ultra Ball in many places including Pokémon Centers but an Old Amber in places like Cinnabar Pokémon Mansion) will almost always be 0 (except in dark caves) and can be switched into item 34 (D360) and adjusted.
  21. If the player has more than 6 Pokémon (via Super Glitch or 255 Pokémon SRAM glitch), then swapping Pokémon 62 with 61 will enable walk through walls.
  23. This is a method of Super Glitch to obtain 64 Pokémon (exactly 62 is a Yellow Missingno. variant and may be possible, but it may be easier to obtain Farfetch'd for the 64 Pokémon steps):
  25. 1) Get a Pokémon with Super Glitch as the first move. ゥ ( Z4 is one glitch Pokémon that can learn it at level 35, which is available with the Ditto trick ( with a Special stat of 229. Care should be taken when rearranging its moves in battle; opening the Pokémon menu in battle will prevent a potential freeze.
  26. 2) Go in front of a PC, open the PC to update screen data for Super Glitch for Super Glitch's corruption effects, and choose to deposit. Continuously view Z4's stats through deposit/stats/cancel. Every time, the player has a chance to end up with 0 Pokémon.
  27. 3) When this occurs, choose deposit to underflow the number of Pokémon to 255. The start menu's Pokémon menu will most likely be broken now.
  28. 4) To fix the start Pokémon menu to perform the 62 with 61 walk through walls switch, withdraw a Pokémon with an ID greater than 61 ( matching the number of Pokémon you want. I used Farfetch'd (dec:64). Another good option is Q ◣ (hex:FF) (available by evolving 4 4Hy (Special stat 192) at level 6 or more), which doesn't corrupt the overworld.
  29. 5) Certain Pokémon withdrawals may corrupt the overworld. These Glitch Cities can be fixed with the 9F (hex:5E) glitch item. If you withdrew Q ◣, swapping Pokémon 1 with Pokémon 2 can prevent Glitch Cities too.
  31. After adjusting item 36 to 204, 205 or 206 and entering a specific exit ([all?] building exits are included), one will be warped into a glitch Rocket HQ map.
  33. After you arrive at the map, walking left or right on the map (sometimes up and down) can force an encounter.
  35. Depending on how you walk, screen tile values may be written to the D05X area. Walking one step right writes data to D05B, D05C for instance. Walking four steps left writes screen data to D05F, D060. Then for each extra step west, data is written to D05E, D05D then D05C, D05B, and so on. The exact cause of this is unknown but seems to be related to the game drawing tiles.
  37. This trick involves walking eight steps west from the starting position. When you do this, an encounter is triggered; and in this video we manipulate this particular encounter.
  39. Notable addresses corrupted during this process include D05E (is the Pokémon "hooked"?) D05C (Trainer number), D05B (Gym Leader music/Gym Leader's unique move), D059 (battle mode, e.g. Safari Zone, glitch battle system), and D058 (force an encounter with a wild Pokémon or Trainer).
  41. In this glitch, we use the expanded items pack to manipulate D35E, D35F (map block pointer) to point to D326 (in the items pack).
  43. The items we need include:
  45. *A value of 159 (hex:9F) in D322 (item 3 quantity) controlling an upcoming 4x4 block that will influence the encounter. Quantities other than 159 can give different encounters.
  46. *Master Balls prepared in item 1 (as there may be automatic item selection) (optional, to catch Mew)
  47. *An Escape Rope (optional)
  49. We need to place the following items in the following positions:
  50. Item 33: Item(*) x 38
  51. Item 34: TM11 x 176 (alternative quantity: 1)
  53. (*)A value representing a different map location which won't freeze the game (in this video we warped to map CE and used a map CD item; i.e. TM05). Another working example is X Accuracy (hex:2E), which will make you warp to Diglett's Cave after the Mew battle - for that specific example you can Escape Rope away.
  55. Note that you may have to disable the international dokokashira door glitch ( before you do this by making sure that the FF terminator is not at the top of the party/making sure you have an FF terminator in position 2 or later - I had Venonat appear instead of Mew when I did not make the swap.
  57. After taking eight steps west from the starting postion, a glitch block with the ID of 9F (or what item 3's quantity was) appears on the screen. The 9F block contains a $15 sub-tile in it (the second tile from the top, west-east; i.e. the one next to the "6"), which is the value for Mew; hence an encounter with Mew is triggered.
  59. The level can depend on the last Pokémon withdrawn (specifically the value of D126), as is the case with any D058 encounter.
  61. To escape from the glitch world, we can alter D366 (item 37 quantity) to 03 to let us use an Escape Rope (however, we have the problem described above of corrupted current map scripts and an unterminated name).
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