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  1. info
  2. -some Times i have admin fun but i dont do it all the time!
  3. -no bad user names! heres an example [the n word.]
  4. -Dont Bully People All Ages Allowed
  5. -Dont Mic Spam!
  6. -Dont Hack you Dum Dum
  7. -You Can Team Up But Just Make It Fun For Everyone!
  8. -Dont Be A TryHard to much is not fun.
  9. -If The Server Gos Off, Im Sorry Bc Its Not A 20/47 :[ bc im running it on my pc
  10. -Speak English Please because I don't want to offend you!
  11. -you can roleplay but you don't have to!
  12. My Yt -
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