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  3. Landorus-T is incredibly versatile; it can function as an effective pivot thanks to its access to Intimidate and U-turn, whether that be an offensive pivot that takes advantage of its sky-high Attack stat; a bulky one that makes use of its access to Stealth Rock, somewhat low Speed stat, and useful set of resistances, checking Pokemon like Choice Band Zygarde, Mega Pinsir, and Mega Lopunny reasonably consistently; and it's still great when it aims somewhere between those two extremes for role compression purposes. It can also function as a potent wallbreaker thanks to its access to Swords Dance and its dangerous STAB combination in conjunction with Z moves.
  5. However, its weaknesses to Ice and Water often cause issues given that they are both very common types on offensive and defensive Pokemon alike, and its lack of recovery options hurts its ability to check certain Pokemon repeatedly throughout the match. Its low speed also leaves it below the important base 95 benchmark, leaving it vulnerable to dangerous Pokemon that sit on or above it such as Tapu Lele, Kyurem-B, Volcarona, and Mega Medicham.
  7. [SET]
  8. name: Choice Scarf
  9. move 1: Earthquake
  10. move 2: U-turn
  11. move 3: Explosion / Stone Edge / Hidden Power Ice
  12. move 4: Explosion / Stone Edge / Defog
  13. item: Choice Scarf
  14. ability: Intimidate
  15. nature: Jolly / Naive
  16. evs: 244 Atk / 68 Def / 196 Spe
  19. Moves
  20. ========
  22. U-turn is useful for grabbing momentum and helps teammates get onto the field safely when Landorus-T forces a switch. Explosion is Landorus's strongest option versus Rotom-W and OHKOes Tapu Bulu after Stealth Rock damage; it additionally gives teammates a free switch-in and prevents slower Pokemon's attempts at clearing entry hazards on the turn that it is used. Stone Edge allows Landorus-T to remove Gyarados, Mega Charizard Y, Tornadus-T and Mega Pinsir while having good neutral coverage alongside Earthquake. Hidden Power Ice allows Landorus-T to hit opposing Landorus-T, and Gliscor hard and allows Landorus to pick off slower Dragon Dance variants of Zygarde somewhat reliably. Defog is useful if the team Landorus is used on can't afford to use another Pokemon for hazard removal. Knock Off can be used to cause issues for Pokemon like Celesteela, Assault Vest Tangrowth, and Shed Shell Skarmory that are otherwise consistent stops to Choice Scarf Landorus-T. Superpower can be used to OHKO Kartana and Mega Gyarados with a little prior damage and is also Landorus-T's strongest move versus Ferrothorn.
  24. Set Details
  25. ========
  27. The listed EV spread makes Landorus-T one point faster than Mega Alakazam and allows it to survive +2 Acrobatics from Hawlucha after Stealth Rock. Bulkier EV spreads such as 80 HP / 148 Atk / 84 Def / 196 Spe, which allows Landorus-T to avoid a 2HKO from Kartana's Leaf Blade after Stealth Rock damage, are also viable options if the role compression they provide is important. Naive should be run alongside Hidden Power Ice to guarantee that Landorus-T 2HKOes offensive Zygarde and certain bulkier Gliscor variants.
  29. Usage Tips
  30. ========
  32. Use Landorus-T as an offensive check to Pokemon like Mega Alakazam, Tapu Koko, and as a pivot to help get frailer teammates onto the field safely. Use U-turn a lot early-game and generally try to avoid clicking Earthquake unless Landorus-T can clean up or it is otherwise advantageous to do so due to it being easy for dangerous Pokemon like Mega Pinsir, Tapu Bulu, and Gyarados to take advantage of.
  34. Team Options
  35. ========
  37. Wallbreakers and cleaners that appreciate U-turn and can take advantage of Landorus-T's stops, such as Kyurem-B, Heatran, Hoopa-U, and Volcarona, make for good partners. Magnezone is valuable to remove Celesteela and Skarmory. Mega Scizor, Tornadus-T, Tapu Koko, and Rotom-W can all form highly potent VoltTurn cores when used alongside Landorus-T. Defensively, this set appreciates checks to Water- and Ice-types, such as Tangrowth and Mega Scizor. Since Landorus-T fails to outspeed boosted Volcarona and Mega Charizard X, defensive checks to those, notably including Toxapex and Tyranitar, make for good partners.
  39. [SET]
  40. name: Flyinium Z
  41. move 1: Earthquake
  42. move 2: Fly
  43. move 3: Gravity / Smack Down
  44. move 4: Stealth Rock / Swords Dance
  45. item: Flyinium Z
  46. ability: Intimidate
  47. nature: Adamant / Jolly
  48. evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
  51. Moves
  52. ========
  54. Fly is used alongside Flyinium Z to break through common switch-ins to Landorus-T such as Tapu Bulu and Tangrowth and functions well as an all-purpose nuke versus bulky neutral targets. Gravity removes the Ground immunity from Ground-immune Flying-resistant targets like physically defensive Zapdos, Celesteela, and Rotom-W for 4 turns after it's used, with Smack Down being an alternative that both damages Mega Pinsir immediately and breaks Skarmory's Sturdy; it's important to use one of these moves to ensure that Landorus-T can click Earthquake when acting as a wallbreaker. Stealth Rock takes advantage of the pressure that this set puts onto entry hazard countermeasures such as Mega Sableye and physically defensive Zapdos, but if a Stealth Rock user isn't required Swords Dance is an alternative significantly increases Landorus-T's breaking potential versus both stall and balance.
  56. Set Details
  57. ========
  59. Maximum Speed investment is used to ensure that Landorus-T gets the jump on Timid Heatran, with Adamant being the preferred nature. Jolly is also an option if you feel it's important to outrun Pokemon like Adamant Zygarde, Jolly Excadrill, and Gyarados, but the power drop is very noticeable.
  61. Usage Tips
  62. ========
  64. This set is best used to put a dent into bulkier teams and pave the way for a faster attacker to clean up. Consider bluffing a non-Z move variant to help ensure that Supersonic Skystrike lands against targets like Tapu Bulu and Tangrowth instead of being wasted on the wrong target. Try to use Gravity or Smack Down on the turn that their targets switch onto the field in order to prevent the resultant wasted turns inviting moves like Hidden Power Ice, Hydro Pump, Spikes, or Leech Seed. Keep the option of using Fly without the Z crystal in the back of your mind either when your opponent is out of options to react to it with or if you need to buy a turn to stall for Toxic damage or something similar, although it's not recommended to use it outside of specific scenarios like this. Similarly, if you don't need to use your Z move versus another Pokemon and a target of Gravity or Smack Down is in range of a +2 Supersonic Skystrike, it is typically better to boost as they switch in and remove them like that instead of using Gravity.
  66. Team Options
  67. ========
  69. Pokemon like Ash-Greninja and Zygarde, which appreciate Grass-types being removed from the picture, are able to take good advantage of Supersonic Skystrike's utility. It's important to cover Landorus's weaknesses due to its abusable speed tier, so Pokemon that can switch into Water- and Ice-types, such as Toxapex, Mega Scizor, and Assault Vest Tangrowth, make good partners. U-turn and Volt Switch is very helpful for getting Landorus-T onto the field safely and preserving its health, with the aforementioned Mega Scizor being particularly notable due to its tendency to invite Heatran onto the field.
  71. [SET]
  72. name: Rockium Z
  73. move 1: Swords Dance
  74. move 2: Earthquake
  75. move 3: Stone Edge
  76. move 4: Stealth Rock / Defog
  77. item: Rockium Z
  78. ability: Intimidate
  79. nature: Jolly
  80. evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
  83. Moves
  84. ========
  86. Swords Dance works in conjunction with Continental Crush to help Landorus-T break through Celesteela, Tapu Bulu, Tangrowth and Rotom-W. Stone Edge also provides Landorus-T with virtually perfect neutral coverage, notably hitting Mega Pinsir and Mega Charizard Y hard without needing to use up its Z move. Stealth Rock is a good option on this set because this set allows Landorus-T to put a lot of pressure onto common entry hazard responses like Mega Sableye, Zapdos, and Tornadus-T. Defog is also a fine option because Landorus-T pressures common Stealth Rock setters such as Heatran, Clefable, and opposing Landorus-T.
  88. Set Details
  89. ========
  91. Jolly is used over Adamant to outspeed Jolly Gyarados, Adamant Zygarde, and Kyurem-B as well as to Speed tie with other Jolly Landorus-T.
  93. Usage Tips
  94. ========
  96. Use this set to remove bulky Pokemon like Celesteela and Tangrowth and pave the way for teammates like Mega Alakazam or Zygarde to clean up. Landorus-T should set up Stealth Rock or Swords Dance against foes that it forces out, such as Jirachi, Heatran, and Magearna, although it needs to be wary of the threat posed by the latter two's attacks. Consider bluffing another Landorus-T variant instead of using Continental Crush immediately, as its Z move can only be used once and it'd be catastrophic if Landorus-T wasted it against the wrong Pokemon.
  98. Team Options
  99. ========
  101. This set is best paired with attackers that appreciate the removal of Celesteela, Rotom-W, Tapu Bulu, and Tangrowth, such as Tapu Bulu, Tornadus-T, and Mega Pinsir. Pokemon that can provide a safety net against Pokemon like Greninja and Kyurem-B that can abuse Landorus-T's weaknesses, such as Mega Scizor, Toxapex, and Amoonguss, are also appreciated due to Landorus-T's irritatingly low Speed stat leaving it vulnerable.
  103. [SET]
  104. name: Defensive
  105. move 1: Stealth Rock
  106. move 2: Earthquake
  107. move 3: Hidden Power Ice
  108. move 4: U-turn
  109. item: Leftovers / Rocky Helmet
  110. ability: Intimidate
  111. nature: Impish
  112. evs: 252 HP / 240 Def / 16 Spe
  115. Moves
  116. ========
  118. Hidden Power Ice is used to hit Zygarde and opposing Landorus-T. U-turn takes advantage of Landorus-T's low Speed stat to grab momentum and help frail teammates to switch in without taking damage. Knock Off is an option that helps deal with a variety of opposing defensive Pokemon by removing their items, notably including Celesteela, Clefable, and Tangrowth. Stone Edge hits Mega Pinsir extremely hard, prevents Volcarona from setting up a Quiver Dance on Landorus-T, and helps Landorus deal with Hidden Power Ice Zapdos. If using Leftovers, Protect is a possible move to scout Choiced attackers, reduce the damage from Z-Moves, and gain a bit more recovery, most notably being useful to avoid the 3HKO from Choice Band Zygarde consistently. Toxic allows opposing Landorus-T, Tangrowth, Tapu Bulu and Zapdos a headache. Hidden Power Fire is an option to better tackle Kartana and Mega Scizor; such variants should always carry Toxic to circumvent Landorus's inability to deal any significant damage opposing Landorus-T. Defog is also an option over Stealth Rock if you have another Stealth Rock user and can't afford to carry hazard removal on anything else, but this should only ever done as a last resort.
  120. Set Details
  121. ========
  123. The listed Speed EVs allow Landorus-T to outrun Adamant Tyranitar, although it's generally advised to speed creep a little due to how important the Landorus-T mirror match-up is. Other faster spreads that aim for specific benchmarks are also options; 140 Speed EVs enable Landorus-T to outrun Modest Heatran and Timid Magearna, 144 Speed with a Jolly nature makes Landorus-T faster than Timid Heatran, and if you want to go even further you can run 184 Speed EVs with a Jolly nature to hit Adamant Zygarde and Landorus-T before they can move. Running this much Speed investment has some added benefits, notably making Landorus-T faster than Hoopa-U, most opposing Landorus-T, and Jolly Mega Tyranitar, but comes at the cost of reliability against stronger physical threats. Leftovers helps Landorus-T check Zygarde and Mega Mawile more reliably while Rocky Helmet is useful to punishing opposing Landorus-T and Tapu Koko's U-turns. Yache Berry is also an option to better deal with Tapu Koko and Mega Medicham.
  125. Usage Tips
  126. ========
  128. Stealth Rock should be set up against foes that are either forced out or otherwise don't pose a significant threat to Landorus-T. Additionally, while its's bulk and typing alongside Intimidate allow Landorus to directly switch in on opposing Pokemon like Mega Pinsir, Mega Mawile, and Landorus-T, be careful to not let it get overly worn down before its necessary jobs are done.
  130. Team Options
  131. ========
  133. Strong wallbreakers like Mega Charizard Y, Mega Medicham, and Tapu Lele and frail attackers like Mega Medicham, Mega Alakazam, and Greninja appreciate Landorus-T's ability to provide them with safe switch-ins. Volcarona and Heatran are also useful as they can take advantage of Tapu Bulu and Tangrowth, which Landorus-T baits out. Tapu Koko, Mega Scizor, Tornadus-T, and Rotom-W are capable of forming solid VoltTurn cores with Landorus-T, with the first and last of those also stacking the ability to help get dangerous Fire- and Ice-type onto the field against the correct opponents. Ground-weak Pokemon weak such as Tapu Koko, Heatran, and Magearna appreciate Landorus-T's Earthquake immunity and ability to check offensive Zygarde variants reasonably consistently. Defensively, partners that cover Landorus-T's weaknesses to Ice and Water, such as Assault Vest Tangrowth, Amoonguss, and Toxapex, are appreciated.
  135. [SET]
  136. name: Suicide Lead
  137. move 1: Stealth Rock
  138. move 2: Earthquake
  139. move 3: Explosion
  140. move 4: Swords Dance
  141. item: Focus Sash
  142. ability: Intimidate
  143. nature: Jolly
  144. evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
  147. Moves
  148. ========
  150. Explosion is important because it provides teammates with a free switch-in while preventing slower Pokemon's attempts to use Defog or Rapid Spin, and its ability to put significant dents into an opposing Pokemon is a useful asset for the hyper offensive teams that this set is typically used on. Swords Dance is used to further this end while also allowing Landorus-T to put Mega Sableye, which can bounce its Stealth Rock back, under significant pressure. Hidden Power Ice is an alternative option that allows Landorus-T to pressure opposing Landorus-T and Defog Gliscor in order to gain the hazard advantage without having to use Explosion.
  152. Set Details
  153. ========
  155. If you use Hidden Power Ice, Naive is preferred to improve Landorus-T's matchup versus Defog Gliscor. Focus Sash is important to ensure that Landorus-T always survives the first turn to set up Stealth Rock versus faster Pokemon. With that said, Normal Gem is a niche option if you don't use this set as a dedicated lead because it gives Landorus-T a little under a 40% chance to OHKO standard Rotom-W and 244 HP Gliscor with Explosion without a boost from Swords Dance.
  157. Usage Tips
  158. ========
  160. Almost always lead with Landorus-T when using this set if your opponent doesn't carry Mega Sableye or another Pokemon that prevents Landorus-T setting up Stealth Rock consistently. Set up Stealth Rock immediately unless there's a significant threat that can be eliminated instead. After setting up Stealth Rock, click Explosion if you are facing a slower hazard remover that you cannot otherwise KO, both protecting your own Stealth Rock and putting a significant dent into the opposing Pokemon. However, it should be noted that you should not use Explosion recklessly if it is required to break through another bulky Pokemon, in which case it may be better to preserve your lead to use again later in the match.
  162. Team Options
  163. ========
  165. Suicide lead Landorus-T fits onto hyper offensive teams due to the momentum and pressure on Defoggers that it provides. Sticky Web offense and Aurora Veil teams in particular appreciate the entry hazard support that Landorus-T can provide. Late-game cleaners such as Dragon Dance Zygarde and Kartana appreciate Landorus-T's ability to weaken bulkier Pokemon early-game.
  168. Other Options
  169. =============
  171. Substitute can be used on Swords Dance variants to avoid status while setting up, but it can wear down Landorus-T quickly. such sets could also run Salac Berry to potentially sweep, but it's very unreliable. Alternatively, Soft Sand or Groundium Z can be used on such a set to present a greater offensive presence, with Soft Sand also being useful over Rockium Z if a Z Crystal is needed on another teammate. Continental Crush variants could run Rock Polish over Stealth Rock to provide Landorus-T with the option to pose a greater threat to offensive teams when needed. Sludge Bomb is an option on Choice Scarf variants to punish Tapu Bulu and put pressure onto switch-ins like Tangrowth and Zapdos courtesy of its high poison rate. Punishment can be used on Choice Scarf variants on teams that lack consistent counterplay versus Mega Latias and Reuniclus. Earth Power can be used on defensive variants to hit Kartana if Landorus can't afford to give up Hidden Power Ice, but the power drop is noticeable if you sacrifice Earthquake and other utility moves are usually preferred over running the two moves together.
  173. Checks and Counters
  174. ===================
  176. **Pokemon Immune to Ground**: Skarmory, Rotom-W, Zapdos, and Celesteela take very little from most of what Landorus-T can throw at them. The same applies to Gliscor, which eventually wins out versus faster non-Z move variants of Landorus-T if it switches in on anything other than Hidden Power Ice.
  178. **Bulky Grass-types**: Tangrowth can wall any set that doesn't carry a Z move. The same applies to Tapu Bulu, which can both set up on Landorus-T and further hinders its general functionality with Grassy Surge.
  180. **Water-types**: Greninja and Manaphy outspeed non-Choice Scarf Landorus-T and force it out with their STAB attacks, with Ash Greninja threatening Choice Scarf variants with Water Shuriken. If Rotom-W switches in on Earthquake against Choice Scarf or defensive Landorus-T it can force it out with the threat of Hydro Pump or Will-O-Wisp. Gyarados is immune to Earthquake and can potentially use the opportunity to clean up versus non-Stone Edge variants.
  182. **Ice-type Pokemon and Ice-type Coverage**: Kyurem-B, Weavile, and Mamoswine can easily OHKO Landorus-T with their STAB moves, with the latter two beating Choice Scarf Landorus-T with Ice Shard. Ice Punch variants of Mega Medicham and Mega Lopunny can put a lot of pressure onto Landorus-T as it will often need to use its resistances to pivot through them, and similarly, it's not uncommon for more defensively inclined Pokemon like Clefable and Mew to carry Ice Beam for Landorus-T and Zygarde.
  184. **Strong Special Attackers**: Landorus-T struggles to take hits from the likes of Mega Latios, Heatran, Tornadus, and Tapu Lele, since it has mediocre special bulk.
  186. [CREDITS]
  187. - Written by: [[Gary, 101351], [Ninjacalibur, 40008], [sed, 166698], [LL, 144451]]
  188. - Quality checked by: [[PK Gaming, 38265], [dk, 322027], [Colonel M, 12650]]
  189. - Grammar checked by: [[Eien, 100418], [Eyan, 226777]]
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