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  1. Releasing a new version of a game:
  3. Always do this in the existing topic of the game. It is recommended to update the first post, but leave old download links available if possible, and also post a release notice in the topic.
  5. Disallowed licenses
  7. Any mod that disallows derivatives cannot be published on this forum. These include CC NoDerivs and pretty much any closed source licenses.
  9. More about licenses
  11. If a game or some part thereof is to be included as an "official" game for Minetest, it's code needs to be relicensable under "LGPLv2 and later", and textures/sounds under CC BY-SA, as the main game is released under those licenses. Notably, WTFPL (for anything), BSD (for code) are prefectly compatible with this. Notably LGPLv3 for code is not compatible with this.
  13. Public domain is not allowed as a license because jurisdiction about what "public domain" means varies between countries. Release your work under WTFPL or CC0 instead (or also).
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