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  1. Company
  3. Wilcon Builder's Supply was founded in 1977 in Quezon City, Manila and has since then expanded to several retail outlets within strategic locations in Metro Manila and one in Davao City.
  4. The company has revolutionized the construction industry by creating convenience shopping for its customers through its air-conditioned shops, delivery service, and commitment to excellent service. It's 35 years expertise have propelled this once small company to become the pioneer and leader in  supplying finishing materials for the building industry.
  5. In 2003, a sister company, Wilcon Builders' Depot was launched with its first outlet in Las PiƱas, Alabang. Bigger in size and with more product lines to offer the customer, the company continues to offer the same services that have made Wilcon a household name in the construction supply industry and will be expanding to cater to more customers in the Philippines. Complimenting its smaller shops, the already established Depot outlets are scattered all over the metro offering a wide variety of items for a truly convenient one-stop shopping experience.
  6. Our Vision
  7. Delivering Winning Solutions That Inspire Work life
  8. Delivering
  9. Our actions speak louder than words. We are accountable: doing what we say we're going to do efficiently and on time.
  10. Winning
  11. We act with confidence. We're proud to win. We push ourselves to greater heights. And we don't settle for less than being the best.
  12. Solutions
  13. We listen to our customers and understand their needs. We offer products, services and innovative thinking that enable our customers to achieve success.
  14. Inspire
  15. Our inspiration is contagious and enables us to unleash creativity to help people achieve their goals. Our motivation and enthusiasm inspire others to succeed.
  16. Work life
  17. We combine our energy for work with our passion for life. We are creating a fuller, more enriched lifestyle. We share the desire to maximize human potential to achieve personal dreams.
  19. Market potential
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