#PastebinMonday 09/16/2019

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  1. Moving On Up Edition
  3. Hey guys, how’s it goin?
  5. Remember last week when I said the following:
  7. “I guess that means I’m not gonna get any quality runs done any time soon, huh? *wink*”
  9. Wellllll, it finally happened with NPC’s Panel de Pon Easy mode. 3:39 on Friday. It felt weird the entire time because I had only slept five hours the night before. I don’t usually have a lot of clarity when I sleep so little, but I also had a 3:41.2 earlier that night so something clearly aligned for me. Now Normal mode is next. I may need to dig in with this one to nail down how to go fast. No one has really worked with it that much.
  11. As for PPC tournament progress, I can say that eight matches are done. 22 more group matches to go. I am liking the progress so far. I don’t like how I can’t seem to restream any of the matches, though. In fact, I still need to polish the video of the match that I did try to stream so that it will sound alright on YouTube. Big shoutouts to bbforky for coming out of the woodwork to help out with that. There are still five weeks left to complete the other matches. I expect that my streaming schedule will still be awkward during that time.
  13. In other stream news, the downed bot experiment was an abject failure in keeping my Internet upright. In fact, this week it may have gotten worse. It’s always hard to tell what the problem is around here. Therefore, the bot is now back in operation. Now you can actually join my Discord to find out when I go live—not that I’m gonna have a consistent schedule during the PPC tournament.
  15. In other gaming news, I have fully completed Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: World Duel Carnival to the best that the game will acknowledge. Beat all of the duelists in Free Duels, beat all of their decks, and won the championship with all 12 characters. I may keep it in my back pocket as a future speedrun, but I don’t think Yu-Gi-Oh! fans are missing out by not playing this one. I would give this game my completionist rating of… Look At It. Wait a minute...
  17. In any case, my attention has now moved on to Dragon Ball Fusions. I do like me some Dragon Ball and do LOVE me my strategy games.
  19. In real life news, my mother’s newest hobby is looking up local Craigslist postings and picking up free things that she finds interesting. Because of this, now I have a used elliptical machine to exercise with. I mean, I did always say I wanted something to exercise with that did not involve me sitting down like I do with the rest of my day. Now to figure out how well I’ll actually be able to use it…
  21. That’s my life story for the week. Until next time, everyone, thanks for reading!
  23. --Cards
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