SCP:SL Server Info

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  1. Discord:
  3. Rules:
  4. 1. Do not TK (Team Kill) within the server in consistent and excessive amounts unless you have a valid reason to do so that stays within the realm of common sense.
  6. 2. Spawn killing is not allowed unless allowed you have a valid reason to do so.
  8. 3. Hacking and or exploiting and or abusing within the server will not be allowed.
  10. 4. Abuse of your server privileges within the server or discord is not allowed in any form.
  12. 5. Earape is fine as long as it is stayed within a contained or controlled environment.
  14. 6. Admin produced chaos such as summoning a representative of death to kill a user, spawning an army of stone cold killers willing to snap your neck among other eldrich abominations of any kind may be permitted within the server as long as it is done sparingly.
  16. 7. Flaming may not be allowed within the server. This does not include debates, criticism, jokes containing "sensitive" material among other things however it is advised to use such content in an appropriate manner.
  18. 8. Censorship of any kind may not be allowed.
  20. 9. Elongating the round by purposely wasting everyone's time is not tolerated, however, actively attempting to end the round or do something isn't considered as such.
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