Vexd - Overture of Bats (WIP)

Oct 13th, 2014
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  3. Prologue
  5. You hear a knocking at your door one late night. You look up from your book to the hearth’s clock, almost midnight.
  7. “Why can’t I get visitors at sane hours?” you groan as you drag yourself out of your chair and shuffle over to the door. When you opened it, you had expected a lot of things: Princess Twilight with an experiment mishap, a homeless pony, maybe one of Pinkie’s annoying pranks. What you didn’t expect was you recent ex, or girlfriend on cooldown (whatever the fuck you had decided to call it), standing in the rain, and covered in bruises.
  9. “Octavia?” the cellist looked up at you, trying to keep a dignified face to try and hide her emotions
  11. “A-anon, I know we’re supposed to be on a break a-andweagreedthat’dwewouldn’t-“ she was starting to babble in hysterics to the point you couldn’t make out what she was saying. Stepping closer, you take a knee and carefully grab her shoulders, her head snaps back towards you with a gasp.
  13. “Octavia, take a deep breath” the pony did as you instructed
  15. “Now let it out” the moment she did, her attempt at professionalism broke as she burst into sobs on your shoulder. With a sigh, you scooped up your former waifu and carried her inside, closing the door behind you with your shoe. You set her down on the couch and go to the kitchen to grab some tea while she tried to recompose herself. You returned a few minutes later with two cups of Earl Grey, not your first choice, but you knew it was her favorite, and you hadn’t bothered to throw out the last few teabags. You let her get a few sips in before you started to probe into the situation.
  17. “So you want to tell me what happened?” whatever demeanor the tea had restored immediately dropped at the question.
  19. Your former waifu straightened her posture before she answered
  22. “You know when we broke up, I started going out with that bat pony, right?”
  23. Ah yes, Mr. “Dark N Edgy”, or whatever the fuck that faggot’s name was. You’re still not sure why she picked him in the first place. You just give a nod.
  25. “W-well, at first things were fine, he behaved himself. But then…he started making advances, and I wanted to take it slow after…” she looked up at you. You didn’t really have much to say on that one, you both, having caught the eye of what you considered exotic aliens, sped through your relationship and right into “mingling”. Naturaly things went south once the charm had worn off.
  27. “When I said no he…he hit me, h-he wouldn’t stop, and the he…h-“ and the sobbing returned anew. You didn’t need to hear anymore, you could figure out the rest. You scoot over and wrap your arms around her.
  29. “I-I know you’re p-probably mad at me a-and think I’m pathetic and if you w-want to kick me out I-“ you hush her for a brief moment to brush some of her mane that had fallen over her eyes, you give a quick sigh.
  31. “I never thought you were pathetic, not then and not now and I’m sure as hell not kicking you out. Not like this”
  32. More tears, but they weren’t sad ones.
  34. “Now come on, let’s get you cleaned up” and with that, you carried your waifu(?) to your shower and a clean, and then after, a warm bed.
  36. A few weeks pass
  37. Octavia has for all intents and purposes moved in with you again, her bruises have healed up and Mr. Dark and Edgy McFagBalls was “loved and tolerated” by your personally to the train station for a one way trip to Manehattan.
  38. He may have “accidently” fallen down a few flights of stairs along the way as well.
  39. You walked through your front door with a bounce in your step, as far as you were concerned your life was looking pretty-
  40. *BLEAGH* the sound immediately snapped you out of your lucid daydream
  42. “Octie?” you make you way down the hall to find your still-not-quite-waifu performing a toilet bowel inspection. She wearily raised her head up at the sound of your footsteps.
  44. “Anon, I’m not feeling so well” *URP* annnnd back down she went. This had been the third time in a row this week she had gotten ill.
  46. “Alright Octie, no ifs or buts this time, we’re going to the Doctor.”
  48. So you had the Nurse Redheart look over your ponyfriend.
  49. The results were…surprising
  51. “Well, I can safely say that Octavia is healthy” the pony said flipping through her clipboard. That statement didn’t make you feel any better.
  53. “Then why is she so sick?”
  55. “I was getting to that, you see, when we examined her, we discovered something else.”
  57. “What? What is it?”
  59. “Well, Miss Melody. You’re pregnant” the air in the room seemed to drop 10 degrees
  61. “Pregnant?”
  63. “Yes, her symptoms are textbook Morning Sickness. If I had to speculate, you’re probably only a month or so in”
  65. “But whose the fa-“ you stopped, you’re brain started to put all the pieces together
  66. Octavia looks back at you, her eyes are starting to water up.
  68. “Anon?” her voice was laced with fear. You…didn’t know what to think anymore. Part of you wanted to shout, part of you wanted to cry, and a lot of you wanted to take a baseball bat to a certain Edgy batpony.
  70. “Is there-”, your thoughts start to get more coherent “-any chance that I might be the father” Nurse Redheart gave a sigh
  72. “Anon, you’re the only human to ever make it into Equestria. We know little about your biology in comparison to ours. The possibility is highly improbable at best…” you groaned a bit.
  74. “Damnit!” was all you could say
  75. and with that, Octavia burst out of the patient’s room in tears.
  77. “Wha? Octie wait!” you immediately hopped out of your chair to pursue her. You dash into the hallway just in time to see her duck into one of the bathrooms. You stopped just outside and gave a knock
  79. “Octie?” only sobs for a moment.
  81. “Go away! I know you don’t want me now!”
  83. “That’s not true, Octie”
  85. “You were mad in that room…”
  87. “What? Octavia, I’m not mad at you. If anything, I’m furious that batpony bastard that did this to you!” the sobbing died down.
  89. “You want me to get rid of it don’t you?” there was a long, long pause.
  91. “I-…It’s up to you, Octavia”
  93. “You’ll leave me if I keep it, won’t you?”
  95. “Alright Anon, this is it”, you think to yourself. “This is the moment where you chose. You can either be a complete Beta panzy, bend over for this kid, and take all the horrors that are gonna come with it with grins and smiles. Or you can be the biggest Alpha faggot in Equestria and kick you ex to the curb with a baby all by herself and go back to the bachelor life”
  97. But…do you really want to be alone again? Not really
  99. Do you really want to raise this kid? Well no but...
  101. ….
  103. Fuck it, you had the chance to be a dick back on Earth
  105. Do the right thing
  107. “No, Octie. I’m not going anywhere”
  109. “…you mean that?”
  111. “Every word” silence
  113. “I-I don’t know what to say”
  115. “I’ll start by saying you have to come out of there”
  117. “Why?”
  119. “Because that’s a men’s restroom you ducked into”
  121. The musician pony unlocked the door and stepped out, those eyes tearing up again as you once again embraced her.
  122. “T-thank you, Anon”
  123. “No biggie, Octie” you sighed “though I may have to go kick Edgy’s ass one more time for you” she only responded by hugging you tighter.
  125. And so, another month passed.
  126. With most of the drama out of the way for the time being, you both managed to settle into a routine. Octavia still attended her recitals and concerts for the time being. Her friends didn’t know she was pregnant for the moment. And you still don’t have a clue what you’ve gotten yourself into…
  128. “Octie, I’m home” you call out as you walk in the door
  130. “In the living room, honey”
  131. When you walked in, you found your music pony on the couch, munching on what appeared to be cheese sticks mixed with peanut butter. As things had progressed, so did the pregnancy cravings, first it had been olives and fried cabbage, now this. You’re still waiting on the mundane pickles and ice cream to come up.
  133. “Come’er you!” you said as you hugged her over her weird food concoction.
  135. “Morning sickness hasn’t come back?”
  137. “Nope, everything is running as normal” she was unusually chipper these days, you blame the hormones.
  139. “That’s good and all, but I think you might need something a bit more…” you hold up one of the cheese sticks “healthy”
  141. Octavia groaned “more veggies?”
  143. “More veggies”
  145. “But I’m craving stuff that’s deep fried and smothered in grease!” she pouted, you only sigh
  147. “I know. Here, I’ll go make us both veggie sandwiches so I get to experience the torment too” you hop up off the couch towards the kitchen. Octavia just pouted and looked at her stomach, at the moment; there was barely a hint that there was an embryo tucked in there somewhere.
  149. “If I’m going to get fat anyway then what does it matter?”
  151. “You’re not going to get fatter, you’re pregnant. You’ll get more….fecund?” you weren’t even sure if that was the right word or not.
  153. “Fecund, fat, same thing”
  155. “Different”
  157. “Same!” You already knew you weren’t gonna win this argument.
  159. “Alright, but fat or not, that kid needs something with vitamins in it” you say as you step out of the kitchen carrying two vegie sandwiches.
  161. “Will you still give me hoof massages when I’m fat?” that kinda came out of nowhere.
  163. “Especially then” you answered as you handed her the plate.
  164. You both bite down on your sandwiches. Your face contorts. Why does “healthy” always tie in with “tastes terrible”? Octavia was in a similar boat as you both tried to chew the crunchy bites without making eye contact. Finally, you both glanced over at each other. You silently accept defeat.
  166. “Hayburgers?”
  168. “Hayburgers!”
  170. “Let me get go get my jacket.”
  172. So much for healthy.
  174. 6 months till dooms day
  176. Music echoed through the concert hall as the pony ensemble practiced for their upcoming concert in the fall. Everything had been going just fine until-
  178. *SCREEH*
  180. Octavia snapped her head down at her cello; she had struck a sting at a bad angle again, thanks to her hoof accidently brushing her belly. The other musicians stopped playing with Parish gaving a sigh.
  182. “Octavia, that’s the third time this rehearsal!”
  184. “Sorry! Sorry!” the gray pony said looked away flustered.
  186. “Octavia, what’s wrong?” Brass Beauty spoke up.
  188. “Nothing! Everything’s fine!” their expressions alone showed they didn’t buy it
  190. “You’ve never sputtered at on a note before” Concerto spoke up. It was true, but prior to now, Octavia didn’t have a baby belly obstructing her hoof as she played.
  192. “Just..uh…tired! That’s all it is!” Brass Beauty placed a hoof on Octavia’s shoulder.
  194. “Octavia, if something’s wrong, you can tell us” the gray pony looked at all of their faces before looking down.
  195. No point hiding it now, they were going to find out one way or another.
  196. The musician composed herself before she answered
  198. “Guys…I’m pregnant.”
  200. Concereto and Parish went blank faced, Brass Beauty was the only one with an expression, shock. Parish spoke up first
  202. “Pregnant?”
  204. “Yes”
  206. “As in…”
  208. “As in there’s baby on the way”
  210. “Oh” was all he could get out before everyone’s train of thought was interrupted by the abrupt “SQUEE” that was followed by a massive hug from Brass.
  212. “Oh! That’s wonderful new, Octie!” and so began a barrage of questions.
  213. “Do you know how far along you are?”
  214. “When are you due?”
  215. Who’s the father?”
  216. “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?”
  218. The poor music pony froze from all the information prodding, but one question stuck, “who’s the father”.
  220. “Well…Anon is the father…” she didn’t want to dwell further. Brass paused for a moment, Concerto was quipping an eyebrow.
  222. “The human?”, your waifu nodded
  224. “that’s…interesting”
  226. “But still, it’s wonderful news!” Brass butted in back to her excited antics.
  228. “We need to throw you a baby shower!”
  230. “Oh nononon, that’s not necesar-“
  232. “Of course it’s necessary! You’re having a baby! We need to plan! Lets see, we need drinks, we need food, a place to set it up Oh! And a-” the pony babble as she walked offstage.
  233. Concereto turned his gaze back to Octie with a concerned look.
  235. “So do you think you’ll still be able to perform as you go further along?” there was a pause
  237. “I think so. I think if I keep practicing I’ll be able to adjust for my size.” The fellow musician gave a nod.
  239. “Alright, be sure and get some time in at home as well”
  241. “I will” the pony assessed the room for a moment.
  243. “Tell you what, let’s call it in early and give Joe’s a visit. We need to celebrate!” and without delay, the ponies packed up their instruments and made their way out the building, unaware someone was watching from the rafters.
  245. 5 Months till dooms day
  247. You walk in the door to the sound of music being played
  249. Octavia’s was still practicing her chords for the evening apparently. You set down the groceries that would hopefully sate her cravings and follow the sound of the music. When you peak into your bedroom, you see your now fecund waifu playing way, her back towards you. As the months had worn on, the pony had to adjust her stance while performing on account of the now obvious baby bump she was now sporting. Fortunately, she appeared to have gotten down to a science for now and was playing as eloquently as she did in the past. You silently and listen to the music until she finishes her current piece. When she’s done, you give a small, one man applause, prompting her to turn in surprise and blush in embarrassment.
  251. “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t hear you walk in!” she paused “You probably didn’t want to have to listen to all that”
  253. “Oh no, that was beautiful” you pull her into a hug and gave her a smooch before her hormones get the best of her.
  255. “Now, you’ve been practicing all day, it’s time for you to be pampered “
  257. “Oh no, I couldn’t make you-“ she started as she put away her cello
  259. “You don’t need to, I’m choosing” and with that, you scoop your gray pony up and carry her to the bed, her squirming the whole way.
  261. When you finally set her down, you planted another barrage of kisses on her, a few she returned in kind.
  263. “Now, prop up those hooves of yours. I know you’ve gotta be sore standing like that all day.” She humored your and presented the limbs in question
  265. “Oh Anon, it’s not that bad. It’s not like-“ she immediately stopped as you administered your magic hands to her tired hooves. And in that moment, she was butter, a happy, moaning, lump of butter.
  267. “What was that about it not being that bad?”
  269. “Oh shut up and don’t stop” you won that argument rather easy. You continued you ministrations on her hoofs and worked you way up to a massage on her calves. Everything was going fine, up until your gray waifu made a bit of a face
  271. “Sorry, think hunger pangs just kicked in” it was now your turn to grin
  272. “Way ahead of you” you scoop her up once again and cart her past the kitchen and grab a bag. As you settle on the couch, she looked at you in confusion until she caught a whiff of what was inside the bag, the smell of cinnamon.
  274. “You got apple fritters!?”
  276. “I got apple fritters” she had mentioned craving the things for a few days now, and Applejack had been more than happy to sell you a bundle of the fried treats.
  278. “Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimm-”
  280. “Calm down, I ain’t trying to keep em from you” you retort as you hand her the bag. The famished pony wasted no time tearing into the bag to get at the pastries. The classiest pony you know brought to its knees by a fritter, who knew? You kept yourself busy by taking the time to start working on her shoulders.
  282. “You know how to pamper a pony” she said as she finished of the fritters
  284. “Eh, I’ve had experience” it wasn’t the first time you had given her a work over
  286. “That you-erm”
  288. “Hm?”
  290. “Hunger cramps are back”
  292. “But you just ate”
  294. “I know” you guide your hands down to her belly. The moment you made contact, you figured out what was the culprit. Something nudged back against you hand
  296. “Those aren’t hunger cramps” you said with some surprise in your voice”
  298. “What do you-“ you guide her hoof to her belly, and her face instantly lit up.
  300. “It’s kicking! They baby’s kicking!” the apple fritters had nothing on this reaction.
  302. “It’s real now…” Octie started “it’s one thing for a doctor to tell you you’re, to see yourself grow. But to feel it move…” she was tearing up and pulled you into a hug
  304. “Thank you Anon”
  306. “Hm?”
  308. “You took me in, gave me a home, tend to me mane and hoof, and made me feel loved again, even though it…it isn’t yours” and once again, you return the hug.
  310. “Octavia, as far as I’m concerned, it IS mine” and here came the torrent of tears. That night, you once again made your commitment known. A few extra rubs didn't hurt either.
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