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Jack Nolan and KP

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Apr 4th, 2018
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  1. On Saturday of Babscon 2018, I was standing at the booth of Rae Deerwood discussing a commision. At the time I noticed Jack Nolan standing behind me, but since I did not know who he was, I paid no mind. I had been counting my money to decide on whether or not to get a commision due to pricing. As I stepped back to count, Jack approached me and said another vendor was selling $10 headshot commisions. Naturally because I was getting tight on money at this point, I wanted to know who. Due to the information about IloveKPaLot, I had absolutely no interest in even approaching her. So, after he informed me who it was, I casually and politely told him no, and that I have no interest in meeting or buying from KP.
  2. Later that day, I noticed KP was gone, and as I am a fan of her booth partners art, I snuck over to Keyframe Productions booth while she was not there and discussed the pony cut out art that was on display. Ultimately I politely declined, telling her I would need to count my money again. I was under the impression that was the last of it. It was not.
  3. The following day, Sunday, I was waiting in line to meet WhiteDiamond so I could buy a commision from her, as she is an artist I highly respect and annually get commisions from. After discussing it. Jack Nolan came up behind me and called my name. I remember not telling him my name, but he probably saw my badge. He asked if I was still interested in the art, I was a bit confused and stepped to the side to ask him which it was. Instead of telling me who, he asked me to come with him. Not wanting to cause a scene I went with him, on gaurd the entire time. He went to Keyframe Productions Booth, and KP was sitting there. At this point I was very confused, both jack and KP where missing from the booth when I has talked to keyframe about her framed art, so there was no way for him to know about it unless she had told him, or he had been watching me. He stood behind KP, arms crossed as if defending her from some unknown threat, and stared at me as I tried to, twice, decline that I could afford Keyframes pricey art. I was very uncomfortable with the stares both KP and him where giving me, and wanting to just please them so I wouldn't be bothered again, I bought a $5 print from Keyframe. KP immediately as soon as I pulled out my wallet started to say something, I believe she was going to try to get me to buy her prints, but I shook my head and turned away. Walking away with my regretful, and somewhat forced, purchase, I left the booth with her and jack glaring at me. They didn't bother me again for the rest of the con. However sunday night I was sitting at the chairs near the escalates with my Celestia KL plush and dozing half asleep. Jack walks by, watching all the other vendors carrying product, but himself doing nothing to help, and with a slightly uncomfortable look, very passive aggressively saluted at me. With my extensive history with people in the military, I'm well aware of a proper salute, versus one that's made as an insult. Luckily this was my last meeting with him.
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