Darkleech Apache Module for sale - English

Dec 28th, 2012
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  1. DarkLeech - module Apache / 2 to insert IFRAME to all sites on the server
  3. You want to have a steady stream of high-quality cores, but still ifreymish ftp-kites? Now in Public unique technology simplifies drain traffic from the server admins and complicates the work.
  5. Module Apache / 2 is designed to be inserted into your frames all sites on the server. Features:
  7. Insert frames in php / html / js
  8. Periodic updating of the frame with the URL vkompilennogo
  9. The frame is only granted users the unique (cookie + IP)
  10. Option to frames only cores from search engines
  11. The frame is not given to search engines, Google Chrome, Linux users, local IP, etc.
  12. Option to produce a frame at once, or aggressive mode
  13. Encryption row cache and traffic
  15. Methods of concealment from admins, allowing the module to live as long as possible (on some servers live for years):
  17. Server admins who walked SSH, the frame will be issued. IP admins collected from logs at the stage of installing the module and updated during operation.
  18. Admin site calculated on the grounds of URL-s adminok their IP lie in the bank and frame it too is not given
  19. If Ruth or sudoer logged into the server, the module will eventually move to a quiet operation, and when Ruth knocks or goes idle - the module again begins to mold frames visitors
  20. Monitoring suspicious processes running in tcpdump, rkhunter etc. module is inactive
  22. Module developed by me, continuously improved and used for more than 2 years. The detected bugs are removed in time, the current version of the 14th in a row. Flexible configuration - all the options as desired switched on / off in the configuration file. The module goes on sale because there is no sense to keep the topic in a more private, too often have to mention and discuss the network.
  24. Examples of my stat downloads made on cores obtained with the help of the module:
  26. bunch Puerto month
  27. AV-affiliate
  28. Another bunch
  31. Reviews of "clients" smile.gif
  33. Trojan horse - WHAT THE GOSH? _ttp :/ / - half a year trying to get rid of the "virus", forum discussion dragged on for 14 pages, eventually moved to a new server.
  34. Extending Apache to Serve Malware _ttp :/ /
  35. Malicious Apache Module Injects Iframes _ttp :/ / /
  36. iFrame Injections on Server _ttp :/ /
  37. iFrame Injection Attack Followed us to New Server _ttp :/ /
  38. Apache Used to Inject Malware _ttp :/ /
  40. Apache module installs easily and quickly, the program-builder will automatically find and deliver the packages, poshifruet line random key and compiled module. All that remains for you is to put the module into any folder (for example, you can close with legal modules Apache), add a line to load the module in the Apache config and restart Apache.
  42. Language of module C, the server-side PHP.
  43. System Requirements: Web server is Apache / 2 running Linux, FreeBSD. Rights are required to install root! Warning: the module does not work on Apache 1st version!
  45. Price and contact
  46. Price: $ 1000. Payment WM, LR. Further updates are free.
  47. JABBER:
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