Atheism 101

Jan 7th, 2016
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  1. Atheism 101
  3. 1. Basing your analysis of atheism to what you see online is like basing an analysis of xtianity on Westboro Baptist Youtube vids.
  5. 2. Atheism was overrun by SJWs - you should heed it as a warning. What you see is the result of their handiwork.
  7. 3. Atheism is not a belief system. It is a disbelief system. A null hypothesis (google is your friend).
  9. 4. Atheists would have no problem with god should definitive evidence present itself. They would adjust their data sets to the new reality and move on. This is something most theists are incapable of.
  11. 5. Sam Harris bashing is old and tired. He writes some utter bullshit. He also writes some pretty important stuff. Atheists are capable of sorting the good from the bad and taking away what they need. Theists just seem to want to throw the whole lot in the garbage indiscriminately (see - "quote mining").
  13. 6. Most atheists have no problem with humble xtians that find solace in their gobbledygook – providing you don't keep rubbing our noses in your “wisdom”. Similarly, most atheists are also humble and don't like rubbing your nose in their quite disbelief.
  15. 7. Most important (and really, you should not need to be told) – online atheists are a loudmouth, unrepresentative minority. Stop tarring all of us with the same brush.
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