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  1. Bitch, I'm smoking gas in my chambers like it's the *********
  2. We're sorry, your lyric could not be completed because-
  3. "Ayy, you Lil Darkie, nigga?"
  4. -And we want to suppress your opinion, fascistically
  5. Take away the first amendment!
  6. All hail censorship!
  7. All hail our feelings!
  9. My God is realer than yours
  10. He says what I do is right, that I should fight if heaven pours
  11. I am very, very, sorry
  12. My apologies, for coming off so harshly
  13. Impart me, second chance
  14. So I can dance the way you want me
  15. You Nazi, got me!
  16. Take a lot more than that to top me
  17. Soft ain't what I'm made of
  18. You're the one acting like Adolf
  19. Cocky
  20. Way that you goose stepping
  21. Way that you loose lipping
  22. Talking 'bout who tripping
  23. Talking 'bout who to shove under the bus
  24. And who all of us trust that we shouldn't
  25. This just in, Lil Darkie is racist
  26. Spreading the message of satan with faces
  27. Blacker than any of us prolly are
  28. But I'm still offended 'cause I'm a retard
  29. He tryna be hard, we tryna be safe
  30. By making it hard for you to create
  31. Niggas that heard of me fight and debate
  32. I don't deserve not one word of the hate
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