KyAnonymous Official Press Release

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  2. March 20, 2013
  4. I would first like to say thank you every one of you, anons and non-anons
  5. alike for sticking through with the courage to stand side by side with
  6. people you didn't know to ensure justice was served for Jane Doe. It has
  7. been a trying time for us all, and most of all for her. I feel, along with
  8. the majority of others justice was served when the sentence for Trent Mays
  9. and Ma'lik Richmond was dealt by Judge Lipps. I would also like to thank
  10. the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine for stepping up to the plate and not
  11. only being thorough in this investigation but also for handling the
  12. threats to Jane Doe's safety and starting a Grand Jury to hold all those
  13. that may have been party to this atrocity accountable. I would also like
  14. to commend Sheriff Fred Abdalla, we got off on the wrong foot, and I love
  15. when people prove me wrong because when I'm right there is evil afoot. You
  16. have done a complete 180 and shown support and compassion towards
  17. Anonymous involved in this campaign. I respect that. Please accept our
  18. apologies for any errors on local leaks website as that site is user
  19. submitted, meaning that the citizens filed those rumors and reports, and
  20. has nothing to do with Anonymous but is mainly run by the People's
  21. Liberation Front. Thank you also Sheriff Fred Abdalla for realizing the
  22. difference between us, Anonymous with good intentions, versus the ones who
  23. would put our mask on to slander others, innocents, and cause chaos. The
  24. problem with an image even a badge is anyone can wear one no matter the
  25. intentions.
  28. To the townspeople of Steubenville, We realize the majority of you are
  29. good, we realize that this has changed your town forever. We are glad to
  30. have met you, we are glad to have "birthed" new Anonymous in your area.
  31. Change is sometimes volatile but always necessary. With every volcanic
  32. eruption a new paradise grows from the ashes. Remember that. To those
  33. displeased with our presence, we love you too. You may complain about the
  34. 2-5 years those boys get, and the verdicts to come, but just remember that
  35. Jane Doe is the one who's scarred for life. She will heal, She is strong.
  36. For those who question her support of us, please refer to
  37. as he is a close family friend, an
  38. honorable Anon, with a text message screenshot from her thanking us for
  39. our support.
  42. Anonymous has a saying, NYPA = Not Your Personal Army, sometimes that
  43. needs to be the case, but not all the time, and this was one of those
  44. exceptions. Though my screenname is gone, I have watched closer than many
  45. of you think, I am proud of each and every one of you. KnightSec lives on
  46. much to the dismay of some. Go out, and change the world.
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