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  1. Hey man, I saw your post about looking for a coach and I'm interested. Just before I give a brief run down on my background, I'd like to say a few thing regarding face it and elo. You really should take elo with a grain of salt. As a level 10 myself, I can say that there is a wide variety in what that ranking actually means. This is mainly for the following reasons:
  3. 1) Face it does not have any sort of solo queue option. This causes a huge advantage to any players who want to "5 stack" when playing. Basically, you can have solo/duo queues etc put against a 5 man team. This skews elo because at the end of the day, Battalion is a team game. Comms and coordination are king, especially at higher elos where mostly everyone has good aim/mechanics.
  5. 2) Because Battalion is a new and upcoming competitive shooter there are still not many players at rank 10 (and less so who are actually good at the game). This means that if you can grind pugs late at night, you won't come into contact with any players of similar level to you, and there for be able to farm lower elo players for elo.
  7. Anyways, I'll give you a bit of background on myself. I'm a 20 year old college student currently on summer break, who just started streaming somewhat consistently a few days ago. I started playing FPS games at the age of 12, my first being CoD4. Just as you said, CoD4 is my favorite fps game of all time. I've sunk in anywhere from 5k - 8k hours into that game over the past 8 years. I even set up a cod4 pug discord about 6 months ago to keep playing promod. Unfortunately, due to battalion's release, this discord is now dead. I also never really got into the CoD4 comp scene since I was so young at the time. I only ever played one tournament, Cevo Revival Season 12. I was fortunate to get second place in it at the age of 15. The this is not entirely to my doing, I think after playoffs or a couple weeks into it, our roster got hijacked by some of the best cod4 players left in NA (ALL*: Kpwnage, quartz, blackie etc).
  9. Now as for Battalion experience (the most relevant thing to what you are looking for) I currently have 1228 hours on the game. Maybe about 30 being idle time at most. That is all due to the fact that I was an EA player. I competed at Fragadelphia under a team called "Unlovables". It being my first lan, and joining the team only a couple months before didn't help. Unfortunately, after the LAN I ended up leaving that team to create a much better one. Currently, I plan to go to the upcoming Fragadelphia this August. I'm in a bit of a tight spot at the moment since my team is really struggling to find a solid 5th. Despite playing with a ringer, we made it to the finals of this most recent Blitzkrieg tournament (the only NA tournament) under the name "The Kovaak Boys". We also placed quarters during the first and had two semi-finals placements after.
  11. Here are some relevant links:
  13. Battalion Hours:
  14. CoD4 Pug Discord:
  16. My Twitter:
  18. My Faceit Profile:
  20. P.S. If you have any questions feel free to DM me here. Also I dont mind queuing with you. Like I said, face it elo doesnt really mean anything. At least if you are already on a competitive team.
  22. Best,
  24. Jben
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