frat house form - @crybabyjoon

Oct 26th, 2016
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  1. k n o c k
  2. username ; @crybabyjoon
  3. full name ; Hye Kang
  4. nicknames ; Twinkie, Kangaroo, Yehyee
  6. age ; 20
  7. birthday ; October 5, 1996
  9. pob ; Gwangju, South Korea
  10. hometown ; Incheon, South Korea
  12. nationality ; Korean
  13. ethnicity ; Korean
  15. face claim ; jungyeon (twice)
  16. backup ; seulgi (red velvet)
  19. backup ; THE MAKNAE
  21. l o v e m e r i g h t
  22. personality ; Hye is someone that you can feel easily comfortable with, and have a nice conversation with her. It doesn't matter about what, or who, or when, she's just a completely easy person to work with and won't give you a hard time. She gives off a great aura, reason onto why many go to her for advice or to have a nice chat with. Though she's really friendly, and easy-going, Hye is really over-protective about many things. Many would call her over the top, and too passionate about too many things, but that's just her. She won't stop at something till she has what she wants, or accomplished. Hye's usually told that she reminds many of a cliche character you'd see on a drama. You know, those characters that are strong and way too nice, will do anything for anyone with the thought of justice or happiness. Though, just like a drama character, she can't help herself to become extra weak when it comes to her favorite things. Acting babyish, child-like, because she saw her favorite fast food restaurant but doesn't have any money. Incredibly oblivious and gullible, will trust anyone depending on who they are and won't think twice about helping someone that seems like they are in need.
  24. baclground ; Hye was born into a rich family, and yes, usually those children don't really get enough attention from their parents. Well, this isn't that kind of story, she actually got everything she wanted and all the attention as well. Being the youngest out of the whole family really brought a lot of pros, but there was also a big amount of cons. Hye was brought up to learn that money, fame, and growth in business was everything. Of course, she didn't believe so, but she held a barrier between her and her family, because she wasn't exactly like them. Having to hold a whole different personality with her family is difficult, reason why she never really mentions them. Hye doesn't despise her family, but she wishes she was born into a different family and place.
  26. trivia ;
  27. +eats out more than making any type of food at home on a daily
  28. +calls Ronald McDonald her husband
  29. +really, really enjoys cranberry juice
  30. +likes drinking cranberry juice in a wine cup, and acting as if it is wine
  31. +really oblivious in almost nothing, though she does have her very difficult to understand times
  32. +usually wastes her time on dramas and surfing the web
  33. +very popular online, but isn't really talkative outside
  34. +though she's really about laughs, she can go to serious real quick if anything needs her attention
  35. +really likes cats, has two
  36. +one cat is named Mona while the other is Lisa
  37. +really likes photography
  38. +low-key wants to learn Spanish, finds the language hot
  39. +she'd do anything to touch snow
  40. +biggest weakness being American food and American & Korean rappers
  41. +favorite punch line is "single like a pringle" while eating pringles
  42. +can be hella abusive, physically or emotionally,if her food or anything remotely important to her is touched
  43. +will cry easily out of anything
  44. +unintentionally loud
  45. +though she says she's the "baddest bitch" she won't dare lay a finger on a person or an anime in a rude way
  46. +will try her best to make anyone happy, or any ones day no matter what
  48. habits ;
  49. +pulls the skin from the sides of her fingers
  50. +bites her lip
  51. +curses loudly without any hesitation
  52. +putting her hair behind her ears
  54. hobbies ;
  55. +coming up with new story ideas
  56. +sewing
  57. +eating / making small dishes
  60. +sweet candies
  61. +spicy soups / spicy ramen
  62. +wearing neutral colors
  63. +braids
  64. +aesthetically pleasing people
  65. +rain and cold, windy weather
  66. +supporting
  67. +babies and young children
  68. +being prepared
  69. +(trying to) rap
  70. +helping out with whatever she can
  71. +bubble tea / coffee
  73. dislikes ;
  74. +rude / disruptive people
  75. +being lied to
  76. +being complimented falsely (as in flirtatious)
  77. +those with high egos
  78. +bitter coffee
  79. +bright colors
  80. +not understanding something fast enough
  81. +hot weather
  82. +movement / exercise
  83. +her phone dying out of nowhere
  84. +angst
  85. +being told what to do / being forced
  87. talents ;
  88. +making small dishes
  89. +baking
  90. +eating big amounts of food
  91. +can write in an incredible speed
  92. +gets along easily with babies
  94. h a p p i n e s s
  95. scene suggestions ;
  96. +they all (as in interests and girls) go out to eat outside
  97. +sleepover ??
  98. +the girls are having a lazy day
  99. +Hye (or any other character) gets sick and gets taken care of / takes care of the other
  101. love interests scene suggestions ;
  102. +he walks her to school and to her class (tbh im not sure if what im saying is correct sorry if not fam)
  103. +after a rainy day, and Hye surprisingly gets soaked, ending up to his apartment because it was close and her lets her borrow clothing
  104. +they go out but shyly don't want to cal it a date
  106. how'd you meet? ; Hye was walking to where she goes every morning, her classes, and she suddenly bumps into someones shoulder, earning the coffee that she was holding with very small grip fall all over her chest. She sighs and quietly huffs, the day already seeming horrible to her. Looking up, she could explain to you how her day had gotten better just by looking at the guys face that she bumped into. But, the burning sensation on her chest made her come back to reality. The moment her started asking if she was okay, she looked up again. "aah, this isn't a drama. I can take care of it, there's a store nearby and I don't have an important class at the moment, thanks." Though, he shook his head. "please, here take my hoodie. is there anyway i could repay you? I don't have much money. sorry." she smiled, "well, i know this one really cheap resturant that I eat at on a daily. that'd be nice."
  108. first impressions ;
  109. his : he swore the girl was in a not too happy attitude and wanted to be left alone and felt incredibly horrible when the cup of coffee spilled all over her. he thought she was pretty and though he had just met her, he wanted to take care of her, but the small amount of money in his pocket had a whole different route of thinking.
  110. hers : the first thing that shot through her head the moment she laid her eyes on his was "omg omg I bet he's been asked to be in a drama and be the lead". she thought he was attractive nd adorable and just everything soft.
  112. how you act around each other ;
  113. him : he acts sweetly, making sure she has what she needs and what she wants. he'll make sure she's safe and taken care of, won't dare to hesitate to ask her anything. he's very touchy and will take every chance he gets to make her laugh or just smile. is that one person who will do anything for her, he'll be up just for her when talking on the phone or take her out when she seems sad or lonely, or just o make her eyes shine since that's when she seems the happiest.
  114. her : though she knows she shouldn't let herself get so babied and taken care of by another person, she can't help but receive his help and love because she is much more happier when it is from him. she's much more quiet and calm when alone with him, talking to him about anything that'll bring them closer and promises him she'll make him a cake or do his essay that's due the next day to repay him. doesn't restrain herself when with him, she'll easily wrap her arm around his and follow him. she doesn't keep secrets and will be open to him with everything and anything. can be awkward at times but that's rare.
  116. how do the frats annoy you? ; she doesn't really like the idea of noise and populars, so them just being them, loud and iggnorsnt, she has the strong want to punch a hole in the wall and rest her head there.
  117. how do you annoy the frats? ; Hye always has something to whine about when it comes to the frats, she won't let them be them and will fight till she has them quiet and still. thy practically have no freedom around her.
  119. b l o o d, s w e a t, a n d t e a r s
  120. who are you closest with ; NEGATIVE NANCY
  121. who's your roommate? ; NIGHT OWL FOREIGNER
  123. how do you dress? ; as Hye is a huge fan of anything "aesthetic" she is sure to dress as what others would call so too. she usually wears clothing that is a size or two bigger than her original size and will unintentionally wear dark ripped jeans. really likes ankle socks with a pair of ankle shoes.
  125. what's the girls pov towards you ; they think Hye can be a little bit too optimistic and generous. they think she should say "no" once in a while and think more about herself than others but they know her stubbornness about helping others won't let that work.
  126. what's the frats pov towards you ; they think she could be less "her". they'd like it if she was laid back with them like she is with everyone, but for some reason, she just doesn't like them. they see her as the girl that's too adultish around those like herself.
  128. anything you wanna add? ; nope, I'm k, but thanks for letting me apply!!
  130. message to frats ; should i kill y'all. jk jk, or am I.
  131. message to girls ; hopefully we all get along, it'd be terrible if we didn't. and, maybe you can all make me something to eat and in exchange I'll help out with anything you need helping in.
  132. message to author ; yo yo yo, please, like I always say, be healthy while doing this and also do it for fun. don't see it as an obligation. I bet you're going to d great with this apply fic!!
  134. password ; chanyeol
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