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grub debconf

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  1. grub-pc grub-pc/kopt_extracted  boolean false
  2. grub-pc grub2/kfreebsd_cmdline  string 
  3. # /boot/grub/device.map has been regenerated
  4. grub-pc grub2/device_map_regenerated    note   
  5. grub-pc grub-pc/install_devices multiselect     /dev/xvda
  6. # Remove GRUB 2 from /boot/grub?
  7. grub-pc grub-pc/postrm_purge_boot_grub  boolean false
  8. grub-pc grub-pc/install_devices_failed_upgrade  boolean true
  9. grub    grub/update_grub_changeprompt_threeway  select  install_new
  10. grub-pc grub2/linux_cmdline     string  console=hvc0
  11. grub-pc grub-pc/install_devices_empty   boolean false
  12. grub-pc grub2/kfreebsd_cmdline_default  string  quiet
  13. grub-pc grub-pc/install_devices_failed  boolean false
  14. grub-pc grub-pc/install_devices_disks_changed   multiselect    
  15. grub-pc grub2/linux_cmdline_default     string  splash quiet
  16. grub-pc grub-pc/chainload_from_menu.lst boolean true
  17. grub-pc grub-pc/hidden_timeout  boolean true
  18. grub-pc grub-pc/mixed_legacy_and_grub2  boolean true
  19. grub-pc grub-pc/timeout string  10
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