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  1. wearing a cone violates the following rules : 14 - 14.1, 14.2, 4, 0 and 1, it is explicit content because the cone can be argued to be shaped in a phallic form therefore violating the explicit content rule, this therefore wraps it into the rule of not being a dick because wearing a phallic object ontop of your head makes your character resemble a phallic shaped individual which in turn violates rule 1, this also violates various sections of rule 14 because it counts as advertising due to the reflective effect advertising your ckey and person OOCLY in game, also violating rule  7 of expected roleplay because wearing a cone would be extremely uncomfortable and shameful, an action that a soilder on a expensive space mission should not, this also is uncreative because it's a dumb joke and also counts as being a mary sue because your average character does not know about the reflective propeties of cones, since you are playing a passenger this type of knowledge is NOT expected of your average passenger and therefore counts as powergaming as your character should not know the tactical propeties of cones are or the reflective effect they have on the human psyche of players nor the mechanical effect that they have in-game, this violates ALL sections of the powergaming rule, namely rule number 7 " 7.2 Do not exploit bugs or mechanics in order to gain an advantage. " you are self-antagging, powergaming, playing a mary-sue and being a dick at all the same time, you are ALSO violating the end round rule because as the cone actively causes unrest at all times regardless of the round time, if you wear it when the round is ending you are actively creating a state of unrest for players and triggering possible violent acts on roundend for which you are responsible for, this violates the rule of not starting end round conflict, namely this paragraph "conclude all ongoing conflicts, and do not begin any new conflicts", abusing the cones reflective propeties to create new conflicts therefore violates this rule, this also violates the rule of not leaving play correctly as the cone has SERIOUS in game mechanical value such as warning others of possible danger, if you enter cryogenics or log out the game without storing the cone in the place where you located it, this is a SERIOUS offense and is also punishable, this also violates roleplay rule 11, Do not play a character that is overly comfortable with killing, since the cone actively triggers unrest due to its reflective and aggresive paint, only psychopatic characters in-game would utilize it being knowladgable of it's violent effects, refercing the paragraph "11.1 A lot of players like to kill, so if it'd be allowed, they'd all roleplay insane sociopathic mass-murderers. But a ship full of sociopathic murderers wouldn't be fun for anyone.", this also violates the rule of not performing your job as wearing a cone IS NOT VITAL to any job function and as you are playing as a passenger, you have no need to wear a cone therefore you are violating the roleplay rule 14, this also displays that your character is mentally unfit for the function because again, only psychophats would wear such an violent symbol on display for all others to see, "Your character must be qualified for that job, and cannot have any disabilities, mental or otherwise, that would prevent them from doing that job effectively.", wearing a cone would imply mental illness therefore violating this rule, this also violates the antagonist rule "This also applies to antagonist roles. The job of an antagonist is to make the round interesting and to antagonize the crew", you are also in DOBULE violation of the mental illness rule since you are self-antagging, talking about self antagging, the cone is extremely useful for roleplay and for mechanical reasons, therefore violating this roleplay rule "15.2 You should not try to cause excessive damage or steal the spotlight from the auto-assigned antagonists.", by causing excessive damage due to the theft of the cone, you are also in violation of this rule, this also violates the crew duties rule as the cone on the head can be argued to be utilized for signaling, a job function reserved for supply workers, the rules state "18.4 Using the Passenger role also counts as Off-Duty for characters that are not normally passengers, such as NT.", since you are playing as passenger, you are in direct violation of this rule too, you are also in violation of rule 20.3 "20.3.2 Have any mental disability that would make them a danger to themselves or others", again displayed by your use of extremely dangerous apparatus with no regards for the safety of your fellow crewmembers, this is also in violation of the Chain Of Command rules, namely "13.1 Your character should respect and obey their superiors unless their orders are harmful to your character, in violation of the law, or would break the rules.", since you are a passenger, you are in direct command of the XO which has ordered you to not wear the cone, by wearing the cone you are in direct violation of this rule too and shall be punished accordingly, this also violates 13.2 "13.2 Characters who are excessively insubordinate would not remain employed for long.", by keeping your cone antics up your character would shortly be fired of a real spaceship, you are also violating rule 9, specifically rule 9.1 which states " There are cases when you could perform perfect roleplay and still be banned. In order to avoid that, do not take on a role because you think it'd be fun for yourself. ", you are playing the passenger role just to entretain yourself on the suffering of others and not contributing anything to the round  mechanically wise or roleplay wise, therefore in direct violation of this rule too, this also violates rule 8.3 namely "This includes characters who were "demoted", "transferred", or any other form of attempt to justify excessive experience or knowledge in a junior role. Officers may never be demotees. Enlisted persons may only be demotees within reason, such as a PO3 to a Crewman for a very minor charge, and never from a very senior rank", only senior characters would know about the extreme usefulness of the cone and therefore your passenger character SHOULD NOT KNOW about the cone's propeties, therefore violating this rule, you are also in violation of rule 5.2 "5.2 Unless your character has a good, in-round reason, they should make every effort to actually care about their job, their employment, their career, and their position in the world, and should not act to their personal detriment without good reason.", your character has no good reason for wearing that cone on his head therefore violating this rule too, you are also violating rule 3 "3.1 When you know that a process is painful, try to avoid it. You'll want to avoid surgery without anaesthetic, and torture will be a good way to force you to do something. Not considering pain at all in your decisions is a failure in assuming the role of your character, and can get you banned in the long run.", wearing a cone is a painful experience and your character should avoid that, a thing that they aren't doing therefore you are also violating this rule too.
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