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  1. The year is 2051, and the planet is paralyzed by warfare and crisis.
  3. Following a century of degradation and suffering, the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance and the Chinese Hegemony find themselves nearing the ten-year mark for a war that
  4. has brought the survival of the species into question.
  6. Nuclear fire has taken the lives of millions and has rendered large swaths of earth uninhabitable; some of the largest movements of human beings were recorded as refugees fought tooth and nail
  7. for a spot in already over-accommodated cities untouched by bombardment. As the scope of the war grew, the fragile governments of earth's nation states struggled to sustain their populations amidst famine,
  8. pestilence, and proxy warfare.
  10. Trillions of dollars were siphoned into the war between the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance and the Chinese Hegemony; denizens of their respective countries became an afterthought to their governments as crime
  11. and poverty tore their way through their streets. As the stacks of bodies grew, the money in the state's coffers diminished. After a decade of exhausting unprecedented warfare with death tolls in the hundreds of millions,
  12. peace began to be considered; if only to afford themselves enough time to restore themselves back to fighting shape.
  14. As the stunted elements of what remained of both societies began a dialogue, an obstacle to peace emerged. A jingoistic block of generals from the Chinese Hegemony were hellbent on avenging the millions of
  15. lives lost during the course of the war, and were in no mood for negotiations. The Chinese Hegemony found themselves powerless to stop the fragmenting elements of its own military, throwing the prospect of
  16. peace between the two nations into flux.
  18. With top secret approval from Beijing, the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance drafted a plan to eliminate the renegade generals.
  19. Below the ruins of Westminster, a team of elite soldiers were assembled to carry out the operation.
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