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  1. Listen to Radio Kol Beramah from Anywhere in the World!
  5. Everyone in Lakewood knows about Radio Kol Beramah, Lakewood’s only kosher radio station, which features music all day, a delightful children’s hour, inspiring shiurim, handy advertisements, and live airing of important events like levayahs and Oorah’s annual radiothon.
  7. What you might not know is that you can actually listen to Radio Kol Beramah from across the world!
  9. You’ve surely experienced the frustration of listening to a great song or fascinating shiur as you travel in your car, only to have your radio static up as you drive out of Lakewood.  The people behind Kol Beramah want to be able to reach you wherever you are, so that you’ll never be deprived of your favorite source of kosher Jewish entertainment.
  11. They’ve accomplished this by setting up a phone number, where you can call in and listen to Radio Kol Beramah over the phone!
  13. On your way to work, you no longer have to sit in silence as soon as you get out of Lakewood.  On your trip out of town, you don’t have to suffer without Jewish music.  In fact, if you live out of town, you can finally get to live with what’s become a staple in every Lakewood home!
  15. Kol Beramah’s phone line works from anywhere in the world.  Listeners from Baltimore, Chicago, Israel and beyond take advantage of the opportunity to hear Radio Kol Beramah just as if they were in Lakewood- from over the phone.
  17. “I recently went boating with a friend, and we dialed Radio Kol Beramah’s phone line, and listened to music while we sailed away,” an avid listener says.
  19. “I’m a rebbi in an out-of-town yeshiva,” another listener says.  “Until now, I would listen to a shiur on Radio Kol Beramah on my way to yeshiva, but when I got to the boundaries of Lakewood, I’d either have to miss the rest of the shiur or pull over and listen to the rest of it- and show up late to yeshiva.  Now, I can listen to the rest of the shiur over the phone and make it to yeshiva on time too!”
  21. You can also take advantage of Radio Kol Beramah’s call-in phone number too!  Call 712-432-4212 to listen to the radio live, on your telephone!
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