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  2. prefix: "&a[Magazin] &f"
  3. iteminfo: "&aItem Information:&f"
  4. ACCESS_DENIED: "Nqmate pravo da pravite tova!"
  5. NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY: "Nqmate dostatuchno pari!"
  6. NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY_SHOP: "Sobstvenika na magazina nqma dostatuchno pari!"
  7. NO_BUYING_HERE: "Ne mojete da kupuvate tuka!"
  8. NO_SELLING_HERE: "Ne mojete da prodavate tuka!"
  9. NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE_IN_INVENTORY: "Nqmate dostatu4no mqsto v inventoriqta!"
  10. NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE_IN_CHEST: "Nqma dostatu4no mqsto v chesta!"
  11. NOT_ENOUGH_ITEMS_TO_SELL: "Nqmate dostatu4no predmeti da prodavate!"
  12. NOT_ENOUGH_STOCK: "Tozi chest nqma stoka."
  13. NOT_ENOUGH_STOCK_IN_YOUR_SHOP: "Vashiq %material shop nqma stoka!"
  14. YOU_BOUGHT_FROM_SHOP: "Ti kupi %amount %item ot %owner za %price."
  15. SOMEBODY_BOUGHT_FROM_YOUR_SHOP: "%buyer kupi %amount %item za %price ot teb."
  16. YOU_SOLD_TO_SHOP: "Ti prodade %amount %item na %buyer za %price."
  17. SOMEBODY_SOLD_TO_YOUR_SHOP: "%seller ti prodade %amount %item za %price ."
  18. YOU_CANNOT_CREATE_SHOP: "Ne mojete da suzdadete takuv tip shop!"
  19. NO_CHEST_DETECTED: "Ne e nameren chest!"
  20. ANOTHER_SHOP_DETECTED: "Na drug chovek shopa e nameren!"
  21. CANNOT_ACCESS_THE_CHEST: "Nqmate pravo da otvarqte tozi chest!"
  22. PROTECTED_SHOP: "Uspeshno predpazen s LWC!"
  23. SHOP_CREATED: "Shopa e uspeshno suzdaden!"
  24. SHOP_REFUNDED: "Vie bqxte refunded s %amount."
  25. NO_PERMISSION: "Nqmate pravo da pravite tova!"
  26. INCORRECT_ITEM_ID: "You have specified invalid item id!"
  27. NOT_ENOUGH_LWC_PROTECTIONS: "Vie dostignahte maksimalniqt broi LWC zashtiti!"
  28. TOWNY_CANNOT_CREATE_SHOP_HERE: "Ne mojete da suzdadete shop tuk!"
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