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  1. Hello. I am member of Mozilla's development team and  these postings here lately force me now to react. Let me first clarify one thing. I do that because someone has finally to speak out some things... Things which should clearly brought out to the public....
  3. First, the incident about our short time CEO Eich..... many of us do NOT agree with what has happened. There has been a massive amount of pressure inside and outside of Mozilla which brought him to resign from his post.
  5. About the ads in the new tab page... Our reasoning for this is to make us more independent moneywise and influence wise from Google Inc. - the problem is, even with that we still are unable to break free of Google in so many ways sadly!
  7. About Australis and the so called chrome similarity: In business you have to make some compromise to get your income, there are quite a lot dependencies which often stand in the way what you can do or not do!
  9. BUT: I really would lie if i would now say that there would be no suggestions/recommendation/expectancies coming from the side of Google Inc towards us in terms of general feature request or UI features. Which leads to Australis. I can say, without Google Australis would be a hell of more customizable as it is as end result. Again.. many do not agree with Google's influence and would like to see the relationship between Google Inc. and Mozilla terminated!
  11. And last but not least towards this political boycott... Eich's departure is NOT the whole sickness, it is only part of the symptoms which are plaguing Mozilla. Mozilla as it is right now is torn into half. One half often does not like what the other half is planning. This and the massive amount of Third Party organization influence since a long time is leading to things like that which are damaging in a massive way Mozilla's reputation!
  13. In the end many of us as i said do not agree with most of the above mentioned problems, the reason nobody is complaing is because it is like in every other business... criticize the leaders and you are history!
  15. If you really feel the need for a boycott... Do it against Australis, do it against  Google's influence and the influence of the ads industry into Mozilla! Stay with Firefox 28 instead of 29 or stay with Seamonkey. Drop your Google Mail, stop use Google search, write Google a message in their groups that you dislike their direct influence in many of Mozilla's business/developement decisions! We have to get independent again!
  17. Some adresses where you can write:
  18. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mozilla.governance
  19. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/firefox-dev
  21. Or feel free to write your protest to #mozilla or #firefox over Twitter or contact people like Mitchell Baker.
  23. Again... boycotting because of political reasons changes NOTHING - not when the sickness which plagues the construct goes much more deeper!
  24. Don't forget with enough support we can change nearly everything! Help us get healthy again, help us break free of limitations we are suffering right now!
  26. After all we are Mozilla - Doing good is part of our code!
  27. And we still have not stopped to be the good guys!
  29. With kind regards!
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