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  1. 1. Fix Donators shop, npc bob, you put pest control there instead of the old shop lol, check that please.
  3. 2. add 2 more tormented demmonds and ::td isnt working for players i believe, and make a lil more easy claws they really hard.
  5. 3. give x15 pk points per kill, i checked highscores and max player has 50 pk points lolol.... so yeah 15 pk points pls bro.. 15 or 10 how ever u see...
  7. 4. fix ::reward the reward was messed up before ddos...
  9. 5. decrease rpk lose when death to 150, 300 is a lot, i tested it by playing this days.
  11. 6. add item 12470 and 12476 100k ea to pet vip shop, those are the 2 dragons, let them 100k for now cuz they lose them every time when death or log out cuz you cant pick them up, any pet, so just add those pets 100k ea to vip pet shop.
  13. 7. can we make that teleports work? they do work, but like varok for skills teleport, falador for monsters teleport, another for minigame teleport, another for pking spots, another for shops? i kow you can but i know its a lot of work but believe me this make easier the game play and players need/like this....
  15. 8. can u add ::smith? and add it to commands, telport tab and make it 50% harder pls.
  17. 9. move pk shop to coords 3448 3723 barely nowone knows that theres an pk shop l0l.
  19. 10. in pking, ss drains wayyyy wayyy wayyy too much your prayer, and if you are dropped to 0 prayer your prayers change automatically to normal prayers, and can you add a tab that show you your items lose in death risk pk?
  21. 11. commands in NOTETAB, not ::commands, i mean the commands that are is in the notetab open you ::monsters, so change that commands to the interface that ::commands open you.
  23. 12. iron plate body, unicorn horn to summon shop to make iron titan and unicorn stalion
  24. and if u can make unicorn heals you with pff that will be great.
  26. 13. fish still super bugged, cant stop, u keep geting fishes when u full etc...
  28. 14. can u add overall scoresboard for skillers ? in coords 3452 3711
  30. 15. add donators chest :D that got us a lot of $$$$$$$$$ but dont add so many expensive things like old donors, just phats, santas, masks, torva, korasi, barrows, and lots of crap aswell..
  32. 16. again about the minigame room will pwn that we put 1 portal for soulwars 1 portal for pest control 1 portal for zombies, 1 portal for your nomad minigame but this for donors only, like 5 portals of different minigames, but that the minigames work lol.
  34. 17. finally if u can do working staking pffffff will rule and add it to minigame room :P
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