Wayfinding 3

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  1. [18:43] Tototl asks, "... Who're you and where are you from?"
  2. [18:43] Taiga Rowan asks, "Have you seen a 'Dan Dogslayer' good sir?"
  3. [18:43] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "We /really/ need to start doing better with who we allow to just wander in here. I've seen all types of things wan~"
  4. [18:43] Tototl asks, "Why?"
  5. [18:43] Dothalina Wittenburg asks, "T-Taiga? What're you doing here?"
  6. [18:44] Taiga Rowan says, "He's a small child, very foolish, seemingly brain damaged."
  7. [18:44] Taiga Rowan asks, "Recently arrested?"
  8. [18:44] Tototl eyes the girl at his side.
  9. (Tototl)
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. [18:44] Taiga Rowan says, "I came to give my condolences."
  13. [18:44] Dothalina would wipe her eyes for as if not believing what she was seeing.
  14. (Dothalina Wittenburg)
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. [18:44] Taiga Rowan says, "Taiga. Taiga Rowan."
  18. [18:44] Tototl says, "Yes, arrested since he's from Dawn."
  19. [18:45] Tototl says, "Mainly ah... Well, the place wants his head as well."
  20. [18:45] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "UHHHHHHHH! Taiga please leave now."
  21. [18:45] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "Y-You know your kind aren't typically allowed here."
  22. [18:46] Tiaga is a spitting image of Ipos Dalmenroth. As well as having the red eyes of a vampire. ...And having that last name.
  24. "...I'm no undead. And I mean no harm against Gehenna. I'm more than capable of holding a cordial conversation without it spilling to blood, I assure you."
  25. (Taiga Rowan)
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  28. [18:47] Taiga is either an idiot, or very brave.
  29. (Taiga Rowan)
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  32. [18:48] If Tototl didn't have that mask on? It would be the picture perfect reaction of what the fuck and why the fuck. Who could blame the man? Taiga looked like an Archon that wanted to conquer Gehenna, a vampire, and to top it off the last name of a Lich.
  34. Spirits. Gehenna was... Picking up.
  36. Taking in a deep breath he spares Dot one last glance. "We'll talk later about this, Dot, especially how you know the man before me. Explain yourself quickly, Rowan, it's not looking too well for you."
  37. (Tototl)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [18:49] Taiga Rowan says, "Well. Ahm..."
  41. [18:49] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "I'll uhh, give you all some privacy."
  42. [18:50] Taiga Rowan says, "...I came here because I was very concerned. You see. One of my kin, Cordelia, was intent on hanging the poor boy for his crimes."
  43. [18:50] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "........"
  44. [18:50] Taiga Rowan says, "I was happy to hear he was... safely detained and held."
  45. [18:50] Taiga Rowan says, "See - I'm a stickler when it comes to children. Child slave myself, and all - I'd hate to see Dan hurt for..."
  46. [18:50] Taiga Rowan says, "This misunderstanding."
  47. [18:50] Tototl says, "Safely held within the Tribes as he helped steal something back that I needed, yes."
  48. [18:51] Tototl says, "The man's not come to a lick of harm though. Heck, I'm having him prove himself to stay here given ah... Well, Dawn wants his head."
  49. [18:51] Taiga smoothly moves between words, speaking rather openly. There was simply no other option, really, and he felt some odd confidence that simply expressing himself straight-forwardly was going to be the best way to get on good terms.
  50. (Taiga Rowan)
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  53. [18:51] Taiga Rowan says, "Well, that's good to hear."
  54. [18:52] Taiga Rowan says, "I'm not really much into the government at Dawn either. So don't look to me as a representative."
  55. [18:52] Dothalina stealth fully presses herself against the wall so she cannot be soon at all.
  56. (Dothalina Wittenburg)
  57. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  59. [18:52] Tototl says, "This does put me in a strange situation as you know, though.- Oh, please, I've no worry of titles."
  60. [18:53] Tototl says, "As you know, Gehenna despises undead and Vampires alike. Tlazhotla, even, ravaged our square because that kind was within our claim."
  61. [18:53] Taiga Rowan says, "...I'm no Vampire either.."
  62. [18:53] Tototl says, "Red eyes speak otherwise..."
  63. [18:53] Taiga Rowan says, "You're looking upon a perfect synthesis of Cain's Curse and that beacon of light made by Calael."
  64. [18:53] Taiga Rowan says, "A mortal. The only Dhampir to walk Agarthan soil."
  65. [18:53] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "-You have vampire blood in you idiot! You're still one by default!-"
  66. [18:54] Tototl says, "It's still an issue for me, Rowan, not to mention that name you hold- A lich's."
  67. [18:54] Taiga Rowan says, "Married into it."
  68. [18:55] Taiga Rowan asks, "Would you prefer Voss?"
  69. [18:55] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "-This isn't good. This isn't good.-"
  70. [18:55] Tototl asks, "That's... Still a vampire, correct?"
  71. [19:00] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "-Crap. I can't let Tototl do this by himself-"
  72. [19:01] Taiga breathes deeply. Bowing towards Tototl.
  74. "Precisely as you assume." He stands upright, looking to Tototl plainly, seeming... a little put on spot. But still confident. He kept insisting it was a problem... but Taiga was convinced he could make it... not.
  76. "Adopted at birth, at a young age I was very impressionable. Taking after the path of Salvas, though at birth I aspired to be exactly like him... I was presented with the chance to make my own path. I never wanted to be a beast. A slave to my desire. To hurt the world so that I may live forever.
  78. And so... this is what I've become. Without hurting the Lifestream." He gestures to himself. ...He certainly looks the part of a normal Vampire, honestly. A good few shades darker than most, however. His eyes as well are notably... sparkly. Like they've got tiny bits of stardust stuck in the iris. It's rather strange.
  80. "As far as my name? Niklaus is the son of Arthur Rowan. But I assure you, he's nothing like him. I found him to be my beloved and so... that's how that came about. Is there anything else I might answer to relieve your concerns, sir?"
  81. (Taiga Rowan)
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  84. [19:14] Tototl's brain is ticking - The gears within it slowly working and mulling over the long string of information he's presented with. With the jackal's gaze set upon the Rowan, spawn of Salvas, there's a faint twitch in the visible eye. Coward, was it?
  86. "From Esso word he's told me that the lighthouse within Crafthold has the ability to make the undead living once more. Five years, I believe, was what he said." Within the cloak his hands would shift, faint ruffles within the timeless fabric evident of it. One hand rested upon the hilt of his blade, the other tapped lightly against his collarbone.
  88. "Then, it is correct that you're mortal now. An issue still, however, that if you don't return for that same blessing you return to immortality. That blood still flows through you and ah... Well, both Tlazhotal and Ixchel has made it all apparent how she feels about such a thing in the past."
  90. "The natural cycle overall is my concern. You, alone, defy such a thing. Then there comes the issues with you father and ah... It's a heavy case, Rowan, and one that I'm going to have to act on. For the sake of Ixchel and Tlazhotla both if you understand."
  91. (Tototl)
  92. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  93. [19:25] "The Lighthouse was made with two purposes. The function that you describe... and me. I do not defy your Gods. And I do not carry my Fathers blood." ...It sounded absurd. Impossible. But Taiga presents it as the whole and honest truth, somehow.
  95. "I did not intend to come here to cause trouble. Just to see a child. Need my intent, or kind be vouched for, I've many an ally under Gehenna. A shame we haven't gotten to speak to one another before, actually." There's a long pause. His eyes flickering over Tototl's hand where it reached for his blade. It was probably the last thing either of them needed in a time such as this.
  97. "There's no way for me to return to Immortality, Tototl. No way back from my path. I forsook all of it. All that I could be to retain this humanity. If you still see me as a blight... I'd be happy to prove you wrong yet again."
  98. (Taiga Rowan)
  99. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  101. [19:39] Scales are weighed, from information he knew to be true thus far and what the Dhampir presented before him. That gaze remains on the young man as a quiet muttering parts from the Chieftain, his voice eventually rising. "The youth at my side, here, has been talking to me about selectivity. Strange enough, Rowan, there's been a number of your people flooding into my claim. It's... Mindboggling, truthfully."
  103. "My aim is to exterminate those that believe Necromancy and that curse of yours to be the grandest of things. The natural cycle and order, as I've said." Rolling that hand forth upon his collarbone he'd cant his head to the other side. "So now I'm at an impasse. To believe you, a husband to the Lich's spawn within Dawn, or my instincts."
  105. "Name your allies within Gehenna, we'll see what they say in turn. After that? I'm double checking with Esso about what you've said for the lighthouse." Truthfully, it was the last thing that either of them needed - Bloodshed. Spirits, the amount of blood that had been spilt over the years.
  106. (Tototl)
  107. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  109. [19:39] Taiga Rowan asks, "Ahh... let's see. Ferus, for a start. A bit of a wily lad between you and me, but all around alright. Good friends with Kairi too, I'm sure she frequents here as well?"
  110. [19:40] Taiga Rowan says, "Thornberries know me well too."
  111. [19:40] Tototl says, "Ferus is with no one, and ah... Kairi's with the Thornberries now as a captive."
  112. [19:40] Taiga Rowan says, "...Yeah, shame about that."
  113. [19:40] Taiga Rowan says, "All good people."
  114. [19:42] Taiga puts a claw to his chin, humming.
  116. "I suppose I always was a bit more of a Craftholdian. Ahh." A finger snaps!
  118. "Sugarlad and I always get along!" He beams.
  119. (Taiga Rowan)
  120. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  122. [19:42] Taiga Rowan says, "Nice young boy."
  123. [19:43] Tototl says, "Sugarlad's a good one, yes, a roamer but a good one."
  124. [19:45] Taiga Rowan exclaims, "We share a good deal of enemies as well!"
  125. [19:45] Taiga Rowan asks, "Those Red Claw folk? Drakanite invaders?"
  126. [19:45] Tototl asks, "... Who?"
  127. [19:45] Dothalina Wittenburg whispers something.
  128. [19:45] Taiga just seems to more or less be going down a list of potential references like he was being interviewed for a job and had to list his credentials. ...It was mostly going well, he thought.
  130. "...No? Haven't heard of them yet? Dragon terrorists?"
  131. (Taiga Rowan)
  132. ----------------------------------
  133. [19:46] Tototl holds a digit up to Dothalina.
  134. (Tototl)
  135. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  137. [19:46] Tototl says, "No, not a single one."
  138. [19:46] Tototl says, "We've had an increase of boars, but that's it."
  139. [19:46] Dan Dogslayer asks, "I hope I'm not walking in on something important! Taiga, what're you doing here?"
  140. [19:46] Taiga Rowan says, "Oh."
  141. [19:46] Taiga Rowan says, "Greetings."
  142. [19:47] Taiga Rowan says, "I was making sure you were humanely detained and not gutted."
  143. [19:47] Taiga Rowan says, "Cordelia was after you, dumb bitch. I told her I'd knit her veins into a hat if she stooped so low as to collar a child."
  144. [19:47] Taiga Rowan says, "...Suppose you're something closer to a young man now."
  145. [19:48] Tototl asks, "- Still, what dragon terrorists?"
  146. [19:48] Taiga grows distracted easily, his attention turning to Dan! As Tototl reigns him back in, he goes 'Ah!'
  147. (Taiga Rowan)
  148. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  150. [19:48] Dan Dogslayer asks, "Terrible, evil people, sir. They come from across the sea. Who knows what they want?"
  151. [19:49] Taiga Rowan says, "Yes... invaders from the Swelter Circle. Drakanites that worship Azikar and wish to raid Agartha."
  152. [19:49] Tototl says, "Not... Heard a lick of them. Honestly it's astonishing how chaotic Agartha can get."
  153. [19:49] Taiga Rowan says, "Since their arrival, a wealth of elementals and wildlife have been storming the land."
  154. [19:50] Taiga Rowan asks, "...Perhaps those boars are connected afterall?"
  155. [19:50] Tototl says, "I feel as though that may be due to their landfall, yes."
  156. [19:50] Tototl says, "Strange ah... How their landfall is mainly among Dawn, however."
  157. [19:51] Taiga Rowan says, "For their captured prisoners, but. Regardless."
  158. [19:51] Taiga Rowan says, "...I understand your hesitation. I've verified Dan is in good condition, and as such..."
  159. [19:51] Taiga Rowan says, "If all is well, I'll be taking my leave. I won't return until you've passed judgement with Esso, if you prefer."
  160. [19:53] Tototl says, "Well I'm going to talk with Esso, yes, but ah...Again, Ixchel would have my head if I let a descendant of a vampire walk unscathed."
  161. [19:53] Taiga Rowan says, "I appreciate your convictions, earnestly."
  162. [19:54] Tototl says, "If you truly are breaking from the curse? Apologies- Yet, this is merely what the black panther would want."
  163. [19:54] Taiga Rowan says, "...We can take a walk together."
  164. [19:54] Taiga Rowan asks, "Hm?"
  165. [19:55] Tototl says, "To the fields nearby? Sure."
  166. [20:00] Taiga lets out a long, droning 'Ahhh' of realization. He shakes his head.
  168. "So be it, then. I've heard my fair share of tales of you, Tototl. I must admit... this was the last thing I wanted to happen. But if you provide me no alternative, if you cannot believe my words, and you claim it must be this way? Who am I to argue further?" Taiga turns, stepping down and moving step by step down the stairs, passing Dogslayer!
  170. Internally, he's biting himself. So much for sincerity being the answer to everything. He had tried it - but Tototl demanded proof beyond words. Safety in action rather than blind belief. Not that Taiga could much blame him. To any reasonable Gehennan, of course he would be seen as the enemy.
  172. "Come, then."
  173. (Taiga Rowan)
  174. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  176. [20:05] "Truly- If you are stemming from immortality? Then I'm sorry. Yet ah... As Chieftain I must act so. The history between Dawn and Gehenna is shaky at best is all, and I'd rather believe the sources if I talk with them alone." That timeless cloak rolls in a shrug. There's a faint flicker of light within that visible eye as mana is manipulated within his circuitry - Shifting the gravity to allow him to float.
  178. "Should you be right? I'll apologize - For now, though, this is what must be done." It truly was a... Very strange case for the Gehennan. On one hand what the Dhampir said was enlightening. On the other it could all very well be hot air.
  180. That tanned hand taps lightly against the hilt as they travel along. What a strange year it had been for all parties. Dhampirs, alpha boars, dragon cultists - A mess, but such was Agartha.
  181. (Tototl)
  182. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183. [20:08] The sword was brought back to her shoulder, resting casually over it as she side looked at Kei. Her eyes lost into the horizon as she started to think on something to answer that.
  185. "Well... I learned some Energy stuff... Though i don't have enough mana to sustain a Shroud." Her index finger was pointed out towards Kellan in the distance.
  187. "The dude there helped me providing some energy so i could train. I'm able to do it... Just need a nice source of energy in order to do stuff. You know, to ignore my mana production disease. Overall i can still fight nicely... Not nicely enough tho." She speaks calmly to the shengshese.
  188. (Iral Woodnshire)
  189. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  191. During her travels to and fro to do-- stuff. She sees an odd combination. Taiga and Tototl? Oh no why are they out in the fighting fields oh dear, oh dear.
  192. (Amalka Tval)
  193. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  195. [20:15] Thus, Cruxati's Chieftain moves towards the fields - Youthful Dot and Taiga himself in tow. An open field with nothing more or less than the scars of spars-past. Tototl would withdraw that whispering blade of his, flourishing it within his left hand. He doesn't regard the few that had already gathered - Spirits know this was... Natural at this point.
  197. "Once more, it's... It's a strange position, Rowan, but perhaps these things can be settled out in a later date, right?" That jackal mask cants to the side, sparing Dothalina a momentary glance. Waving his right hand he'd signal the youth to get to the sidelines.
  199. "Keep this honorable, Dot. I'm not going to need your help beyond possibly nursing wounds if it even comes to that." Standing back up at his full height he'd take up his usual aggressive, ever-shifting stance.
  201. The cyan wisps that flitted about his form previously begin to slowly grow in size. Mana had been offered up, and thus that essence was used to form a set of hands upon his shoulders. It's not long after either that the usual burst of energy blows outward from the Chieftain - Brown hues now consumed by flaming cyan orbs.
  202. (Tototl)
  203. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  205. [20:16] Dothalina Wittenburg asks, "You don't really think I'm going to let you fight alone do you? Do you think you or I would be afforded the same luxury?"
  206. [20:17] Tototl says, "Yes, truthfully, I'd hope so. Now step to the sidelines."
  207. [20:17] Inari Blake asks, "Who is this guy?"
  208. [20:17] Shinzu Nakamura says, "Wait."
  209. [20:17] Dothalina Wittenburg asks, "..................You're full of it and you know it. These are the same people who've enslaved and fed on children. We really showing mercy to people like them?"
  210. [20:17] Amalka Tval asks, "Taiga--? Can you do this?"
  211. [20:18] Shinzu Nakamura says, "He is from Dawn I take it."
  212. [20:19] Kei says, "... I don't think that a Chieftain will need the help of some teenagers. You shouldn't disturb their fight..."
  213. [20:19] Dothalina Wittenburg whispers something.
  214. [20:19] Tototl whispers something.
  215. [20:19] Shinzu Nakamura says, "Dothie. Let him fight."
  216. [20:19] Iral Woodnshire says, "Oi, oi! Let the chieftain solve the problem."
  217. [20:19] Inari Blake says, "Shin.. get back here..."
  218. [20:20] Dothalina looks to Kei from afar and gives him the most sour of looks.
  220. "I don't think anyone asked for your opinion. It's by the good graces of the gods you aren't dead like that Nagual. Shut the fuck up."
  221. (Dothalina Wittenburg)
  222. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  223. [20:20] Iral Woodnshire says, "U-urhm..."
  224. [20:20] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "This makes no fucking sense."
  225. [20:20] Iral Woodnshire says, "N-no need to be mad,, you know..."
  226. [20:20] Kei says, "Huh... That's embarrassing. Let's keep quiet for now."
  227. [20:20] Shinzu Nakamura says, "Come."
  228. [20:20] Iral Woodnshire says, "It doesn't. But here in Gehenna we have honor. Even more, pride actually."
  229. [20:20] Inari Blake whispers something.
  230. [20:20] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "Pride comes before a fall. Rememb er that."
  231. [20:21] Iral Woodnshire says, "Our fights are fair. Not dirty."
  232. [20:21] Shinzu Nakamura whispers something.
  233. [20:21] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "And that's why you all have been on the losing side for majority of the time this shit has taken place."
  234. [20:21] Iral Woodnshire says, "Mhm..."
  235. [20:21] Iral Woodnshire says, "So be it."
  236. [20:21] Taiga strides out into the field. While they walk, his hands move up to the crown of horns that rest on his head and he just straight up takes them off. Making it clear that such an attachment was all for show. Taiga seems to have his head held high as he marches out there, and the crowd that gathers does nothing but further his excitement. At the very least, if he was getting his ass kicked, let it be in front of a crowd at least.
  238. "...I hope so as well. I'm nothing like the rest of the kin. Nor do I intend to raise my hand against your people past this point. Whatever comes of this battle... let it speak of our intent. No one else's." Taiga draws. The massive blade thrown forward with little to no weight apparent, either a testament to his abnormal strength, or the blades make.
  240. "...Amalka. Don't worry for my sake." Taiga glances over to her in the sidelines, beaming. He seems confident at the very least. "...As for your claims, child? I align myself with no government. I am beholden to no higher force but my own free well. ...So please. After this is all said and done... share with me the names of those you speak to have preyed upon the young.
  242. I'll slaughter them for you."
  243. (Taiga Rowan)
  244. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  245. [20:22] Iral Woodnshire says, "No need to be mad just because you're not fighting."
  246. [20:22] Dothalina Wittenburg says, "I don't want to talk about it anymore."
  247. [20:22] Iral Woodnshire says, "Umu..."
  248. [20:23] Amalka stares unmoving, eyes glazed. Do suppose that counts as acceptance for this upcoming fight.
  250. "...Show me those looming shadows, Taiga. Have them match Tototl's spirits from beyond, then." She murmurs, but too quietly for Taiga to hear, likely.
  251. (Amalka Tval)
  252. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  254. [20:32] Declan asks, "...What did I miss?"
  255. [20:41] Kellan Qidan says, "Say Zexelis."
  256. [20:43] Zexelis asks, "What kind of enchantment?"
  257. [20:43] Kellan Qidan asks, "One for speed perhaps?"
  258. [20:43] Appa says, "Sup people- Don't tell me its another one..."
  259. [20:43] Zexelis asks, "On your weapon, or equipment?"
  260. [20:44] Kellan Qidan says, "Actually I could use two"
  261. [20:44] Kellan Qidan says, "One on the sword and armor."
  262. [20:44] Zexelis says, "I might need food, then."
  263. [20:44] Zexelis says, "But I could do one on your sword right now for eight hundred."
  264. [20:44] Kellan Qidan says, "Or one for now."
  265. [20:44] Kellan Qidan says, "Okay sure."
  266. [20:44] Zexelis says, "Come with me."
  267. [20:45] It's a vicious, ruthless from the Gehennans part. A coiled stance to lash out without remorse against the Dhampir - New blood among Agartha. Just what had those within Crafthold been working on? Why, even, had Esso not spilled the beans on its second function. It was... Strange.
  269. Blood and blade clash against each other in the race about the field. A cyan blur about those familiar blades of grass, his speed remained unmatched due to that mastery of mana! Tototl dips and weaves about that massive blade. Swing by swing they clash, and swing by swing Tototl's reach digs deeper into the Dhampir.
  271. It's a shut-out. Gehennan's spar day in and out, and truth be told that vicious assault of the Chieftain's is one to be rivaled. Throughout the battle Taiga meets volley after volley of lobbed mana orbs - It singes, pressing into what should be the Dhampir's mana circuitry. Upon one final charge the Gehennan spins about, and it's a split second his form disappears into the air. His being had been projected forth, those ties to the Spirit Realm pulled upon, as he bashes the broadside of the short sword into Taiga's back; They're sent into the very ground below, a Mythril greave planting itself on their back.
  273. He's victorious, but he bares markings of the battle. Cuts from Taiga's blade, bruises from the whips of blood he'd sent forth even. That jackal looks down upon Taiga, tilting itself almost teasingly - As if, even, to boast that win.
  275. "I'm a man of my word. You're not unscathed, and I'm checking with Esso right after this - Mortal vampires. It's... Strange, but I'm hopeful." Hope. How many times did he rely on that? "I'm not going to risk, either, my people's safety with your capture." That greave on their back lightens up as he lifts once more into the air.
  277. "Now run. Gehenna has a semblance of mercy, and sadly I'm one of them."
  278. (Tototl)
  279. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  281. [20:45] ** Tototl has inflicted an injury upon Taiga Rowan. ("Bruised Mana Circuitry", "The Dhampir's mana circuitry has been heavily bruised, as if the inflictor's reach was far deeper. They'd find their magic all the harder to use - If they're to conjure up some form of mana they'd find great strain within their body.", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  283. [20:57] ...It'd be eerie, fighting Taiga.
  285. He held that blade just like the scourge of Obsidia himself, Ipos, revived in the flesh before their very eyes to fight once more. His proficiency with it was notable, the way he flowed between attacks despite its obscene size being nothing short of top notch. To add to his combat prowess would be the magic that came with his form - blood bending in simple, snappy gestures. Charged hemoglobin explodes outwards, his claws turning a deep shade of red before POPing with tremendous force as they collide with Tototl's weapon.
  287. Shadows shift and molt. Rising up from beneath him and wrapping around his blade. It was absolute mastery of Shadowmancy, without a doubt - Taiga's blade wreathed in night as to obscure it from Tototl's view.
  289. He could alter the very nature of his bloodstream. The chemicals stored within. Manipulate shadows down to making them sharp as a razors edge. That was the levelof control Taiga had gained. It was impressive, to say the least. But still. He found himself overwhelmed. What he faced was nothing short of upmost mastery of the Mystic arts. Where Taiga stood alone at the pinnacle of swordsmanship, Tototl had reached that long ago and surpassed it. There was a difference in them beyond just experience. Beyond strength. Application.
  291. Taiga was still fresh in his skin. Barely having more than a year to adjust to his transformation. So as soon as those fancy new tricks dry up - as soon as Tototl has all he needs? Everything falls apart. Taiga's movements are incredibly swift, but all too predictable. His strikes are heavy, cracking apart the ground... but that's all he could hit. Dirt.
  293. "KGUH!" All it takes is one exploited opening to send him crumbling.
  295. A surprise assault from Tototl when he had been backed into a corner, his mana circuitry completely fried for a moment as he's left dazed and delirious on the ground. He struggles to rise - but the boot keeps him pressed underneath.
  297. ...Then there's relief. He's let free.
  299. He has to peel himself off the dirt, stumbling backwards as he looks blearily towards Tototl… huh. He certain wasn't going to just stand here like an idiot - but it felt horrible, running in front of the crowd. The shadows rise up once more. This time covering the whole of his form, inch by inch working their way from his legs, wrapping around his cloak, and eventually covering his face entirely.
  301. The last thing Tototl sees of Taiga's expression is a broken, bloody fanged grin. Taiga's head held low as he descends into those shadows. A pair of beaming red eyes pierce through... until they shut as well -- and Taiga slips into the background, seemingly vanished. It's no perfect trick, but it'd obscure him well enough to walk away with some dignity.
  302. (Taiga Rowan)
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