Misery Enjoys Company Day 3 (Miss Eri) [Incomplete]

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  3. >Anon sat across from you wearing his signature suit.
  4. >It always struck you as odd why he wore that thing all the time anyways.
  5. >The skies had but only a few clouds in them, all white and fluffy.
  6. >One passed by in and brought with it a small gust of wind and shadows as it blocked out the sun.
  7. >It was honestly a beautiful day.
  8. >You tilted your head to get a good view of him.
  9. >He was so tall.
  10. >Even sitting down he was almost a head and a half taller than you.
  11. >He looked deep in thought.
  12. >You really liked that look.
  13. >Despite not wanting to admit it to yourself, you’ve caught yourself staring whenever he got that look.
  14. >But still...
  15. >You really liked that look he got about him.
  16. >Like… really.
  17. >It made him look so... intense, if that’s the right word...
  18. >Almost as if any idea he had would be possible.
  19. >Like if he willed it into the world it would just be simple fact into the world and nothing could stop him.
  20. >There was a crack of thunder in the distance and Anonymous groaned.
  21. >You looked and watched as pegasi were putting together a storm.
  22. >Was that today?
  23. >Great.
  24. >You must have forgotten with that stupid mudpony memory of yours.
  25. >Fuck, everything was going just fine too.
  26. >”Come on, that was today?”
  27. >He sounded annoyed.
  28. “I-I guess it was.”
  29. >Does he think you did this on purpose?
  30. >Crap you had to fix this!
  31. >Oh... the things you’d do for a pair of wings right now.
  32. >Or a horn.
  33. >Preferably a horn.
  34. >With one you could just magic away the storm because that’s what magic could do.
  35. >Magic could do anything.
  36. >It could raise the sun and the moon.
  37. >It could manipulate objects with much better precision than earth pony hooves.
  38. >It could make ponies desireable.
  39. >Ponies like you...
  40. >Because that was a fact of life.
  41. >Magical ponies were simply more attractive.
  42. >Your parents were right in that regard.
  43. >You looked up and noticed it wasn’t raining.
  44. >Huh.
  45. >Small miracles.
  46. “Hey, it can’t get any wor-”
  47. >The clouds chose that moment to open up and pour.
  48. >You just had to open your big mouth didn’t you?
  49. >Anon just sighed and stood up.
  50. >”You wanna just go inside then? It’d be better than staying out in this crap.”
  51. >Yeah it would.
  52. >Seriously.
  53. >Your life for a horn.
  54. >You nodded to him and headed inside but as soon as you stepped through the threshold of the door you felt as if there was a weight on your chest.
  55. >It was odd at first.
  56. >That feeling turned to panic pretty quickly.
  57. >At this point you failed to notice everything around you had faded away.
  58. >You opened your eyes.
  59. >The moment you came to something alarming became apparent.
  60. >You couldn’t breath!
  61. >Oh Celestia!
  62. >Something in your throat was gagging you.
  63. >It was long you felt it protruding out of you mouth.
  64. >That thought sent a spike of horror into your mind on top of the panic.
  65. >But the logical side of your mind knew it wasn’t them.
  66. >It couldn’t be.
  67. >Whatever it was felt unnatural but the the panic didn’t die down considering the fact you were fucking choking to death.
  68. >Your eyes shot wide open and you tried moving your forelegs to dislodge the invader.
  69. >You couldn’t fucking move!
  70. >You were tied down!
  71. >You could hear the sound of steady beeping start to to speed up.
  72. >You turned you head towards the source of the sound as you willed your vision to focus.
  73. >A heart rate monitor?
  74. >No...
  75. >Not here!
  76. >Father would be informed!
  77. >You were in a hospital.
  78. >Black started to tinge the edge of your vision and you couldn’t seem to focus on any one thing anymore.
  79. >Your limbs felt heavier.
  80. >The medical machines started letting off their own noises and alarms to the growing noise.
  81. >You vaguely heard the sound of squeaky hinges.
  82. >Your heart seemed like it was thumping in your ears right now.
  83. >Your lungs and throat burned.
  84. >”Just...... Enj-.....”
  85. >What was that?
  86. >Oh right.
  87. >You were choking on something.
  88. >You couldn't respond if said thing was in your mouth.
  89. >Huh... how’d you forget that?
  90. >That was... weird...
  91. >You felt almost... phantom pain in one of... your forelegs...
  92. >You... were so tired...
  93. >It was... so hard... to think.
  94. >You just... needed... to... rest...
  95. >...
  96. >...
  97. >...
  98. >...
  99. >...
  101. >And the next thing you knew you saw everything in grayscale.
  102. >Looking down, your hooves were colored albeit faded and ethereal.
  103. >Holding it up and twisting it experimentally, you confirmed that you could see right through it.
  104. >Right through to a medical ponies trying desperately to save your life.
  105. >It was odd really.
  106. >Both the fact that you were watching yourself and the fact that you were calm about it.
  107. >The whole out of body thing was overrated.
  108. >Wait weren’t you supposed to see your life flash before your eyes?
  109. >Maybe ponies who said this happened were wrong.
  110. >Hmm.
  111. >You shuffled uncomfortably on your hooves.
  112. >So...
  113. >You were dead.
  114. >Now that you were...
  115. >You didn’t really like it.
  116. >You’ve honestly wanted to die for a long time but now you didn’t.
  117. >You still hadn’t properly thanked Anonymous for all the trouble he’s gone through for you.
  118. >That and the fact that he would have done it for nothing if you went and lost your life after he went and saved it.
  119. >Killed by a breathing tube?
  120. >The irony...
  121. >All of these things went through your head while you watched on as the medical ponies continue to save you.
  122. >A pit had been growing inside while this all occurred.
  123. >One that you could translate to words.
  124. >And you’d never thought it would ever come out of you mouth.
  125. >You took a shaky step towards the ponies still working on you.
  126. “I-I don’t want to die...”
  127. >Those feeble words that came from you sounded so alien.
  128. >Yet they resonated with something deep inside you.
  129. >Another step.
  130. ”It’s n-not fair.”
  131. >Your started to breath faster and put another hoof forward.
  132. “I-it’s not fair! I don’t want to die anymore!”
  133. >You tried to put a hoof on the doctor intending to get his attention but your hoof went right through him.
  134. “No! Please don’t let me die! It’s not fair!”
  135. >Your panic rose even more when the black and purple maned pony ceased her efforts and shook her head at the doctor.
  136. >”It isn’t fair, dear.”
  137. >Turning to the source of the voice, you seA pony in a mask.
  138. >The same pony, a unicorn stallion, looks down at himself and smiles.
  139. >”Pony of the Opera? Well well, you are something special! You wouldn’t believe how many ponies equinify me as a stupid skeleton in a black robe wielding a friggin scythe. But a stallion? No no no. That just won’t do.”
  140. >The pony turned into mare which did nothing to alleviate your fears.
  141. >You take a step back, which is coincidently was straight inside the bed.
  142. >You had to continue back to get out of the dark.
  143. >”Oh come now why so scared? It's not the mask is it? This is what you think I look like now, isn’t it?”
  144. >Swallowing hard, you find your words.
  145. “B-but you’re...”
  146. >You fall trailed off as the mare sauntered closer.
  147. >”Come on now. You can say it; I won’t bite. I am a mare, after all. Tell me my name, Miss Eri.”
  148. >You wanted to ask what that had to do with anything or argue the fact that she was just a stallion a little bit ago but you just couldn’t find it in you because you knew her name.
  149. “D-d-death. Your name is Death. ” you finished.
  150. >”Ding ding ding! We have a winner!”
  151. >You found you could back up no further upon discovering that the wall was solid.
  152. >Well at least sort of.
  153. >You you felt a lot of resistance but with enough effort you could push through it.
  154. >And you did just that.
  155. >”No stop that! You push through that and you can kiss your flank goodbye!”
  156. >You stopped.
  157. >The mare smiled again and spoke.
  158. >”So let me be the first to congratulate you by telling you that you are wrong.”
  159. >You blinked.
  160. >”I’ll give you a moment to ponder what that means but don’t take too long.”
  161. >At this point another nurse has entered the room with a blue box floating in her magic.
  162. >This nurse looks to the doctor who nods.
  163. >Two paddles detach from said box and ar placed on your chest.
  164. >Color returns to your vision for a brief moment as everything jolts.
  165. >You didn’t have time for this nonsense!
  166. “If you aren’t death then who are you?”
  167. >The mare in the mask made a face.
  168. >”You are different, that’s for sure.”
  169. >A smile returned to her features.
  170. >”The question you should have asked was ‘are you Death’. It’s all in the wording, dear.”
  171. >She patted you on the head like somepony would do to a dog.
  172. >”And to that I would answer both yes and no.”
  173. “Yes and n-”
  174. >”Upupup, save the questions until I’m done with my monologue, I don’t get nearly enough chances to do this than I would like.”
  175. >You were still afraid somewhat but were now more confused than anything.
  176. >”I’m not death incarnate, no. Not as ponies think of it. Which begs the question as to who or what I am.”
  177. >Now you just confused.
  178. >”Heck you could have eaten something nasty and this could just be a bad dream.”
  179. “Is it?”
  180. >Not Death donned a serious look and her voice lost its eccentric inflection.
  181. >”Sadly, no. That is really you lying on the bed dying. A rather unfortunate turn of event is it not? And to think I tried so hard to nudge things in your favor only for that meddler to-”
  182. >You raised an eyebrow.
  183. >”That’s irrelevant anyhow and besides, time is short. I’m guessing you are curious as to who I am?”
  184. >You nodded, cautiously.
  185. >”You should know me well after all, Eri. You’ve wanted me for a long time.”
  186. >You didn’t know what to do with that information.
  187. “You're sure you aren’t death?”
  188. >The masked mare facehooved.
  189. >”This isn’t going like I planned it. So much for drama. I’ll just give it to you then so we aren’t here for an eternity. You may know me as Equestria.”
  190. >Eques- what?
  191. >You wanted Equestria for some time?
  192. >Not really.
  193. >That made no amount of sense whatsoever.
  194. “That’s retarded. You can’t be a country and being so wouldn’t also make you Death.”
  195. >The mare blinked and chuckled.
  196. >”Well I guess that is one way to think of it, yes. But I’m not the country but rather a physical manifestation of this land’s magic. There is enough here that something like myself was created. I like to guide ponies to the afterlife from time to time and ponies then will see me as what they think death looks like. And sometimes, like in your case, if I think a pony doesn’t deserve it I’ll let them... Hmm, cheat is a good word for it.”
  197. >Did she really mean what you thought she meant?
  198. >”So how about it, Miss Eri? Would you like to cheat death?”
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