Osteoporosis treatment ideas for a tough case

May 8th, 2015
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  1. Osteoporosis treatment ideas for a tough case
  3. bradwestnd
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  6. Hi Everyone,
  7. I have a 56 yo post menopausal women who lives in Monterey California that I would like to help or refer. It seems like a case for an expert, I am not sure. Let me explain a bit. She's had yearly Dexa scans since 2007 at multiple sites, all less than -1.8 T score, but each year losing a few points and now all between -2.1-2.4 and one, her right hip/femur at -2.5, officially osteoporosis by conventional scoring.
  9. I told her about the Z score but she does not appear to have any records of those. She has been on BHRT therapies for a few years including Vivelle dot, oral progesterone (100mg) and topical BiEst (80:20 1.5mg) with 32 mg progesterone. This seems like a high or at least adequate amount to me but has not slowed the progression. She eats a very clean diet of high plant based organic, etc with no soda or coffee, ever. And takes Osteoprime Ultra or Bone up, spread throughout the day so calcium is less than 400mg at a time as well as extra Vitamin D3 (about 4500 per day) and has been consistent. Her MDs will be pushing RXs now, of course, but I want to understand what is happening and why as well as how to proceed or who to refer her to. Any ideas?!
  11. Brad "puzzled and not a bone expert" West, ND
  12. Los Gatos, Ca
  14. Kathleen Riley
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  17. Brad,
  18. Did you check for heavy metals? They can compete.
  19. How tall is she? Has she lost height?
  20. I have found Bone stim liquences (PCHF) and Biost ( Standard Process) to be very helpful, even reversing situations when other factors have been addressed.
  22. Good Luck
  23. Kathleen Riley, ND
  27. bradwestnd
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  30. She is about 5'5" and 130, no loss in weight or height. Are those products homeopathic? Thanks for the help.
  31. Brad West, ND
  32. Los Gatos, CA
  34. Kathleen Riley
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  37. Brad,
  39. Since she is average height and weight, then my next step would be to run heavy metals and run a CDSA or similar test to make sure there are no GI roadblocks
  41. Kathleen Riley ND
  42. Newington,CT
  45. J. Claire Green, ND
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  48. Brad,
  49. I am no expert but she also may have a vitamin d receptor snp that decreases her ability to use calcium for bone formation despite good nutrition and hormonal stimuli.
  50. What is her serum calcium?
  51. Vitamin k high dose may be appropriate short term along with very high vitamin d3 10-15,000 iu qd. Need to run the 23andme or snp panel to look for vdr abnormalities.
  53. Or what about parathyroid dysfunction or tumour?
  55. Claire Green
  56. Santa Rosa, CA
  59. Mona Morstein
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  62. Hello, Brad,
  64. Have you checked her undercarboxylated osteocalcin through Genova (functional Vit K test). It's super helpful to do with patients like these. I find about 1/3 are deficient in Vitamin K.
  66. Don't forget the flamingo stand, either! You did not mention if she is exercising, either.
  68. Mona Morstein, ND, DHANP
  69. Tempe, AZ
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  74. Shiva Barton, ND
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  77. Hi Mona, and Brad,
  79. Mona, I have a flamingo stand in my front yard. I didn't know that was
  80. helping me with my bone density! Cool!
  82. Brad,
  84. Joe Pizzorno gave a talk at the last AANP conf about changing the body's
  85. pH to more alkaline as the intervention that showed most success in
  86. improving bone density. He recommended potassium and/or magnesium
  87. citrate as well as limiting sodium in the diet. Other NDs have mentioned
  88. screening for malabsorption issues (food sensitivities, abnl flora) but
  89. don't overlook a diet high in phytates which can also be a cause of
  90. limited absorption of minerals. That is probably more common than heavy
  91. metal toxicity.
  93. Shiva Barton, ND
  94. Winchester, MA
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