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  3. says:
  4. Lucious said:
  5. Ok here's the deal. I know you are in New York and quite frankly I do not trust you nor will I ever. I for one like Cheryl and deeply care for her and the fact that you don't put the effort in communicating with her bothers me. If you love her then speak to her no excuses about how busy you are or whatever. To me it's bullshit
  6. I got to spend time with her not Via webcam.
  7. says:
  8. Be a man and make a damn effort and stop playing little boy games.If you do not then I do plan to be there for her because I know I can.
  9. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  10. Well hello to you too, stranger.
  11. says:
  12. So hidden mysterious guy who con his way to Cheryl heart What part of new york are you in. I am a native born and raised new yorker
  13. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  14. I'm in uptown Manhattan -- Inwood, to be precise. It's the place north of Washington Heights. Full of Dominican's and Irish people. I'm sure you've heard of it.
  15. says:
  16. Yes. I know new york like a map. It is my birth place. I need to have some eyes to watch you to make sure you are goon on your word mysterious con guy.
  17. says:
  18. I don't trust nor like you. You may have easily gotten Cheryl. I want to make sure you are what you say you are since you have lots of black spots. I have lots of connections in the city so I'll have them keep an eye on you
  19. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  20. Alright Sherlock Holmes. I don't have a problem with it; although, having someone stalk me would be a tad bit problematic. People aren't allowed to trespass into my building, and my school won't let people come inside without an I.D.
  21. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  22. I'm not sure how said person will be able to follow me to work if he can't stalk my house either.
  23. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  24. Not sure what you're planning with this, but the logistics seem a bit too complicated to be practical.
  25. says:
  26. Trust me my friend I have ways.
  27. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  28. What ways?
  29. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  30. Just be straightforward.
  31. says:
  32. You are one a lair, a cheat and seeing that Cheryl is easy you are giving bs knowing that she'll believe you without question
  33. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  34. *Sighs*
  35. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  36. Look, I know you care about her, and that you like her -- I'm a bit jealous of that fact, but only because you get to see her on a daily basis. You're lucky to have the time to chat up with her, and ride the transit with her, and get to hear her clever little ploys...
  37. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  38. But market value for the apartment that I am in is roughly 2,000 USDs, and the utility bills rack up high when you're running linuxboxes for work all night.
  39. says:
  40. Again more excuses
  41. says:
  42. You're in new york man
  43. says:
  44. I know it like a book
  45. says:
  46. Before I moved to California
  47. says:
  48. I was making roughly around 4k a month doing legal work and if I had some like Cheryl and in your situation I woud make efforts to see her. I would find ways and not make any excuses. Saying you're busy and all that jazz is bullshit. I run laps around you when it comes to being busy but I still invest my time to her.
  49. says:
  50. I know the feeling. I'm in a house now where I'm paying 2,500 a month for a one bedroom! I'm busy with work and school and acting but
  51. says:
  52. BUT
  53. says:
  54. I provide for her, send her morning emails every morning wishing her well
  55. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  56. I have a poor communication issues, but this isn't soley a problem I have with Cheryl -- it's an extended issue that is currently a work in progress.
  57. says:
  58. Not once did I say "Oh I'm busy" and be a lame ass and show her bills on webcam waiting for a fucking reward
  59. says:
  60. And if I was still in new york and I loved her like you say you do I would of been saw her and not cop out because you're busy. Fuck work, fuck school. Cheryl comes first to me and I would of gotten on that fucking plane and seen her.
  61. says:
  62. So to me you just internet love her. you are doing nothing. Stop getting her hopes up
  63. says:
  64. So here's the deal
  65. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  66. ... Are you honestly expecting me to defend, or even rationalize my relationship -- mind you, intimate relationship -- with another person? I'm sure that you're familiar with the concept of subjective reality.
  67. says:
  68. Next summer visit her. If you fail then I'm going to make efforts to be with her.
  69. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  70. You can make whatever effort you want with her. She is a grown woman, mind you, one whom I trust dearly. If she ever decided that she wanted to be with you, then I would support her. But I have faith in the fact that she loves me, and wouldn't do such a thing.
  71. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  72. So why would I be worried whether or not you're going to make efforts with her during the summer? If she cheats on me, I'll forgive you. I'm not that superficial.
  73. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  74. forgive you? forgive her*
  75. says:
  76. I'll say this again!
  77. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  78. Well, I'd forgive both of you, technically, since I'm not the type to hold grudges -- but take that with a grain of salt.
  79. says:
  80. Visit her this coming summer in 2011 if you love her.
  81. says:
  82. Period
  83. says:
  84. Be a man and step up to the fucking plate
  85. says:
  86. Let me tell you a story
  87. says:
  88. I told this to Cheryl.
  89. says:
  90. 3 years ago I've dated a woman who lived in Finland. I was on the same boat as you. i loved her and one day I decided to see her on her birthday. I wanted to clear the clouds of it being a internet relationship in which you and Cheryl are. So what I do.
  91. says:
  92. With no money, almost homeless I man up and manage to get the money to go to Finland. got my passport and everything. How did I do it? i loved her and there was nothing that could get in my way. My roommate threaten to kick me out if I went to finland to see her because I was two months behind rent and other bils
  93. says:
  94. But
  95. says:
  96. I went any fucking way
  97. says:
  98. If you love her then you'll do whatever you can for her and not make these damn excuses and try to sweet talk your way out of things. Again
  99. says:
  100. See her next summer if you seriously love her.
  101. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  102. Your defintion of love and mine are different. Again, I won't try to explain the concept of subjective reality to you, since you're not really in the mood for a lecture, but I'll just leave it at that.
  103. says:
  104. You don't love her then
  105. says:
  106. Stop just stop right there
  107. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  108. You're making a logical fallacy.
  109. says:
  110. I need not to talk to you any more.
  111. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  112. Have fun with your hasty generalizations stranger.
  113. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  115. says:
  116. Have fun using Cheryl
  117. says:
  118. It is clear to me that you are just toying with her
  119. says:
  120. Whatever makes you happy so be it
  121. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  122. She uses me, and I use her. People use each other in relationships. We use each other for support, for advice, for tons of things. Of course, I doubt you want to hear any of this. Your mind is already set about me.
  123. says:
  124. Now my dislikement of you had now turn to hate. Good day to you
  125. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  126. Wait, wait, wait...
  127. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  128. Hold on just a minute here.
  129. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  130. You dispensed with the pleasantries from the start of the conversation. Why would end the conversation with, "Good day to you?"
  131. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  132. I'm confused.
  133. says:
  134. you can continue with your lies to Cheryl now. Waste her time with you empty words. You only get way with it know never mind I'm not going to waste my time. If you loved her I would have a slight bit of respect for you but you're one of those...
  135. says:
  136. As for introductions. I don't introduce myself to people I dislike.
  137. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  138. But you bid them farewell? That doesn't make any sense.
  139. says:
  140. Oh well, life goes on und Schei├če geschieht Sie Schei├čbenutzer.
  141. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  142. Is that German?
  143. says:
  144. In closing. I have parted from her. I have terminated our friendship and we're going our own ways. I wish the two of you the best and all that.
  145. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  146. Is there a reason why you can't remain as friends?
  147. says:
  148. I wish not to be friends anymore. The word friend is cheap. It's like being a door mat, always stepped on. I am used when you ditch her for weeks on end. Have to clean up the shit you caused and all of a sudden fucking king Leon return to claim his woman and this friend become a fuck you mat.
  149. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  150. ... Really? That's the best excuse you could come up with? You're kidding me, right? You say you love her, but you would terminate your friendship with her over your own faults? She's a good person. One of the best I know. She befriended you for a reason, one that was not based on infatuation.
  151. says:
  152. She's your problem not mine.
  153. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  154. Well, if that's the position you want to take, then it's not my place to say otherwise. I just wish you'd be able to look past the banana cupcake for once, and notice the red velvet one right behind it.
  155. says:
  156. No thanks. Not interested. I wish the both of you the best. That's all I can say.
  157. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  158. Dude, the cake is a lie. Don't end it like this!
  160.  The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
  161. Dude, the cake is a lie. Don't end it like this!
  163. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  164. Welcome back.
  165. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  166. Are you there, buddy?
  167. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  168. I hope you don't think ill of me.
  169. Lucious says:
  170. I do quite honestly
  171. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  172. I've been told that I'm a pretty cool guy.
  173. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  174. Not sure how much of that carries any weight, but that's just some food for thought.
  175. Lucious says:
  176. you may be a good guy, you may but in this situation right now to me you are not and I am not interested in getting to know you either.
  177. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  178. Does that mean we're... Rivals?
  179. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  180. Because I've always wanted one.
  181. Lucious says:
  182. No we are not. As I said I am de-friending Cheryl so there is no rival between you and I.
  183. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  184. The hell you are. You're my rival, and that is final. You don't just take a slice out of a upside down cake and throw out the rest. That shit does not fly in my neighborhood. People get a wiggly wigg from a random passerbyer's index finger for that kind of nonsense.
  185. Lucious says:
  186. There's nothing to compete over and even if it is I'm not in it. you love her and she loves and is loyal to you. Period. I'm taking myself out of this picture. My choice, my life and there's nothing you can do to change it.
  187. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  188. I'll tickle your chin with my index finger and call you Mister bojangles if you don't change your mind right now.
  189. Lucious says:
  190. Sorry but I'm not playing any games.
  191. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  192. Oh... Well, how about a game of Monster Hunter Tri? Do you have a Wii?
  193. Lucious says:
  194. I don't want anything to do with you. I am not interested in games. Enjoy your time with Cheryl. Your girlfriend needs you. Stop wasting your time
  195. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  196. I can multi-task, though.
  197. Lucious says:
  198. Alright then I'll just delete you off my contacts.
  199. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  200. You wouldn't dare. You cannot deny my girth.
  201. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  202. I knew that you couldn't deny my girth!
  203. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  204. Ha! So does that mean we're rivals?
  205. Lucious says:
  206. No.
  207. Lucious says:
  208. Again I want nothing to do with Cheryl.
  209. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  210. Fine. Let's not talk about Cheryl then.
  211. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  212. We had a rough start.
  213. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  214. My name is Giovanni.
  215. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  216. You?
  217. Lucious says:
  218. Sorry I am not interested in getting to know you nor am I interested in becoming friends
  219. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  220. But... My girth...
  221. Lucious says:
  222. Just talk to your girlfriend and leave me alone. Thank you.
  223. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  224. Her dad forced her off.
  225. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  226. And since he's in bad health, I don't want him getting into an argument or anything of the like.
  227. Lucious says:
  228. To bad for him.
  229. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  230. That's not nice.
  231. Lucious says:
  232. Life isn't nice but we deal with it
  233. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  234. Indeed, but he's in a tough spot -- cut him some slack.
  235. Lucious says:
  236. Can't, don't really care anymore.
  237. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  238. Hmm...
  239. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  240. Well, what kind of things do you like? You said you were taking courses on acting earlier.
  241. Lucious says:
  242. Sure I guess, whatever.
  243. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  244. What do you think of the movie Inception? Did you get a chance to watch it?
  245. Lucious says:
  246. Don't care about it. I have an idea why don't you see it with Cheryl. I bet she'll like that a lot.
  247. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  248. I could probably watch it on with her when the DVD rip comes out, or send her some money so that she can buy the DVD.
  249. Lucious says:
  250. great idea. You have at it
  251. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  252. Well, what movies do you like if not Inception?
  253. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  254. Did you hear about the new Tron movie that's coming out in 3D? I saw the preview, and it looked pretty good.
  255. Lucious says:
  256. Quit wasting your breathe. It's late where you are, get some sleep and talk to your lady in the morning
  257. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  258. A mixture of coffee + red bull makes sure that I won't be sleeping any time soon.
  259. Lucious says:
  260. Well watch some internet porn or whatever you do
  261. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  262. I'm not really horny at the moment, though.
  263. Lucious says:
  264. Find some other thing to do
  265. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  266. I'm talking to you.
  267. Lucious says:
  268. What ever floats your boat
  269. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  270. What if I said you're the water that makes my boat float?
  271. Lucious says:
  272. You are looking too hard.
  273. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  274. As opposed to looking too soft?
  275. Lucious says:
  276. Better soft than desperate. You for no reason looking for a "rival" knowing that when it comes to Cheryl there is no competition because she loves you like no other and is very loyal. She's not the type that just jump to another man. You would have to break up with her in which clearly you are not planning on doing. So you toy turning this into a game.
  277. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  278. Contrary to what you might believe: I do infact love her. Love, of course, being a term I expressed to her and she accepted. It may not be your definition love, but it is our definition of love -- "our" being Cheryl and I's.
  279. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  280. But anyways, there's no need to get so defensive. My goal isn't to pick a fight with you. I'm just trying to patch things back up to normal. I fucked up, and I'm trying to make amends by the only means I know how: making jokes and sparking conversations.
  281. Lucious says:
  282. I'm not interested in your friendship so you are just wasting your time.
  283. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  284. Why aren't you interested in my friendship? Do you hate me that much?
  285. Lucious says:
  286. At the moment It's more than hate.
  287. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  288. ... Is it love? Because I totally love you as a fellow Earthling.
  289. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  290. Live long and prosper, and all that jazz.
  291. Lucious says:
  292. As long as you and Cheryl love each other I hate the both of you.
  293. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  294. Why's that?
  295. Lucious says:
  296. You because I just don't like you and her, for being an idiot.
  297. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  298. She's not an idiot.
  299. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  300. Although, you are entitled to dislike me.
  301. Lucious says:
  302. Yes she's an idiot for even falling for a scum bag like yourself and getting her hopes up. Young girls who don't know any better are idiots.
  303. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  304. I think she knows very well what she's getting herself into.
  305. Lucious says:
  306. yeah like a little girl taking candy from a rapist
  307. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  308. Woah, woah, woah...
  309. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  310. Are you implying that I'm a rapist?
  311. Lucious says:
  312. Let me see. You're hidden, have no other contacts, not much is known about you, limited contact...yeah you fit the rapist profile
  313. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  314. You better notify Chris Hansen before I roll up in a black van.
  315. Lucious says:
  316. Being that you two dated almost a year now. You were 20 she was 17...Yeah going for the jail Bait. by going for the young ones you know that you can mold this idiot into what you want. Knowing that she doesn't know any better you can mentally manipulate her at the same time lie and say she's free to do whatever.
  317. Lucious says:
  318. The other thing is that you would find interested in someone from Califronia, home of the idiots. The girls in new york must be difficault for you so you go for an easier mindless target.
  319. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  320. Wow, you really thought this out. That sounds like the plot of a psychological thriller.
  321. Lucious says:
  322. I mean after all there's no stoping you from kidnapping her really since you do know her address. you two have mailed each other
  323. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  324. She's done most of the mailing. I've mostly been on the recieving end.
  325. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  326. But yeah, I have her address somewhere, and she has mine.
  327. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  328. How else would we be able to visit each other when we decide to meet up?
  329. Lucious says:
  330. Good luck with that
  331. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  332. So...
  333. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  334. You really do think that I'm an evil person out to get her, eh?
  335. Lucious says:
  336. Whatever floats your ego. Like I said. I don't like you, I don't trust you and Cheryl is an idiot.
  337. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  338. Well, I like you. You're a very noble person with good intentions, albeit done in a fallacious manner.
  339. Lucious says:
  340. When will you learn that you are not convincing me to like you. That day will never come.
  341. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  342. A friend of Cheryl is a friend of mine. She found you interesting, so you should have some good qualities aside from the aforementioned to you.
  343. Lucious says:
  344. Let me repeat. We are no longer friends so with that you aren't a friend of mine.
  345. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  346. And even if you're not her friend, you still seem like a chill dude who doesn't take shit from anyone.
  347. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  348. You can try to deny this emerging friendship all you want, but it's only a matter of time before we start talking about movies and video games.
  349. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  350. :_
  351. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  352. *
  353. Lucious says:
  354. Wrong again. If you know people from brooklyn you'll learn that whatever they decide and have chosen is final. There is too much beef between us to ever be friends
  355. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  356. Bullshit. I've befriended plenty of people that I've faught with when I was younger, and I went to HS right across the Brooklyn Bridge. Why? Because there's no point in holding a grudge. It doesn't fix anything and it makes you bitter and stressed. Life is too short to make enemies.
  357. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  358. If you make an err? Admit to it, suck up the pride, apologize -- and then move on with life. I mean, come on, we only live once, bro.
  359. Lucious says:
  360. Then you don't know me well enough. People I hold grudges against stay that way.
  361. Lucious says:
  362. So, if you are done boring me with your unfunny humor I will take my leave. Have a nice life. Make Cheryl happy or don't. I don't care.
  363. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  364. Well, I get where you're coming from, and I can respect that. If you ever need to talk about something, though -- anything at all -- you can hit me up. If not, that's cool... Just don't take this all out on Cheryl, alright? She's feeling like shit right now. And you can very well hate me all you want. so long as she gets the attention she deserves from her friend.
  365. Lucious says:
  366. I am not her friend so whatever she feels you are going to have to deal with it. As I told her I'm done. I'm not even going to visit her at the college,
  367. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  368. And nothing can change your mind?
  369. Lucious says:
  370. No.
  371. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  372. I'll give you an oil assage.
  373. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  374. massage*
  375. Lucious says:
  376. You can give Cheryl one
  377. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  378. Ha! You're tempted now, aren't you?
  379. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  380. Don't lie, bro. You totally want me to massage your back and shoulders with baby oil.
  381. Lucious says:
  382. You're an idiot.
  383. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  384. I'll be your idiot if you just give me a chance.
  385. Lucious says:
  386. Pass
  387. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  388. I pass it back to you.
  389. Lucious says:
  390. In all seriousness take care of Cheryl. Make her happy.
  392. This is my last message I'm going to give you. Anything after this I am not reply. After this message we will forever be enermies.
  393. UnorthodoxParadox says:
  394. You're not my enemy, bro. Good night. If you need some rest then you could have just said that. See you in the morning?
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