Written In The Stars.

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  1. 04/28/14(23:19:51) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ..Did you hear that?
  2. 04/28/14(23:19:53) Blue(Soldier_Dude) grabs YKWN(Alyssa)
  3. 04/28/14(23:20:01) Alyssa(YKWN) says: Yessah.
  4. 04/28/14(23:20:16) Blue(Soldier_Dude) used SI to Red(Carnak)!
  5. 04/28/14(23:20:20) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) pops up in a flash!*
  6. 04/28/14(23:21:19) Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) activated Focus.
  7. 04/28/14(23:21:21) Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) deactivated Focus.
  8. 04/28/14(23:21:32) Red(Carnak) says: Thaaaat's where it landed!
  10. 04/28/14(23:27:11) *Unit #77 Model E turned to each of the individuals who'd arrive in turn; his head would quirk, slowly, the wires keeping his head attached to his torso, inplace of an actual neck, contorting rather oddly. He was ominously silent, an odd thrumming coming from his throat, almost as if he were processing something, an eerie vibration going through the ground nearest the steel man. "...Scanning..." And then, something changed. Before their very eyes, musculature, skin, artificial flesh was sewn over the soulless husk of a thing. His previously flashing visor took on the form of blinking blue eyes, and the odd thrumming noise stopped, all at once. When he spoke, it was in a crisp english, nothing like the robotic tone from before. "I've found what I presume to be the dominant species, then...pity. I'd expected more."*
  12. 04/28/14(23:30:02) *Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) watched as though the, what he assumed was a gaint toy, transformed into a less robotic and more human-like appearance. The feat wasn't amazing to Caedis and hadn't suprised him in the least. Caedis was able to do something similar but of course no one knew that.*
  14. 04/28/14(23:30:23) *Alyssa(YKWN) arrives, with the help of Blue's curious ability to go places very fast, in time to see an absolutely no-doubt-about-it robot take on human flesh. She leapt from the younger teenagers relatively weak grasp and reached into her coat. She tore out the unwieldy lovechild of a spear and a horse slaying sword. "Bastard!" She cried, already fired up. And why shouldn't she be? After all of her life of honing her skills to fight some elusive enemy for her father, here one was. "Who gave you the right to wear human skin?!" She brandished her weapon towards the now-refined gentleman. It glimmered.*
  16. 04/28/14(23:30:44) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) needed a few moments to process what he had just seen. A person made of metal... who just turned into a human.... and had come here falling from the sky. Spotting Alyssa and Red just a few feet from him, Takashi looked at them with an air of complete bewilderment. ".... So I'm gonna go ahead and assume that THIS is the robot thing you guys were talkin' about."*
  18. 04/28/14(23:31:48) Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: Powers in the range of...73 to 18000.
  19. 04/28/14(23:32:11) Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: Threat level...minimal.
  21. 04/28/14(23:33:54) *Red(Carnak) tilts his head to the side, looking on at the ...machine? He'd followed the flash of light that'd appeared in the sky with a keen interest; in fact, it might have been the most exciting thing to happen on this planet since he'd taken an active interest. Even more interesting was the fact that the robot had managed to -grow skin- after the impact, as though it were a person. "Huh." He takes his weapon and gives it a twirl, stabbing the blade into the floor and using it as a support for his leg. He props it up on the hilt, leaning on his knee and using a finger to move the shades he wore away from his eyes. Red would give the machine a once-over. "...I can't say I'm all too happy to hear you unimpressed about my team!" He'd flash the thing a smug grin, waiting for the creature to make some kind of move... something to mark its presence here before he jumped to do anything.*
  23. 04/28/14(23:36:02) *Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) heard Red mention the 'Team'. 'Oh this must be the time for action.' Caedis thought to himself, slowly rising to his feet. He personally didn't want to take a major part in the upcoming event, whatever it might be, but he also wouldn't just allow his new allies to face the over-confident foe without him.*
  25. 04/28/14(23:40:48) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: I'm startin' to get the feeling we're walkin' into something bad here.
  26. 04/28/14(23:41:04) Red(Carnak) says: That's a good feeling.
  27. 04/28/14(23:41:06) Red(Carnak) says: Embrace it.
  29. 04/28/14(23:42:33) *Unit #77 Model E initially didn't take the time to really assess -any- but the one who'd made the first move he'd read as 'hostile'. His eyes roamed Alyssa in a way free of any sort of interest, merely a cold, piercing, analytic gaze. His eyes would then stray to Red, as the man had spoken, but this time, he wouldn't even bother fixing him with the same gaze. In the blink of an eye, he'd dismissed the man. It was the only reason he'd turn his back to him entirely... Or perhaps he was trying to purposely infuriate him. "I need to be given no 'right' to wear this skin. I've taken nothing. My nanobots lead me to replicate the visual of the dominant species of the planet..that with the most inherent potential. Or what I've been lead to believe as such, in my brief stay. I learn rather quickly." His eyes were steady, fixed to that sword of Alyssa's. "You could cut me with that sword. But I would not bleed. It wouldn't even penetrate my skin. Would you try regardless?" It sounded almost as if he were reading this off a questionnaire. "Will you assault something superior to yourself? Do you have the gall to swing that steel upon that which could -obliterate- you?" He turned, arms open, as if in embrace, as if asking the challenge of each and every one of them. If this were the best way to go about doing what it was he'd come to do, if they were so hasty for a fight, having surrounded him like this...well...he hadn't intended to deny them one in the first place. His directive had been analysis. But where would the fun be if he'd done it the -boring- way? "When given the choice...between fight...or is it you respond?" His voice escalated in tone, sounding manic, robotic once more. "Will you fight, or will you flee?"*
  31. 04/28/14(23:44:03) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... for something not human, he's got the flair for the dramatic down pat.
  32. 04/28/14(23:44:20) Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: ...I can take them all. The discrepancy in strength between them all is tremendous...
  33. 04/28/14(23:44:37) Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: But none of them come close to me.
  35. 04/28/14(23:47:51) *Red(Carnak) seemed to wear a rather disappointed expression at the machine's lack of regard for his presence. However, he didn't find it infuriating - it was the opposite, in fact. He gives a look to Alyssa, then to the rest of his team. This machine had made its intent very clear with the choice of words; it wasn't here as some friendly creature from another world. It was here as a force of aggression. ..Or was it oppression? Who really cared? "Hey, Alyssa." His eyes fixate on the woman for a moment, remembering her words from before. *
  37. 04/28/14(23:47:58) *Alyssa(YKWN) tilts her head to the side and clenches her teeth. "As if you have to ask...!" Without further adieu she leapt forward. Some might think her reckless charge towards the robot would be unwise and discourteous to Red; he was positioned behind the robot after all, and you never could know what would happen in combat. But those people didn't know Red like Alyssa did. Well, really, she didn't -know- him so much as sort of have a feel for how he did things. Really, it did nothing but underline the point that would soon be carved into Model E via her spearpoint: Take everything you've got and throw it without restraint into whatever is in your path. That's the way she did things. "Say that my Driveshaft can't penetrate you when we're done fighting, ya' soulless bitch!" Alyssa stabbed towards 77. The edge of her blade glowed with the force of her personality, turning red hot! If she managed to sink it into the robot, it'd detonate in a vibrant explosion. Whether such an explosion was enough to deal with the robot was another case entirely.*
  39. 04/28/14(23:48:40) *Red(Carnak) blinks once.*
  40. 04/28/14(23:49:14) Red(Carnak) yells: THERE YA GO. GUYS, FOLLOW ALY'S EXAMPLE!
  42. 04/28/14(23:49:35) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) nonchalantly dug some wax out of his ears with an index finger, clearly not impressed with the machine's monologue. Nevertheless, he did ask for a fight, and while Takashi was obstensibly the more pragmatic human here, he WAS curious as to how strong these robot things actually were, and whether they actually posed a threat. His hand rather casually drifted to the hilt of his sword, he eyed Red and Alyssa for a second, then turned his attention back to the robot. He was, however, momentarily bemused by Alyssa's sudden attack. "... So I'm guessing Alyssa's in the "fight" category," Takashi deadpanned, unsheathing his sword and springing into action to back Alyssa up.*
  44. 04/28/14(23:50:45) *Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) raised an eyebrow. Caedis assumed his Team was full of experienced fighters, despite never seeing their talents first hand. He figured they, together, could defeat this challenger with or without his help. Of course, that doesn't mean he wouldn't help if needed. Caedis wasn't a big fan of threats, and this robotic shape shifting creature was making it quite clear that it was, in fact, threatening the people nearby. Caedis knew it would be best to keep his guard up, despite the fact that he may or may not take part in the fight. He remained quiet, his palms left open, and his eyes locked on the creature. Upon noticing Alyssa engage in combat, Caedis used all of his techniques that would enhance his personal style of fighting. He formed a ball of energy in his hand aimed at the robot, waiting for the right moment to shoot.*
  46. 04/28/14(23:50:56) Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) activated Focus.
  47. 04/28/14(23:50:57) Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) activated Lightning Aura.
  48. 04/28/14(23:51:11) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) THOUGHT: Swords tend to be a common weapon used by them. Displaying both the intelligence to craft weaponry and yet...a lack of surity in their own raw strength.
  49. 04/28/14(23:52:31) Red(Carnak) THOUGHT: I'll take a back seat for once.
  50. 04/28/14(23:52:50) *Red(Carnak) nods his head, closing his eyes shut with a grin.*
  51. 04/28/14(23:52:59) Red(Carnak) THOUGHT: I have faith in my team!
  52. 04/28/14(23:55:02) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) activated Expand(2x).
  54. 04/28/14(23:57:51) *Unit #77 Model E would respond with ruthless, surgical precision to each of the threats arisen. In the moments before the fight, in which there was doubtlessly wariness in the humans, the android did nothing but steel himself for what lied ahead. Internally, he 'pre-heated', a stationary warm-up, what made him whirl, -tick- preparing for strenous combat. He, however, didn't prepare to build energy. It wouldn't be needed. None of them seemed to possess the combat paramaters to drive him past a certain point. But then...he knew better than to become -too- confident. He was a machine, and with his sole purpose analysis, he knew better than to think there was no possibility of an upset, some hidden talent, hidden potential to these creatures... ... The probability was just low. Very low. The robot was as durable as he'd looked before adopting a human appearence, supernaturally so, each blow reigned upon his steel-plated body encountering heavy resistance in the form of his hardened casing. Each of his hits was generated with optimal momentum, no wasted energy or force in any of his swings as they were thrown mechanically, perfectly, each and every time, albeit slowly. He was a lumbering giant, each of his blows carrying raw, devastating knockout potential and the looming threat of -death- if the humans were to make even one miniscule mistake... One direct hit was all he'd need for them to be in a -world- of hurt.*
  56. 04/28/14(23:57:54) Unit #77 Model E activated Stance (Wolf).
  57. 04/28/14(23:59:05) Unit #77 Model E used countdown.
  58. 04/28/14(23:59:32) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) activated Focus.
  59. 04/28/14(23:59:34) Unit #77 Model E says: ...
  60. 04/28/14(23:59:35) Unit #77 Model E ended using countdown.
  61. 04/28/14(23:59:39) Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: Their power...rises?
  62. 04/28/14(23:59:45) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Kick!
  63. 04/28/14(23:59:48) Alyssa(YKWN) used Burning Finger.
  64. 04/28/14(23:59:52) Alyssa(YKWN) grabs The_Loose_Cannon(Takashi Nanaya)
  65. 04/29/14(00:00:02) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) activated Focus.
  66. 04/29/14(00:00:44) Red(Carnak) says: ...Whoo! That dude hits like a truck!
  67. 04/29/14(00:00:50) Blue(Soldier_Dude) is knocked out by Caedis(Just_Shut_Up)
  68. 04/29/14(00:00:51) Blue(Soldier_Dude) becomes angry!
  69. 04/29/14(00:00:53) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  70. 04/29/14(00:00:56) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) used Sweeping Kick!
  71. 04/29/14(00:01:04) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) becomes angry!
  72. 04/29/14(00:01:04) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) is knocked out by low health!
  73. 04/29/14(00:01:06) Blue(Soldier_Dude) regains consciousness
  74. 04/29/14(00:01:08) Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) becomes angry!
  75. 04/29/14(00:01:19) Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) is knocked out by low health!
  76. 04/29/14(00:01:20) Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) deactivated Focus.
  77. 04/29/14(00:01:33) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  78. 04/29/14(00:02:02) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  79. 04/29/14(00:02:04) Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) regains consciousness
  80. 04/29/14(00:02:05) Blue(Soldier_Dude) is knocked out by Alyssa(YKWN)
  81. 04/29/14(00:02:10) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Kick!
  82. 04/29/14(00:02:11) Alyssa(YKWN) becomes angry!
  83. 04/29/14(00:02:16) Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) deactivated Lightning Aura.
  84. 04/29/14(00:02:17) Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) deactivated Stance (Fox).
  85. 04/29/14(00:02:30) Red(Carnak) says: Alyssa!
  86. 04/29/14(00:02:31) Blue(Soldier_Dude) regains consciousness
  87. 04/29/14(00:02:46) Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: ...They can draw energy into their bodies and grow stronger, and when pushed, the level of power they exude rises dramatically.
  88. 04/29/14(00:02:55) Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: This is becoming more interesting...
  89. 04/29/14(00:03:38) *Red(Carnak) turns his gaze over to the woman, his eyes flashing her a knowing look as they meet hers. "Just giving you support! You've got this!"*
  90. 04/29/14(00:04:18) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) stood himself back up with the help of his sword, panting and spitting a gob of blood out of his mouth. He had never been beaten so viciously before in his life, not even during the most intense of fights with his father. "Alyssa... you OK...?" he asked between pants.*  
  92. 04/29/14(00:08:14) *Unit #77 Model E turned his back to Alyssa. He had no intent of continuing his fight with her, it seemed. He'd dismissed her entirely. She wasn't worth the time. "You tire, I don't. You've only grown more sluggish, and in your desperation, you've mustered up more of the pitiful vestige of what you -think- is power. But you lack the might to spare your race from certain extinction. The extinction that will be wrought by -my- hand." He was seemingly content to leave Alyssa like that, cold steel hands flexing as if in -excitement-. He'd walked over to the downed Caedis, and he was looking into the man's eyes, soulless eyes baring into those of the downed man's as metallic hands began to clasp around his throat, the pressure gradually increasing on the man's throat. He intended to kill him, it seemed, and not nicely. If #77 was not stopped, Caedis's neck would be turned to squash. And all the while, the unfeeling, unthinking husk of a man would have an expression of passivity on his face, not one of hate, of pleasure... They were just orders. This was a chore, like any other.*
  94. 04/29/14(00:08:53) *Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) was out for the count.*
  96. 04/29/14(00:11:27) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) dug into his coat pocket and pulled out a small red bottle that Adam had given him. He had called this a "potion," and Takashi drank scores of it to keep up with their training; it had worked wonders on restoring his stamina. Without a second thought, Takashi uncorked the bottle with his teeth and guzzled the contents, letting the potion work its magic on his wounds.*
  98. 04/29/14(00:18:10) BlueSoldier_Dude has gone AFK!
  99. 04/29/14(00:21:11) Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) THOUGHT: I feel a nose bleed coming on and I'm not sure why.
  100. 04/29/14(00:21:38) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) THOUGHT: ........................................
  101. 04/29/14(00:21:41) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) THOUGHT: .....................................................................
  102. 04/29/14(00:21:52) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... Anyone else feel completely lost here?
  103. 04/29/14(00:21:53) Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: I've never seen anything like...
  104. 04/29/14(00:25:30) *Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) turned her head to the side, stuck her finger up her nose, and cauterized the popped blood vessel with ki before the blood started flowing.*
  105. 04/29/14(00:26:19) *Green(Greggeh) being a doll, she stared towards the revelation that Alyssa decided to go through and if she had an eyebrow, it would perk up, she really didn't see the practicallity in removing clothing, but she was just a porcelain doll afterall...*
  106. 04/29/14(00:28:54) *Red(Carnak) blinks once, looking on at Alyssa with eyes wide. It was a mixture of surprise at the woman's sheer force of will and.. keen interest in the fact she'd just shed a -lot- of clothing. His face reddens slightly before he gets a grip on his senses, bringing his hands up to shout at the top of his voice. "ALRIGHT ALYSSA!" His voice was as prominent as nails on a chalkboard - it was almost unfitting for it to be screaming out across the battlefield, especially at this particular time.*  
  108. 04/29/14(00:29:12) *Unit #77 Model E stopped. He ceased the choking of the frail, pink-haired human, and promptly discarded him. He wasn't important, not in the general scope of things, and Model #77 had bigger things to deal with. Less clothed things. The exponentially more powerful human would prove a more promising fight than he'd expected of any of them here, that was certain, atleast. Artificial muscle increased in mass, his energy rerouting, energy previously directed unto aiming precisely now directed into delivering crushingly powerful blows, ones intended to rend Alyssa asunder upon impact. The android no longer disregarded her, treated her as one might an inferior, but something else...something he'd dismissed a human as capable of being... A threat. "So this is where your confidence hold power unlike any of the rest. A genetic mutation, perhaps, if you're even human at all..." He was musing, now, but the time for that was done. He'd inflicted considerable damage already, and only scratched the -surface- of what he was capable. Alyssa, however, now stood with power that was rival to his own... "..From 11'000 to 77'674. And yet still nothing to me." His fist balled, and then -spun-, and he'd launch it forward with star-shattering force in a blow intended to bring Alyssa -down-. This would came at some point during the fight, wholly dependant on one thing... How far a human could push a machine.*
  110. 04/29/14(00:30:59) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) used countdown.
  111. 04/29/14(00:31:29) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) ended using countdown.
  112. 04/29/14(00:31:32) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  113. 04/29/14(00:31:34) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) used Sweeping Kick!
  114. 04/29/14(00:31:56) Caedis(Just_Shut_Up) regains consciousness
  115. 04/29/14(00:31:56) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  116. 04/29/14(00:32:15) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Kick!
  117. 04/29/14(00:32:18) Alyssa(YKWN) grabs The Crownless King(Unit #77 Model E)
  118. 04/29/14(00:32:38) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  119. 04/29/14(00:32:46) Alyssa(YKWN) is knocked out by low health!
  120. 04/29/14(00:32:53) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: SHIT.
  121. 04/29/14(00:32:53) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) says: ...
  122. 04/29/14(00:33:14) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) THOUGHT: With power less than a third of my own, she managed to evade my every blow.
  123. 04/29/14(00:34:04) Alyssa(YKWN) regains consciousness
  124. 04/29/14(00:34:08) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) THOUGHT: Tough act to follow for the other human. Perhaps he'd need motivation...
  125. 04/29/14(00:34:20) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) THOUGHT: Perhaps she should die.
  126. 04/29/14(00:34:44) Red(Carnak) THOUGHT: ..Alyssa.. you had the momentum, how could you let it slip away like that?
  128. 04/29/14(00:35:21) *Alyssa(YKWN) grows weary as the fight goes on --- steam continued to pour forth from her outfit at any time that there was a close call from E's monsterous fists. Either that, or whenever she got self concious of the fact that hey! She was currently parading around in a fairly acrobatic fight in something that actually covered -less- than a typical swimsuit. I mean, there were panties underneath her miniskirt, of course, but they were so sheer... Her body was bled dry, and that's when it came. E threw that punch that could shatter titans and Alyssa took it right in her beet-red face. She spent the next couple of seconds painfully rolling along the ground until she came to a rest at the shore.*
  130. 04/29/14(00:42:58) *Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) lumbers toward the downed woman, muscles shrinking. The damage she'd managed was in no way tremendous, but self-repair wasn't a capacity of his, and he didn't intend to expend any more energy than absolutely necessary. He still had one more unknown in the form of Red, afterall, who'd surely be ready to put on quite the show after -this-... "I don't work like you all do. It's a very rational, calm thought process involved in my every decision. You are a threat. As a threat, you will be dealt with..." He smiled politely. "I take no pleasure in this, you just can't be allowed to live." His hand would retreat into his body, replaced by a manically whirling blade. It had a positively -deathly- pitch to it. And the robot continued to smile, not at all like a sadist, but like a -dentist-. A doctor. Someone greeting you in a fashion they intended to be utterly professional. All while he moved to dice her into shreds so she could no longer be a bane to his plans.*
  132. 04/29/14(00:43:10) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) deactivated Expand.
  134. 04/29/14(00:44:59) *Green(Greggeh) skipped over and around Red and the Android, she didn't even seem to remotely notice the dangers around her little frame. The Spirit doll aimed to kneel down infront of Alyssa and reach out, she would've attempted to send a massive surge of green energy into the downed 'sexy' woman. The Doll just seemed to smile and likely would've attempted so even if E continued to drive his sawblade foward, likely dicing the Spirit Doll up instead unless someone made sure to save that silly bitch Alyssa.*
  136. 04/29/14(00:46:32) *Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) decided that it's been far enough, grunting as he would have put his pipe n all that, smoking like a pro from it while observing the whole situation, he figured red and green would engage on the dude, grinning as he would proceed to do the same, but in a sort of more fun way, He made a mist with his smoke around the area Alyssa was at. Grabing her and starting to shoot away from the location to a more hidden area. BASICLY LOL-GRAB attempt and leboost away.*
  138. 04/29/14(00:46:51) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) was absolutely powerless to do anything but watch as something moved toward Alyssa with the intent to murder her. Behind the robot, behind the scene which he himself couldn't do a fucking thing, was Red. And behind Red, him. And all Blue could do as the only friend he'd ever made was sliced... Was stand there, and hope his brother could save the day. "..."*
  140. 04/29/14(00:48:30) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) knew that he was basically launching himself into a deathtrap for the second time today; he wasn't stupid, he knew exactly how badly that robot might thrash him and everyone else here. Even still... he'd be damned if he was gonna sit here and let this bastard have its way and decimate everyone here... and everyone else in the world. Throwing all caution and logic to the wind, Takashi flew in between the Spirit Doll and the robot, bringing his sword down with a downward thrust to meet the robot's blade and parry it. "Alright, prick, let's get this one thing straight. I am NOT gonna sit here with my thumb up my ass and let you just kill whoever you want. You wanna fight so bad, fight someone that can still stand... bitch."*
  142. *Red had already been on his feet the moment he'd seen the machine line his fist up with Alyssa. His blade was already drawn before the woman had even hit the ground. His massive weights had been shed before she'd stopped sliding. Red's body quivered for a moment as the man made his step forward, and just before he made the effort to end Alyssa's live Red's body was gone. #77 would behold a mass of crimson energy before Red's body appeared in direct defiance of the machine's advances. His weapon held out, he swung once - enough power to knock the whirling blade away from its intended target were it to connect. "It's not over yet..!" His words were to Alyssa, though he kept his gaze directly on the machine. He wasn't aware if the woman could even hear what he was saying, but so long as he could inspire those around him to act.. "Don't give up! There's no shame in falling down!" His blade is held out before his body, and as time goes on the ground at his feet seems to noticably give way under the pressure this man was exerting. It seemed that his physical features had become more rigid - the man himself had gained a considerable amount of bulk, but appeared to lose next to no speed as a tradeoff. ...In fact, he seemed to simply be.. growing stronger. "True shame.." His weapon would glint a moment, reflecting the light of the sun in the metal of his blade. " to not rise again!" His words ring out - a signal to those around him that had face the machine moments prior to stand and act. His blade extends, and the man kicks off the ground in a direct beeline for the machine, attempting to plant the blade straight into its 'heart'.*
  144. Red(Carnak) activated Focus.
  145. Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) activated Focus.
  147. *Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) is, for the most part, unsurprised by this series of events. Red was ever so slightly more powerful than the majority of them, but no moreso than Alyssa...infact, the power he was outputting was about -half- of what she'd mustered. To say he was unimpressed was putting it lightly.. The sole surprise was in Green. Even to the soulless machine, the lack of hesitation in her to merely stand inbetween certain death and Alyssa, making a rather futile sacrifice..was unnerving. It made no tactile or even emotional sense. But then, he had little grasp of such things; the things meatbags did were of little concern to him outside of their capacity to grow. That was why he'd come. The combined efforts of Takashi and Red would deflect his strike, if narrowly, and it was likely the humans would feel their knees buckle parrying a blow from such a monstrous foe. #77 didn't hesitate in the least in his follow-up, the blade he'd drew receded into his forearm, replaced in instants with his balled fist. He'd hurtle it into Takashi's face, shortly thereafter, and then, he'd follow-up with a swift back-hand to Red intended to send him across the clearing. The swordsmen would find #77 more than capable of matching their steel weapons with his own fists, and all the while, he'd mount an offensive on Green as well. He would not flinch, he would not hesitate, even in the wake of furious slashes to his face. Nothing he was aware they could throw scared him. It was up to them to blow him away.*
  148. Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: I've seen almost all I need...
  149. Unit #77 Model E THOUGHT: I doubt there'll be any surprises henceforth.
  150. Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) THOUGHT: The end is near.
  151. 04/29/14(01:06:32) Unit #77 Model E used countdown.
  152. 04/29/14(01:07:02) Unit #77 Model E ended using countdown.
  153. 04/29/14(01:07:22) Green(Greggeh) becomes angry!
  154. 04/29/14(01:07:22) Green(Greggeh) is knocked out by low health!
  155. 04/29/14(01:07:45) Alyssa(YKWN) grabs Greggeh(Green)
  156. 04/29/14(01:08:10) BlueSoldier_Dude has gone AFK!
  157. 04/29/14(01:08:20) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) deactivated Focus.
  158. 04/29/14(01:08:29) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) activated Expand(4x).
  159. 04/29/14(01:08:37) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) used Sweeping Kick!
  160. 04/29/14(01:08:48) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  161. 04/29/14(01:08:55) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) is knocked out by low health!
  162. 04/29/14(01:08:57) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) deactivated Expand.
  163. 04/29/14(01:09:00) Green(Greggeh) regains consciousness
  164. 04/29/14(01:09:11) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  165. 04/29/14(01:09:33) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) used Sweeping Kick!
  166. 04/29/14(01:09:34) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  167. 04/29/14(01:09:38) Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) says: (Yeppo
  168. 04/29/14(01:09:49) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) deactivated Expand.
  169. 04/29/14(01:09:57) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  170. 04/29/14(01:10:20) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  171. 04/29/14(01:10:54) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) activated Expand(4x).
  172. 04/29/14(01:10:59) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  173. 04/29/14(01:11:15) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: C'mon, dammit... get up...
  174. 04/29/14(01:11:15) Unit #77 Model E(The Crownless King) used Sweeping Kick!
  175. 04/29/14(01:11:25) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: I gotta get up...
  176. 04/29/14(01:11:25) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  177. 04/29/14(01:11:52) Red(Carnak) activated Ki Blade.
  178. 04/29/14(01:12:05) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  179. 04/29/14(01:12:18) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) regains consciousness
  180. 04/29/14(01:12:22) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Kick!
  181. 04/29/14(01:12:27) Nyaeko(TypicalRig) becomes angry!
  182. 04/29/14(01:12:27) Nyaeko(TypicalRig) is knocked out by low health!
  183. 04/29/14(01:12:28) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  184. 04/29/14(01:12:39) Red(Carnak) becomes angry!
  185. 04/29/14(01:12:39) Red(Carnak) is knocked out by low health!
  186. 04/29/14(01:12:39) Red(Carnak) deactivated Focus.
  187. 04/29/14(01:12:40) Red(Carnak) deactivated Ki Blade.
  189. 04/29/14(01:13:30) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) attempted to sit back up, but a sharp jolt of blinding pain forced him to lie back down. Several bones in his body were broken, including his wrist and his nose, and blood was flowing freely from said nose as well as a bad gash above his forehead. He felt utterly helpless in the face of this monster that people called 'robot'. All he could do now is hope Red wouldn't be next.*
  191. 04/29/14(01:18:03) Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) THOUGHT: It does look like I am the one to step up next then.. Pfft.. what a fucking mess..
  192. 04/29/14(01:18:10) *Red(Carnak) moves as quickly as he possibly can, doing everything in his power to evade the monstrous robot's devastating blows while delivering as many of his own as he can muster. It just.. the thing's armor was so unbelievably dense. Every attack seemed to bounce off, but he did notice the wear. He was chipping away, ever so slightly, wearing the machine down until.. He slipped. Once. Once was just enough for the machine to capitalize on. Red is sent flying into the ground, his body beaten in such a way as to make movement almost impossible. His muscles quiver as he attempts to -force- his way back to his feet... which, after a time, he does with the help of his blade as a support. His face still bears that smug grin, despite sucking in air through gasping breaths.*
  193. *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) was inching himself closer and closer back to the battlefield on his one good arm, cursing bitterly under his breath as he found that Red wasn't in much better shape than he was. If he, Red and Alyssa couldn't beat him, what was there to do? Was he really going to die here, before he even turned sixteen?*
  195. 04/29/14(01:19:11) Blue(Soldier_Dude) becomes calm.
  197. 04/29/14(01:19:35) *Green(Greggeh) was just a jumble of cracked porcelain, her head was still attached to her torso by what appeared to be a series of strings, very strong white strings that seemed to be struggling to reattatch all of her parts, it appeared if one of these strings were cut, she'd likely die. *
  199. *Unit #77 Model E stumbled, a large cut across his chest from one of Red's strikes. ...No... Not one. -Dozens-. He'd swung at the human with unbelievable tenacity, as he had the rest. But unlike them, he'd refused to fall. He'd moved out of the way of each of his blows as if Red himself possessed precognition, some supernatural, -freakish- ability to dodge which the Android himself began to grow increasingly awed with. His HUD was alight with manic warnings of his systems actually sustaining considerable damage, and all the while, the human chipped away at him. Glancing blows struck Red, narrow ones, mere -brushes- of the other man's cheek from the inhumanly strong #77, but each one was enough to send him catapulting across the icy tundra. Only for him to continually return. What had begun as little more than an annoyance had proven to be one he could call -worthy-. This data was interesting enough for him to fulfill his one, true objective, that which he'd held all along..and then, as if a professor, grading an exam... "...Strength: Poor. Endurance: Poor." He rattled off, sparks emitting from the various cuts on his body as he stared into space, as if he were distracted, transmitting something to -someone-...
  201. "Reflexes...Exceeds expectations. Adaptability: Exceeds expectations. Potential.."
  203. He outstretched his arms in embrace, as he had at the very outset of the fight. But now, those cuts on his body were glowing with incredible intensity, the lightning surging loudly, -deafeningly- so, as the body of the robot began to alight, spiralling electricity blinding all in sight. He began to tremble, head twitching, eyes bugging out, as from here, data transmitted to something, someone, impossibly far, not mere miles but -lightyears- from this location. His mouth opened, and #77 moved to deliver the last bit of his report.
  205. "...It's..."
  207. And then he'd explode. Nothing but an explosion could be seen or heard for miles around after his final, -awed- statement. A statement expressed in no small part due to a human who'd stood, fought him toe to toe, emitting a paltry -ten percent- of his raw power, and another, who'd nearly matched it. It was in no small part due to them, but it was also due to the rest. Caedis and Takashi, too, had exceeded expectations, it'd seemed.
  209. Light drowned out all else, and a haunting sound could be heard across Earth, the last word spoken from the robot who'd fulfilled his sole purpose; to test the denizens of Earth. To know the depths of their potential. He'd judged them, and found it...
  211. "...Limitless."*
  213. 04/29/14(01:29:01) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... Oh... this isn't gonna end well....
  214. 04/29/14(01:32:58) *Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) doesn't escape from the explosion in time!*
  215. 04/29/14(01:34:24) *Red(Carnak) takes in a gasping breath, steeling his body for what was to come. He could feel how tense the air around him had become, and despite his physical state being nearly broken he'd noticed the buildup in power from the machine. They had to move. ...He looks off in the distance, eyeing his brother. "BLUE!" He shouts, driving his weapon into the ground with immense force, enough to catapult himself across Alyssa and Green's location.. where he would promptly attempt to grab them by the collar as he travelled. Now flying across the air, the man rode in on the shockwave of an explosion that was mere inches away from himself and the ground. "I HOPE YOU HAVE SOMEONE IN MIND BECAUSE I'M COMIN' IN HOT!" Despite his body in burning, searing pain, he was able to endure it. Long enough for him to get everyone to Blue's location. His aim was to take his little brother in his arms, carrying the ones too wounded to move with him.*
  216. 04/29/14(01:35:44) Red(Carnak) grabs Greggeh(Green)
  217. 04/29/14(01:35:49) Red(Carnak) activated Focus.
  218. 04/29/14(01:35:51) Red(Carnak) deactivated Focus.
  219. 04/29/14(01:36:00) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) opened his mouth wide open in shock, as he was finally forced into action. Action taken entirely due to his hand being forced. With Red and Alyssa in the state they were currently in, Blue felt the need to do basically the only damn thing he could prove any good for. Anyone who grouped around him would find that they were teleporting the -fuck- out of there, in a goddamned hurry. The time to go was now!*
  221. *Alyssa(YKWN) wakes up. She felt wet and she looked pale. Bloodloss will do that you. She looked down at her clothes, flushed, and then passed out again! But it was totally okay.*
  222. 04/29/14(01:46:23) *Red(Carnak) falls over with Blue and everyone grouped together in a large almost burnt heap. He groans, landing on his back and having sustained a fuckload of wounds. It only takes him a moment, though, and he's able to ignore the pain long enough to express his excitement.*
  223. 04/29/14(01:46:25) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) dropped to the ground, falling unconscious. Blood was still pouring from his nose and forehead, and it was quite clear he needed medical attention before he bled out.*
  224. 04/29/14(01:46:51) Red(Carnak) yells: HELL YES! THAT WAS AMAZING!
  225. 04/29/14(01:47:06) Red(Carnak) yells: I'VE NEVER FELT MORE ALIVE IN MY ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE!
  226. 04/29/14(01:47:21) *Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) was completely in shock over how close it was, he would lean to the wall, grinning as he would take up a huge pot of tea. "Anyone wantign something refreshing..?" he asked, it was really elixirs dumped into it, to heal the shit out of everyone, at least trying to fix them up for a bit. and all that bonkers stuff. Viagra and shit.*
  227. 04/29/14(01:47:35) Red(Carnak) says: ...Uh.
  228. 04/29/14(01:47:42) Red(Carnak) says: Oh man! Guys!
  229. 04/29/14(01:47:51) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) laid there, exhausted and he hadn't even -fought-. He was immediately at the side of the downed Alyssa, biting his lip... He felt a gnawing guilt that he hadn't been able to do a fucking -thing- but sit in watch in that exchange. He felt awful about it. "..."*
  230. 04/29/14(01:47:56) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: Fuck.
  231. 04/29/14(01:48:02) Alyssa(YKWN) says: ...
  232. 04/29/14(01:48:06) Alyssa(YKWN) says: ....hnnngh....
  233. 04/29/14(01:48:09) *Alyssa(YKWN) snorts.*
  234. 04/29/14(01:48:15) *Alyssa(YKWN) sleep bubble pop.*
  235. 04/29/14(01:48:18) *Red(Carnak) looks down, then up, then to Blue, then to Alyssa, then to everyone else. "Riiiight, I should probably fix this."*
  236. 04/29/14(01:48:19) Alyssa(YKWN) says: I'M AWAKE.
  237. 04/29/14(01:48:26) Alyssa(YKWN) says: I'M AWAKE I'M READY FOR ROUND TWO.
  238. 04/29/14(01:48:30) Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) says: (And I died.. thx)
  239. 04/29/14(01:48:32) Red(Carnak) says: Alyssa, we won!
  240. 04/29/14(01:48:33) Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) says: (xD)
  241. 04/29/14(01:48:40) Alyssa(YKWN) says: Hwah?
  242. 04/29/14(01:48:43) Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) says: ... Blue.
  243. 04/29/14(01:48:46) Red(Carnak) says: Look around.
  244. 04/29/14(01:48:47) Alyssa(YKWN) says: ...Well, I mean, yeah, uh, of course.
  245. 04/29/14(01:48:53) Alyssa(YKWN) says: I totally went all out and saved the day.
  246. 04/29/14(01:49:02) Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) says: You look shameful, don't be.. I did nothing at all.. Even though I should have.
  247. 04/29/14(01:49:07) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ........
  248. 04/29/14(01:49:15) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) would be better able to appreciate this victory if he wasn't currently passed out and bleeding copiously.*
  249. 04/29/14(01:49:17) Red(Carnak) says: Like Hell you're gonna take all the credit for this one!
  250. 04/29/14(01:49:32) Alyssa(YKWN) says: Okay, some other dudes fought too and it was cool.
  251. 04/29/14(01:49:57) Red(Carnak) says: Alright, just leave your fearless leader out of the script. It's fine. It's cool.
  252. 04/29/14(01:50:06) *Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) puts two cups up and puts some elixirs into them, giving to Alyssa and Red. Before doing the same for Blue and Taka. Fucking Tea operator right here.*
  253. 04/29/14(01:50:11) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) wasn't comforted by this. It didn't seem like anything was comforting him. He'd proceed to forcefully pump his own energy into Alyssa, in an attempt to heal her.. Something he probably could've done in the fight, his guilt reminded him. "...Red, you need me to take a look at...your wounds?" He sounded incredibly mellow.*
  254. 04/29/14(01:50:23) *Alyssa(YKWN) tilts her head to the side. "I do not recall you fighting...?"*
  255. 04/29/14(01:51:15) *Alyssa(YKWN) holds her stomach. "I believe I may puke." She turned away from Blue and proceeded to puke a lot of cyan stuff up before slowly turning around. Her hand was shaking, but she gave the younger boy a thumbs up.*
  256. 04/29/14(01:51:20) Alyssa(YKWN) says: Unnecessary second healing...!!!
  257. 04/29/14(01:51:28) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ........
  258. 04/29/14(01:51:44) *Red(Carnak) looks down, his body covered in -massive- bruises. In fact, quite a number of bones had been fractured... but the man seemed perfectly... fine? "...!" His eyes go wide, as though all of the pain and hurt had caught up with him in one instant. Red stumbled once, then fell flat on his face. Never had there been a more lifeless look on this man's eyes than there was now.*
  259. 04/29/14(01:52:10) *Alyssa(YKWN) looks between her vibrantly blue vomit and Red. Maybe she could just sort of...?*
  260. 04/29/14(01:52:38) *Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) just gives Alyssa some tea cause fuck it. But then Red just colapsed, and well, he was no healer so... He just poured some tea on Red. Hoping it hit his mouth, since it was healing herbs and shit in it.*
  261. 04/29/14(01:53:12) *Alyssa(YKWN) sips from her tea and gives a grateful nod. Tea was -definitely- a doctor-sponsored way to recover from blood loss. And it was also delicious!*
  262. *Blue(Soldier_Dude) nodded slowly to Alyssa. He looked like he'd just found- When Red fell to the ground, Blue abandoned her side in an instant. Instead, he was hovering over his brother like a mother hen, and he was at work, wholly, intently focused, kicking himself into high fucking gear. Energy left him, lifeforce, and was channeled into his brother. Blue would be -hurt-, but it didn't matter. He'd ignore the dumbfuck pouring tea on his sleeping brother. He was busy trying to mend his cuts and massive bruises, and reorient fractured and possibly -broken- bones, a difficult form of energy manipulation that required his utmost focus. This was all he could do to help, he reminded himself, trying not to let the guilt worm in... But you could do more, it told 'em. He couldn't keep being useless.*
  263. 04/29/14(01:56:28) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: I...can' anything...but help when it's all over. I'm dead weight until then..
  264. *Adam Rake(XxRampagExX) at least liked the fact that someone fucking apprechiated his tea. Looking at ALyssa and nodding as a thank you and all that.*
  265. Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: I'm done fixing things. I'm done doing nothing but healing, running...I want to stop them from getting hurt in the first place.
  266. Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: I guess...maybe training isn't so stupid after all.
  267. *Red(Carnak) lays lifeless for a moment, as though the energy wasn't doing anything to his near lifeless body. Blue's efforts seemed to be for nothing, despite putting his own health at risk to try and heal the serious wounds that he'd sustained from the battle. ...Then a loud groan was heard. "...Hnnng." Red stirs again, moving his hands and attempting to push himself back up to a sitting position. Most of his severe injuries had been patched, for the most part... vitality had come to him. It takes a moment for him to focus his vision, but when he does he manages to behold his brother at his side - seemingly more exhausted than he need to be. ...Possibly in pain? "..Ay." Blue would suddenly feel the broad arm of his older brother wrapping around his neck, looking him dead in the eye. "You're hurting yourself. Stop that."*
  268. *Green(Greggeh) just seemed to begin re-attatching herself, the strings began to pull back and her cracked porcelain skin seemed to make a loud 'click' as the limbs began popping back together, once she had fully healed herself in a sense, she seemed to look at her arms, the cracked clay made something that hadn't appeared on her lips appear. A frown line slowly ran across her mouth and she lowered her head, her eyelids clicked shut.*
  269. *Adam Rake decides that he is just going to sit there, not doing anything, cause he is not really relevant to the situation, just sipping tea softly to himself. rubbing his own neck softly. But to him, Blue had a point, problem was, Blue didn't train, and Adam did. But for some reason he felt that the robot was too much for him, he would NEVER be able to win versus it.. Just when he had gathered enough magic, was he able to do anything about it. And that had taken forever, as is. He looked ashamed. And almost heart-broken in a way, that he was so powerless, even when he knew that his offensive magics were in fact, really strong.*
  270. *Blue seized up. He was trembling, filled with a seething contempt for no one but -himself-. And in the wake of other people with similar feelings, he felt only stupider for feeling this way to begin with... And so he stood, and then ran off.*
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