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  1. # This is the config file of Statz v1.5.3.
  2. # You can configure Statz with this file.
  3. # The 'track stats' option can either be true of false. When it is true, Statz will record data of players. If it is false, Statz won't record any data.
  4. # The 'show database save message' option allows you to toggle the visibility of the 'Save message'. Every few minutes, the database of Statz is saved. If youset this option to false, Statz will still save the database, but won't show the message.
  5. # The 'periodic save time' value represents the time (in seconds) after an update is sent to the database. The default is 10 seconds and I don't recommend changing it.
  6. # You can experiment with it and see whether it improves performance for your server. A lower value means the database is updated more often, resulting in a decrement of performance.
  7. # Disabled statistics option can be used to disable a statistic. A list of statistics you can disable is provided here:
  8. # The 'ignore creative' option can either be true or false. When set to false, Statz will not log statistics of players that are in creative mode.
  9. # Enabling debug output will show you a host of messages in the console that can help you debug problems when you have any.
  10. # If 'use custom statz list' is set to true, the /statz command will show a list of statistics for a player. The statistics that get displayed can be altered by changing the 'custom statz list' variable.
  11. # For a list of statistics to use in the custom list, click here:
  12. # The 'use statz gui' option enables you to view the statistics of a player via a gui. It is disabled by default
  13. # The 'refresh player cache time' is the time (in seconds) to refresh the cache of a player, you should not have to alter it.
  14. track stats: true
  15. show database save message: false
  16. periodic save time: 10
  17. refresh player cache time: 60
  18. disabled statistics:
  21. ignore creative: false
  22. enable debug output: true
  23. latest patch mysql version: 0
  24. use custom statz list: false
  25. custom statz list:
  26. - JOINS
  27. - FOOD_EATEN
  29. use statz gui: false
  30. mysql:
  31.   enabled: false
  32.   hostname: localhost:3306
  33.   username: root
  34.   password: ''
  35.   database: Statz
  36. latest patch sqlite version: 5
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