Mega 4 - 10 - Ladder Throw

Mar 20th, 2020
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  1. Overhead, a fire escape, the kind that lowers on springs when a person is descending. It was drawn up, hanging in midair. Seven feet up?
  3. (...)
  5. I stopped short of the tantalizing fire escape. "Marco! Stand right there!" I pointed at a spot on the ground, ten feet away from the fire escape.
  7. I raced over to stand beneath the black-painted wrought iron. Turned, cupped my hands together below my waist.
  9. "Are you crazy?" Marco demanded.
  11. "You have a better idea?"
  13. "Ahhhhhh!" Marco yelled and ran straight at me. Jumped, seated his foot in my cupped hands. I heaved up, timing the movement to use his momentum.
  15. Up he went. Not far. Just enough. He grabbed the bottom of the fire escape, drew it down with his weight. The thing screeched with the strain of rusted metal on rusted metal.
  17. I caught it before it hit the ground and we blew up the stairs, crowding each other, frantic. The springs lifted up the stairs after us out of reach of our pursuers, but we weren't going to stop and toss off any clever comic book, "Take that, villain!" lines.
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