Autumnstone Charge (Jojo Story)

Nov 28th, 2018
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  1. >That was the day that changed everything
  2. >Two men burst into your room
  3. >They looked angry
  4. >You were playing with your imaginary friend and Sweetie Belle
  5. >The one on the left turned his attention to sweetie belle and asked one question
  6. >"Can you see it?"
  7. >Sweetie Belle, being only 4, was too scared to answer
  8. >The man became more angry
  9. >"Can you see it? Her 'imaginary friend?'"
  10. >She gave a weak nod
  11. >Just then a pink hair girl got in between them
  12. >"Here. Let me handle this. You shouldn't talk to children this way."
  13. >She knelt down
  14. >"I'm sorry sweet hearts. Please forgive my friends here. We're part of a organization for... shall we say... gifted souls. It's called the Speedwagon Foundation. You see, your sister's imaginary friend isn't imaginary. It's real. And the fact that you can see it as well means you, too, have one."
  15. >Sweetie Belle calmed some
  16. >"I-I do?"
  17. >"That's right."
  18. >She turned to you
  19. >"And you, Rarity. Can you tell me how old you are?"
  20. >You mumbled, pretty afraid yourself
  21. >"Eight."
  22. >"That's a great age. Your imaginary friend is what we adults call a Stand. It's very dangerous. And we want to train you how to keep it from hurting others. To do that however, you'll have to come with us."
  23. >A scream was heard, followed by a crash
  24. >It was your mother
  25. >"NO! You can't take them both! You can't."
  26. >One of the guards was holding her down
  27. >Instinctively, your imaginary friend flung forward, tying the strings emerging from it's finger tips around the guard
  28. >As if all the energy had been drain from him instantly, he fell too the floor
  29. >The pink haired woman
  30. >"Incredible. I look forward to nurturing this ability. I wonder what secrets it holds? Does your friend have a name?"
  31. >You nodded
  32. "Her Diamonds."
  33. >"Excellent. I think you have exactly what we're looking for."
  34. >Your mother yelled
  35. >"Don't listen to her!"
  36. >She flashed a glare and with a snap, your mom passed out
  37. "W-what did you do to her?"
  38. >"Don't you worry. I used my imaginary friend to make her sleep."
  39. >She pointed to the front door
  40. >"This way please. You'll be back with your mommy by the end of the summer. Think of it as a fun vacation."
  41. >You nodded and stood up
  42. >Sweetie Belle was shocked
  43. >"Y-you're really going to go with them?"
  44. "Yeah. You should too Sweetie Belle."
  45. >She looked down
  46. >"Ok, Rarity."
  47. >That was your sister
  48. >Always followed your lead
  49. >You followed the woman out too a long limo
  50. >You couldn't believe your eyes
  51. >Growing up with a single mother in a poor neighborhood you may as well have been walking to heaven
  52. >You'd never sat on a seat as nice as the one in the limo in your entire life
  53. >Sweetie Belle hugged you close
  54. "Who are you? What's your name?"
  55. >"My name is Pinkie Diane Pie. I'm the Current Deputy Director of the Speedwagon Fondation. The Head Director and I are finding children all over the country and abroad with abilities like you and your sister have."
  56. >You tilted your head
  57. "Whatever for?"
  58. >"You'll learn. Just not now."
  59. >Her Diamonds appeared, embracing you along with Sweetie
  60. >"I'm sorry. I know this all must be quite terrifying. But I must ask you a few more questions."
  61. >You simply nodded
  62. >"When did your stand first appear?"
  63. "I can't remember. I've always had her for as long as I can remember."
  64. >Pinkie seemed delighted by the answer, she recorded it on her clipboard
  65. >"And what are it's known abilities?"
  66. "Abilities?"
  67. >"What have you seen it able to do?"
  68. "Well... she has strings on her fingers. The left hand strings weaken anything they touch and she can control them. Like a puppeteer."
  69. >"Do this work on living and non living objects?"
  70. >You nodded
  71. >"And the right hand strings?"
  72. "They make everything really strong. Once time I was nearly hit by a car. But she put all the strings into my hand and I actually stopped the car."
  73. >"Incredible. Sweetie Belle? Do you have an imaginary friend too?"
  74. >She shook her head
  75. >"Well hopefully we can coax one out. Because you certainly have the potential."
  76. >The ride lasted a total of 2 hours
  77. >It was quite pleasant
  78. >You had rich people food and even got to watch movies
  79. >It ended in a large facility
  80. >It was a large pyramid structure outside the city in the middle of nowhere
  81. >"Now if you'll just follow me, you'll get your rooms and meet your bunk mates."
  82. >You followed Pinkie to the large metal entrance, manned by two armed guards
  83. >Sweetie Belle didn't stop hugging you side the entire time
  84. >The inside was much like that of a hospital
  85. >Tile floors, boring single color walls
  86. >The only difference was all the occupants had large rifles
  87. >You were taken through one of the doors and separated from Sweetie Belle
  88. >You were given a physical, and new clothes
  89. >A boring blue jumpsuit
  90. >After the processing, you were lead to a room with four other bunk beds
  91. >Out of all the beds, there were only two others there
  92. >One was an older girl with red hair
  93. >She must have been at least 16-17
  94. >The other was around 10 and had pink hair
  95. >The red haired one spoke as the glass door was shut and locked behind you
  96. >"Well look at this Fluttershy. A newbie."
  97. >The one she called Fluttershy hid under the covers
  98. >"Don't mind her, she's shy. My name is Sour Sweet. What's yours?"
  99. "Rarity."
  100. >"Rarity huh? Well welcome to the crew."
  101. "Where are the rest of them? There's eight beds here."
  102. >"Only two other beds are occupied in this cell. The one closest to the barred window belongs to Flitter, and the one above my bed belongs too Blossomforth. So take your pick from the rest."
  103. >You chose one of the top bunks
  104. "So what is this place?"
  105. >"A prison basically. A place they keep us until our stands mature. After that I have no idea what happens. But they always vanish."
  106. "Don't they go home? Pinkie Pie said we'd only be staying here for the summer."
  107. >Sour Sweet laughed
  108. >"Oh that's rich. Toots, you're here for life. I've been here for over six years now."
  109. >You felt sick to your stomach
  110. "But... that..."
  111. >"Don't worry. You get used to it. You're lucky you bunked with us. We're friendly."
  112. >"A word too the wise Rarity. Stay away from Vignette Valencia and her clique. She's queen bitch and she doesn't like it when people challenge her authority."
  113. >Fluttershy squeaked
  114. >"Her stand is pretty scary too."
  115. >You climbed up to the top of your bed and plopped down
  116. >You were still reeling for all this
  117. >You wanted to get out
  118. "Is there any way out of here?"
  119. >"Many have tried, no have succeeded. This place in an impenetrable fortress. Unless you have a stand that can teleport by chance."
  120. "I don't I'm afraid."
  121. >"What is your stand anyway?"
  122. >You manifested Her Diamonds
  123. >It's entire body was black as soot and everything but it's head looked as if it were a skeleton
  124. >It's face was a blank mask with oval eyeholes
  125. >The top of it's head had what looked like a boomerang on it, the ends jutting out from the left side of it's head
  126. >"Interesting appearance. Guess it's only fair we show you ours. That means you Fluttershy."
  127. >"But-"
  128. >"That means you."
  129. >Sour Sweet's stand manifested in the form of a tall, mostly featureless humanoid
  130. >It had a beady red eye on the cent of it's face and half of it was white while the other half was black
  131. >"This is Disturbia. Beautiful ain't it?"
  132. "What's it do?"
  133. >"Don't worry. You'll find out one of these days. Fluttershy."
  134. >"Y-yes."
  135. >Fluttershy's stand took the form of a humanoid in a hazmat suit
  136. >"Fluttershy's is pretty neat. Her stand, Codeine Crazy, gives her the power to transmit any disease she knows. However, there's a catch. Any disease she transfers to one person, effects her at a quarter of the potency. Meaning the higher the dose, the more lethal it is to her."
  137. >Fluttershy sulked
  138. >"I hate it. It's so destructive."
  139. >"What about you? What's yours do?"
  140. "It's simple really. Each hand has five strings. Right hand strengthens while the other weakens. Depending how much strings are on each body part it will the strengthen or weakness will vary. Watch."
  141. >You used Her Diamonds to pick up a piece of paper, placing the left hand strings around it
  142. >With hardly a touch, the paper crumbled to dust
  143. "And now the strengthening."
  144. >You grabbed another, punching it as hard as you could
  145. >It was harder than platinum
  146. >Sour Sweet titled her head
  147. >"That's impressive."
  148. >All of a sudden the door opened again
  149. >It was Pinkie
  150. >"Rarity if you would come with us please."
  151. "As if. You lied! You said we'd be out by the end of the summer! You're not even intending to let me out!"
  152. >Pinkie sighed
  153. >"If you come with us, I'll explain exactly why. The entire world is in grave danger."
  154. >Sour Sweet rolled her eyes
  155. >"Looks like you're getting the talk ag-"
  156. >With a snap of pinkie's fingers, Sour Sweet passed out
  157. >"That's enough out of you. Now Rarity. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. You pick."
  158. >You glared
  159. >As strong as your stand was, there was no way you could combat Pinkie's ability to seemingly knock people unconscious with the click of her fingers
  160. >At least this way you'd find out why you were here
  161. "Fine."
  162. >"I knew you'd see it my way."
  163. >You followed Pinkie to an elevator and she pressed the button too the basement floor
  164. "Where are we going?"
  165. >"I'm going to show you the reason you're here. At least in part."
  166. >The elevator climbed down and down until finally it opened to a long dark hallway
  167. >You followed Pinkie down until you met a large steel door
  168. >After inputting a code, it opened
  169. >You couldn't believe your eyes
  170. >Someone, wrapped head to toe in bandages, was chained to the floor
  171. >Blood was everywhere
  172. >You began to shake
  173. >"Don't be frightened. Despite appearances, he is our ally."
  174. "J-just... just tell me what's going on."
  175. >"This man has a one of a kind stand ability. It has no combat function, however it does something greater. It can access time itself."
  176. "Access time?"
  177. >"Yes. What I'm saying is, he can see into the future, or shall I say, possible futures. And many of the futures ahead of us are not bright."
  178. "But if you can see into the future, what's the point of all this?"
  179. >"It seems to have a nasty drawback. Every time he peers into a possible future he loses a bit of his sanity. He's lost it to such a degree he can't even manifest his stand anymore."
  180. >Pinkie ushered you back
  181. >"Now to the reason you're here. A threat looms over us. A stand with power beyond that of anything we've encountered. A stand that could destroy the very universe. We need as many stand users as possible to combat this threat."
  182. "When will it happen?"
  183. >"We don't know. But we know of some warning signs."
  184. >You both walked back into the elevator and it began to make it's assent up
  185. >"This is, unfortunately, why we must keep you here. We need your strength Rarity. Otherwise you'll have no home to return too."
  186. >You looked down
  187. >You always admired super heros in comics
  188. >Putting their lives on the line when the entire world was at the brink
  189. >You just never imagined you'd be one such super hero
  190. >Or how unglamorous it all was
  191. >But if it meant securing a world for your little sister, you'd do anything
  192. "Fine. I'll help. Just promise me one thing."
  193. >"What's that?"
  194. >The elevator hit floor twenty
  195. "You'll keep Sweetie Belle safe."
  196. >"I'll do all in my power to do so."
  197. "Thank you."
  198. >You walk out to find various glass rooms
  199. >People were fighting inside them
  200. >Some with their stands, some without
  201. >"Alright Rarity. We now have to push your stand to the limit to test it's power. I won't lie to you. This is going to be painful. But I trust you can handle it."
  202. "I'll do it."
  203. >"Good. Please head to room 12 and we will begin the test."
  204. >She turned to one of the guards
  205. >"Please bring out Valencia. She should be a good match for Rarity."
  206. >Valencia...
  207. >That's the girl Sour told you to avoid
  208. >Well no helping it now
  209. >You walked into room 12 and prepared yourself
  210. >All the things you said to Pinkie
  211. >Most of them were lies
  212. >You were just playing nice until you could break out of this dump
  213. >They'd survive without you
  214. >You looked at the glass to see Pinkie and two others sat beside her, all holding clipboards
  215. >Finally Vignette entered
  216. >She was pretty much how you pictured her to be
  217. >Tall, caked makeup, a posture of over confidence
  218. >Everything about her screamed bully
  219. >She smiled
  220. >"I always love some fresh meat."
  221. >A voice sounded over the microphone
  222. >It was one of the people sat next to Pinkie
  223. >She had long purple hair and glasses
  224. >She looked surprisingly young
  225. >"Hello Rarity. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Head Director of the Speedwagon Fondation Twilight Sparkle. For this test we are simply going to push your stand too it's absolutely limit in combat. When you're ready, please manifest your stand so we can begin."
  226. >You took a deep breath
  227. "Her Diamonds."
  228. >Your stand appeared
  229. >Valencia just laughed
  230. >"That's what it is? God this is going to be too easy. Jumpin' Jack Flash."
  231. >Vignette's Stand emerged
  232. >It wasn't what your were expecting
  233. >It was small, like a toddler and wore a white dress
  234. >It's body seemed to be maid of paper mache and on it's face was a crudely painted face, almost like something a child would draw
  235. >It's hair looked as though it was made from string and it's nails candy
  236. >It spoke
  237. >"Play! Play! Play!"
  238. >Vignette smiled and kneeled down
  239. >"What's today's game Jumping Jack Flash?"
  240. >The stand jumped up and down in a giddy fashion
  241. >"Hanged man! Hanged man!"
  242. >"Ohhh. A personal favorite."
  243. >In a flash of confetti, a hanged man's noose appeared around yours and Valencia's neck
  244. >On the ground appeared several blank spaces
  245. >"You're familiar with how this works do you not?"
  246. "Of course I do."
  247. >You were trying to hide your fear, but in truth, you were panicking
  248. >But you had to live
  249. >For Sweetie Belle
  250. >"You get first letter."
  251. "E."
  252. >You felt a rush of pain as one of your ankles was cut wide open
  253. >You let out a scream
  254. >"Oh something you should know. Every wrong letter harms the person who called it. B"
  255. >Two B's filled in the spaces
  256. >You had to stay calm
  257. >You look at one of the windows
  258. >A hang mans noose had been drawn and a stick leg appeared
  259. >It clicked
  260. >All you had to do was concentrate the strength strings on the next leg
  261. >Hopefully they did it in order
  262. >Vignette's stand bounced up and down again
  263. >"Play! Play! Play!"
  264. >You put all of Her Diamond's stings onto your left leg
  265. >"Uh... I."
  266. >Another wrong letter
  267. >The next leg was drawn, however this time only a small paper cut appeared on your thigh
  268. >This appeared to anger Jumpin' Jack Flash
  269. >It began to stomp it's feet
  271. >"That's right Jack. She did. I guess that means we can cheat too huh?"
  272. >The stand smiled
  273. >"Yeah! Yeah!"
  274. >You glared
  275. "I didn't cheat! I was protecting myself!"
  276. >Jumpin' Jack Flash stuck her tongue out
  277. >"Cheater, cheater, cheater!"
  278. >Vignette smiled
  279. >"O."
  280. >An O appeared next to the first B
  281. "A."
  282. >Two A's appeared
  283. >"The word is Bombs Away."
  284. >JJF smile and did a cartwheel
  285. >"Winner!"
  286. >A huge blow landed squarely in your stomach
  287. >It felt as if someone had throw a steel ball right into your intestines
  288. >You fell to the ground, coughing
  289. >"Next game! Next game!"
  290. >"What is it Jack?"
  291. >"Flashlight Tag!"
  292. >Another flash of confetti and an array of flashlights appeared around the room
  293. >The began to blink on an off at random
  294. >One of the lights touched part of your arm
  295. >It felt like a flamethrower had been set on it
  296. >This would be childs play for you though
  297. >You attached the strength strings to each of your limbs
  298. >You could now at a super human speed
  299. >"CHEATER!"
  300. >"Yes Jack. What should we do?"
  301. >You watched and noticed she didn't dodge a single light
  302. >This was rigged from the start
  303. >The lights all began to converge right on you
  304. >You smiled
  305. >Now as your shot
  306. >You concentrated the strings in your legs, being about to duck under the lights with only a bit of your torso getting singed
  307. >You ran at her faster than she could react
  308. >In the next split second, you put all the strings into your fist and punched her with full force
  309. >Valencia was slammed right against the wall, her face twisted and multiple teeth on sprayed across the floor
  310. >Twilight spoke on the intercom
  311. >"Very well done Rarity. I think I've seen enough. We'll need to get you a tougher opponent."
  312. >Through the pain Valencia looked at you with eyes of sheer hatred
  313. >"You shouldn't have done that! You are going to regret today, make my words! You hear me!?"
  314. >A couple of guards wheeled her out on a stretcher
  315. >As good as you felt about that victory, you couldn't help but feel sorry for her face
  316. >You way over did it
  317. >Pinkie and Twilight were waiting outside for you
  318. >Pinkie clapped
  319. >"Well done, well done. You'll get an award for that victory."
  320. "What award?"
  321. >"You have three options: a meal of your choice, an extra free time slot, or a free A on a test."
  322. "A test?"
  323. >"Yes. You will be completing written tests, as well as physical ones."
  324. "I'll just take the extra free time then."
  325. >"Then it's settled. Instead of going to strength training tomorrow, you'll be allowed to go the lounge."
  326. "Thank you. So what now?"
  327. >"You'll head back to your room until dinner is ready."
  328. >Back at your room, Sour Sweet was ellated
  329. >"I can't believe you did that! I only wish I could've seen the look on that stupid bitch's face when you smacked her silly!"
  330. >You looked down
  331. "I feel bad though. I really messed her face up. She's probably going to need surgery."
  332. >"Oh you don't need to worry about that unfortunately. One of the girls here... what's here name... she has a stand ability that allows her to rearrange things to the original shape."
  333. >Fluttershy lifted an eyebrow
  334. >"You mean Redheart?"
  335. >"Redheart! That's her name."
  336. "You mean it can heal her?"
  337. >"Not quite. Just return it to the shape it was. She'll still have damage and be missing those teeth too."
  338. >Sour Sweet laughed
  339. >"I don't care what anyone says newbie, you're a friend in my book."
  340. "Why do you all hate her so much? Is she really that mean?"
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