cc iris zee 2

Jul 23rd, 2012
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  1. >"Hey, anyone up for a shower?"
  2. "Me."
  3. >"Me."
  4. >"It's unanimous." Zee flaps his wings. "Let's get on with that shower."
  5. >The three of you trot on towards the master bedroom shower, all side by side as Iris activates the water.
  6. "Hey wait, isn't the water going to be co-"
  7. >You are cut off as the ice-cold shower assaults your senses with its bite.
  8. >The three of you simultaneously shriek in surprise, your late night/wee hours of the morning shower reawakening your bodies and your minds as well.
  9. >You freeze. (not from the cold, but as a movement descriptor)
  10. >You are NOT Carbon Copy.
  11. >At all.
  12. >You look to your friends, and the similar looks on their faces tell you that they just suffered the same realization.
  13. "G-guys..."
  14. >Zee/Richie turns away, keeping his eyes shut.
  15. >Iris/Tom starts to shiver, mouth opening and closing, but no sounds escape their muzzle.
  16. >Tears start to form in his/her eyes, and you can hear a small hiccuping cough come from Richie.
  17. >"I-I just *hic* f-f-f-fucked..."
  18. >Your jaw is clenched more tightly than you thought possible.
  19. >The acts you just committed with one of your best friends...
  20. >A sickening feeling washes over you and you have to lean against a wall of the open shower to stay standing.
  21. >Tom begins to hyperventilate, tears falling from her oversized eyes.
  22. >You see her swallow hard, and look to you, tears falling down at the same rate as the shower.
  23. >"I....I..."
  24. >She falls to her haunches, and then lies down, covering her face with her forehooves.
  25. >Shame and loud wails fill the room as the water comes down in an almost appropriate movie-esque sccene.
  26. >Three friends; best friends.
  27. >Transformed into ponies.
  28. >Overcome by your new identities, if only for a few minutes, took part in an unspeakable act with one who was born male.
  29. >Oh shit, did that make you gay?
  30. >You shake your head.
  31. >No, it doesn't. By whatever happened, you are all definitely how you are now. Male or female, pony or non. Guy on girl isn't gay.
  32. "...I'm sorry."
  33. >"We all are! But that doesn't make it RIGHT!"
  34. >Richie has turned back to you now, face filled with anger.
  35. >"Dammit! I didn't want this! I j-just wanted to fly..."
  36. >He kneels down to Tom, who has not stopped crying.
  37. >You step over to her other side and kneel down.
  38. >You all sit there for a time as the water slowly warms up, beating against your bodies as you both press yourselves against your broken friend.
  39. >Long after the shower turns hot, Tom's wails have turned into sobs, and her hooves reach out and hold the two of you.
  40. >You both return the hug and hold her until she manages to talk again, her voice scratchy from the five+ minutes of constant screaming.
  41. >"I can't...we just...had SEX...m-my first time...and I ..."
  42. "Hey, was...mine too."
  43. >"Whatever happened in there stays in there, ok? I think none of us were in our right minds...hell, I was pretty sure I was Zee in there."
  44. >You sigh deeply and rise to your hooves, taking the clinging mare with you.
  45. >Zee also gets up, if only to balance out Iris.
  46. >...
  47. >Richie, Tom.
  48. >This shit was infectious, more so because their bodies are ACTUALLY Zee's and Iris', just like yours is Carbon Copy's.
  49. >You suddenly have a sense of not belonging in your own skin, but shake it off and help take Tom to the towel rack instead.
  50. >You turn to grab a towel off the rung, and when you look back, Richie is holding Tom with one hoof behind her neck, and one near her flanks.
  51. >"Hey, check this out:"
  52. >He closes his eyes shut, before tilting his head up.
  53. >"What are we fighting foooooor!?"
  54. >You're stunned.
  55. >A:Richie's obviously recovered his sense of humor.
  56. >B: Did he seriously just make that god-awful MMX4 reference?
  57. >Your stoic silence is broken when you hear a giggle.
  58. >A woman's giggle, or in this case: mare.
  59. >"Was my acting that bad? I couldn't have been worse than the english overdubber guy."
  60. >Tom stifles her growing laughter with a hoof.
  61. "How can you guys be laughing?"
  62. >"How can you NOT, that was the worst rendition of Iris' death I've ever been a part of!"
  63. >"Pshh, it's the only rendition you've been a part of. Which means it was also the best!"
  64. >You crack a grin.
  65. >It's like they were never changed.
  66. >Only minutes ago you were trying to console your friend over his loss of female virginity, and now she's pulling horrible acting scenes and jokes.
  67. >Breathing deeply, you throw a towel at the duo, covering their heads.
  68. "Bpp, encore, that was awful, give us some more, woo!"
  69. >Richie shakes his head within the towel unsuccessfully, and Tom levitates the whole thing up and then wraps herself in it, drying off.
  70. >"You know you're supposed to cheer OR boo, right?"
  71. "Eh. Couldn't care less."
  72. >You grab your own towel and rub yourself into it, trying to dry your fur.
  73. >Shit's harder than it sounds.
  74. >After a few unsuccessful tries to get your tail and back, an aura envelops it, and begins to dry you off with rapid shakes, rubbing at your back and shimmying down your tail.
  75. "Aaaahhh..."
  76. >"Seriously, what would you two do without me?"
  77. >"Probably spend all day wet? Speaking of, I'm just gonna head outside."
  78. >Rich flaps his wings rapidly until the water is no longer dripping off them.
  79. >"I'm gonna get myself air-dried. Good luck gettin the shakedown, dude."
  80. >Keeping his wings out to his sides, he struts out like a pigeon, still leaving a water trail from the rest of his body.
  81. "You're still leaving-"
  82. >He flips the middle feather of his wings out.
  83. >You stare in confusion and surprise as he walks away with a smug-ass look on his face, flipping you the bird with feathers.
  84. "How the..."
  85. >Finally Tom is done drying you off, and hangs the towels on the rung.
  86. >"Don't question it. I think...while we weren' bodies got used to certain things, like this magic. I couldn't use it as a demihuman, and now I can use it second nature."
  87. >Second nature...well you did manage to open a door once without your mouth.
  88. > ramming into it.
  89. >Is that natural?
  90. >Or, more like how you managed to use tools and do a better job than you ever could have done as a human.
  91. >You barely knew what you were doing, but the door was just kind of...fixed for the most part.
  92. "Maybe...I kind of feel I pulled the short straw in this arrangement. Wings, magic, and I'm Ma-Ti with the power of heart over here. I know I'm really strong, and more fit than I've ever been. I've been able to experience the Earth Pony traits since day one of this nonsense, and now I'm sorta sore from the loss of dexterity...but I'm rambling. Shit, look at me go..."
  93. >Tom raises an eyebrow at you.
  94. >"Where the hell are you going with this?"
  95. "Apparently's just...I don't know. Things are moving fast. Like scary fast. We were human yesterday, or a day before that. Now everything just started going by like-like--I don't know, something fast. We just had sex, you were freaking out! Suddenly everything is fine! What happened?"
  96. >"Well..."
  97. >She avoids your gaze.
  98. >"I got over it."
  99. >...
  100. "Got over it."
  101. >"Uh huh."
  102. "You expect me to believe that you're okay losing your virginity to two of your best friend-"
  103. >"You. I lost it to you."
  104. >You stop for a moment, stunned by the revelation.
  105. >Somehow in that haze of sex you didn't realize that you had been the one to penetrate first.
  106. >But...
  107. "I think I should be more worried."
  108. >"More worried? I'm more worried about being dissected by the government than if I should have been freaking out over turning into a girl and getting laid."
  109. >What does it take to finish a thought around here?
  110. "...I'm saying I SHOULD be more worried, and since I'm not worried directly, that worries me."
  111. >She rolls her eyes.
  112. >"Wow. You've got issues."
  113. "You don't know the half of it."
  114. >She walks out and into the living room, leaving you alone in the master bathroom.
  115. >You blink and shake your head as many thoughts seem to pass through and disappear.
  116. >You took your friend's virginity, and apparently it was ok with her...and somehow calling Tom her is natural, just like calling her Iris.
  117. >What if she gets pregnant? Are you the only three ponies in existence? Who else knows about you, what WILL the government do?
  118. >...why does the idea of getting her pregnant seem so appealing?
  119. >You need a drink.
  120. >Not that you were one for binge drinking or the heavy stuff, but there was always some in the fridge. Or maybe anything that could get your mind off of this stuff.
  121. >You trudge yourself into your room and pop a squat into your chair, grabbing your mouse in one hoof and laying the other on your keyboard.
  122. >...
  123. >Minutes later you are laughing at yourself for thinking this was going to work.
  124. >Hoof on keyboard, ur doin it wrong.
  125. "Pff."
  126. >Fed up, you return ot the living room, sight of the fridge from the side you were on reminding you about that drink.
  127. >You walk right by Ir-Tom and Richie.
  128. "Frick."
  129. >You mumble to yourself as you head towards the fridge.
  130. >Why is it so hard to keep their correct names associated to them? Is the dolls' magic not done until your minds are overwritten by your characters'?
  131. >You pull the fridge back and reach in, snagging a single Coors.
  132. "Anyone else up for a drink?"
  133. >"Nah."
  134. >"I'm good."
  135. >You look back to the drink in your hoof.
  136. >...
  137. >Well isn't that something?
  138. >You position your head over the top and jerk your jaw to lightly open the fliptop tab.
  139. >The cool liquid fizzes and tries it's best to foam out of the tab.
  140. >Lifting the can to your lips, you take a swig.
  141. >...
  142. >You can't swallow it.
  143. >Lurching suddenly to the sink, you pour it out and spit what was in your mouth.
  144. >As the sink washes the remains of the beer down the drain you mumble once more to yourself.
  145. "First meat, and now beer too...damn it."
  146. >Maybe...
  147. >You crush the can against your forehead and toss it towards the recycling.
  148. >Your two friends are seated, watching a movie.
  149. "What's on?"
  150. >"It's some action flick. You probably never heard of it."
  151. "So what, it's The Hipster? Come on, what is it? I need a distraction and fast."
  152. >Rich turns to face you with a look on his face most reminiscent of "are you for fucking real" mixed in with a little "come on, dumbass".
  153. >It looks goofy.
  154. >"It's Bourne. Happy?"
  155. "Tremendously so."
  156. >Your eyes trail towards the window in the same area.
  157. >That cloud.
  158. >That fucking cloud is still there, hovering over your pool.
  159. "Richie, why is your cloud parked in front of my pool?"
  160. >"It followed me home, can we keep it?"
  161. "I'd say yes, but I'm worried it might take a leak inside. How will we punish it? Slapping it with a feather duster?"
  162. >This elicits a laugh from your pals as you make your way to the couch.
  163. >Both of them are seated like a normal pony would be.
  164. >So, naturally, you attempt the same position.
  165. >...
  166. >It isn't as comfortable as you would have hoped.
  167. >You instead opt the lazy route, and just lie down, all four hooves sticking in one direction, setting your head against a pillow for comfort.
  168. >"Aww, you can't into pony positions, huh?"
  169. "I don't want to hear it. Just let me lie down and find some comfort."
  170. >"Why don't you go lie down in bed? It is the middle of the night, you know."
  171. >...oh is, isn't it.
  172. "Nah."
  173. >You lay there and find rest, dozing off as you watch the marvelous misadventures of Jason Bourne.
  175. E L S E W H E R E
  176. >A general walks into the intelligence room of a military surveillance site.
  177. >"What do we have here, exactly?"
  178. >One man at the screens responds after a quick stand and salute.
  179. >"It appears, sir, that something not human took to the skies in these coordinates, grabbed a cloud like it was solid and took it back to the ground over this building. The cloud now does not move, be it due to wind or barometric pressure that SHOULD cause it to rain. It's just stationary."
  180. >"And what are these images for?"
  181. >The general points to another screen, at a large blue creature wearing a coat.
  182. >"That's footage from the cameras at a grocery store not far from the same area as the first one. It was taken later that night. This one appears quadrupedal and fast, but cameras lost it. I would wager that it is living in the house where the one that moved the cloud is."
  183. >"One red and one blue, hmm? Definitely not human. And one isn't even bipedal? Strange. For now, we do not have clearance to move in. Just keep an eye on them and report to me."
  184. >"Yes, sir!"
  186. >You wake up underneath a blanket, still on the floor in front of the TV.
  187. "Huh..."
  188. >The sun is fully out, but you can't hear any other noises in the house, not even the AC or the laundry machines...
  189. >Speaking of, at least that's one chore you may never have to do again; which was good, considering your lack of dexterity.
  190. >You think back on the previous night...
  191. >The store, the door, Iris...the shower and finally your whining.
  192. >It wasn't complaining, it was full blown bitching and moaning, whining like an alabaster unicorn.
  193. >Only differences were you weren't being forced into slavery, and your voice couldn't get that high pitched.
  194. >You shake your head and rise to your hooves.
  195. >Trotting to the bedrooms, you find, thankfully, that Tom is in her own room apart from Richie.
  196. "At least we're still in control of ourselves. Maybe it was only temporary."
  197. >Heading back towards the kitchen, you try to formulate the best plan for breakfast.
  198. >Somehow you planned on becoming ponies enough to stockpile the right food, but now you're shit out of luck on preparing anything short of a salad.
  199. "...or toast...let's just go with that."
  201. >An hour later and your party of three fed, you take a note from Twilight Sparkle and prepare an itinerary.
  202. "Okay gang, gather round, we've got some planning to do."
  203. >Your friends share a confused look.
  204. >You're all already seated at a round table.
  205. >You pull up a whiteboard and marker.
  206. "Tom, if you would be so kind."
  207. >She grabs the marker telekinetically.
  208. "Right, well first off, we've become ponies. Our OC, in fact."
  209. >"Thank you, captain obvious. Without you, where would we be?"
  210. >After shushing an impatient Richie, you return to your list.
  211. "As you know, we really cannot go back outside again to interact with the outside world without drawing some serious attention."
  212. >You begin to pace, like a college teacher giving a lecture.
  213. "Food, we have about enough for a week. We've got entertainment, and we've got each other. Also Rich has a cloud."
  214. >He beams.
  215. "First thing we have to do is contact someone we trust well enough to be our intermediary. We can't really move on without someone like this. Second, we have to discover what it was that turned us into ponies and find out if the transformation can be reversed."
  216. >This one gets some awkward breaking of eye contact.
  217. "Not that we should turn back into humans guys, but if the option is there, we should know about it, don't you think? At the very least just to discover if this is going to be happening to more people around the globe."
  218. >Rich raises a hoof.
  219. "What is it?"
  220. >"Hey, like, if we can hold things in our forehooves, why can't we hold some things in our rear hooves as well? Aren't they like, the same?"
  221. >Mouth open, mouth closed, eye blink, mouth open again, wide stare, look inquisitively at rear hooves.
  222. "That's not what we're talking about, dude.Back on subject."
  223. >"Obviously, those dolls came from somewhere. And from somewhere means someone made them. And if I had to guess, they're magic too. Whoever did it had to know that we roleplayed as these three characters on that chat, however long ago that was."
  224. >"So some shmuck from the RP had magic and decided we should be the ponies we portrayed. Big deal, problem solved. Get on with our lives."
  225. "It's not that simple, and--rrrg."
  226. >Rich has already strutted out the back door.
  227. "What the HELL do you think you're doing? Get back in here, I'm not done!"
  228. >"I am. You'll find me researching in depth why RD always relaxes in clouds. Ciao."
  229. "...well, let's just continue then, if he's going to be a child about it. The list. Item three, Discover our physical limits in our new bodies. Speed and stamina, jumping height/distance, top speed, telekinetic max load, fly speed and how much we can carry. Fourth, discover our cutie mark talents. Number fi-"
  230. >Tom's hoof is raised.
  231. >You motion to her.
  232. >"Right, well we already know what we can do. Why is this even on the list?"
  233. >You shift on your hooves uncomfortably.
  234. "Uh...well...perhaps to see if the marks give is insight on their respective fields? I mean, Richie played video games with swords, he never learned how to use em. And you weren't studying to be an optician, but a dietary specialist or something."
  235. >"I was getting certification for becoming a full time personal trainer and health specialist, thankyouverymuch. But the point of this is that only you don't know what the hell your mark means."
  236. >A grimace overtakes your face.
  237. >Hit the nail on the head.
  238. "Tom...while that's true and also hurtful can we please stay focused?"
  239. >She giggles.
  240. >"Alright, number five?"
  241. "Number five....uhh...the part where...we decide what we're going to do with our lives."
  242. >"And how about number six, agree to just call me Iris, since referencing me as a female and as Tom is a little uncomfortable."
  243. >For fucking real?
  244. >After all that effort in trying to keep Toms name on straight in your head, it turns out she'd rather answer to a feminine name?
  245. >"I mean, after all, regardless of what happened, I'm a girl now. I can't think of myself any other way. I find you two very attractive in your own ways, and I don't think that Tom would ever have been like that. So yeah, I'm Iris now. Not the character, but me."
  246. >...
  247. >What.
  248. >"And hey, you wanna go out some time? I've known you for years, should make the dating process go a little easier."
  249. FWUMP
  251. >You have fainted.
  252. >Your eyes slammed shut from losing consciousness before your head hit the ground, thankfully.
  253. >The hell kinda idea was that?
  254. >You have the most ridiculous whyboner for your friend turned mare.
  255. >If only you could tell what they were thinking doing all that.
  256. >Was it all a joke? A prank on you?
  258. >"Hey, come on you pussy, wake the hell up."
  259. >Richie fills your vision as you wearily open your eyes.
  260. >"Come on dude, I'm not performin mouth to mouth on you. Get up."
  261. >He helps you to your hooves.
  262. >"So you're super buff now and can't handle being asked out by a mare? Dude, you gay or something?"
  263. >Your answer is a quick jab to his chest.
  264. >"Ow...haha, take it easy, I'm just foolin."
  265. "Well lazy feathers, how did your cloudsitting job turn out?"
  266. >"Turns's comfy as fuck. And you'll never know."
  267. >"Anyway, I got Richie up to speed. So whenever you're ready, we'll go ahead and begin by picking our intermediary/representative."
  268. >"Yeah, and then we can get back to the important topics, like holding things with our rear hooves."
  269. >What is he, a winged monkey?
  270. "Right, well, let's come up with a list of humans we know that we could trust not to flip out or tell homeland security or whatever. Then we can make a call on which one we tell."
  271. >A half hour later and all you can find is a list involving each of your parents and a few cousins, nieces or nephews.
  272. "So why are there kids on this list?"
  273. >"Well they're into ponies to, so I listed em. Could be useful, seeing as any of our parents would just flip their shit. My gramps wouldn't care, but he's blind."
  274. >You roll your eyes.
  275. >"Well my parents know me well enough that I could get them to trust me, and they've thought I was gay for a time, so they likely wouldn't care I'm a girl now."
  276. "Lucky for you two, mine would have a fit, seeing as I've been watching a cartoon intended for children. Female children, on top of that. Now I'm a cartoon pony, I don't think they'll even listen to reason as long as they saw me in person. Over the phone though, I could maybe convince them..."
  277. >This is getting you nowhere.
  278. >"Maybe...someone we have contacted from the chat room or any other mlp thing. They might believe us-"
  279. >"No. Out of the question. More fans is more problems. What if the one we contact is the one that did this to us? What if it wasn't any of the people we contacted, but they can watch us try to tell them? They have OC's too, they could have the same thing happening to them right now!"
  280. >Fuck, shoulda added "find others in similar situations" to the itinerary.
  281. "Hey guys...what if it isn't even a human, but ponies are real and they're doing this to us on purpose?"
  282. >...
  283. >"Pffft, get real."
  284. >"I'd expect that of Discord, but what pony is going to decide to fuck around with humans anyway?"
  285. >...
  286. >"I got nothin. Say, what's for lunch?"
  287. "Dude, we just ate."
  288. >"Yeah, and I'm hungry again."
  289. >You and Iris sigh.
  290. >"Right, I'll plan lunch, but we aren't eating till then. We went to bed late and woke up late. It'll only be meant to be a snack to tide you over until dinner."
  291. >"Aww..."
  292. "Okay, so of all these people, I'm going to say...your mom, Iris. If she's as understanding as you say, you can use her to convince your dad, and maybe get the explanation to all our parents. Or at least some sort of cover story."
  293. >"Sounds good to me. Except for that telling my parents thing. Do not tell them, I will be disowned."
  294. "Richie...I'm sure they won't be that bad."
  295. >"Uh huh! Son you a pony now? Go yiff in hell. And that's the condensed version!"
  296. "Condensed, yeah, uh huh. Right, well if we have an accord, let's just call up Iris' parents and get this over with."
  297. >"I agree."
  298. >"Let's do it."
  300. >"Yeah, hello? Mrs. Rogers?"
  301. >...
  302. >You would listen in on another phone, but that's rude.
  303. >"Yeah, no I'm not my girlfriend."
  304. >...
  305. >"Mom, mom it's me. Tom. Something happened and we need your help."
  306. >...
  307. >"Yes, we, my friends and I uh...encountered something, like in a movie."
  308. >...
  309. >"Yeah, so we're breaking the plot of the movie and just telling someone outright, that's correct. Can you come home as soon as you can?"
  310. >...
  311. >"I know I sound different mom."
  312. >...
  313. >"That noise is how I'm holding the phone."
  314. >...
  315. >"I am not doing drugs, you know what those can do to the overall health of a human being!"
  316. >...
  317. >"Yeah, it's really, really me."
  318. >...
  319. >"Okay, see you soon mom. Love you, bye."
  320. >Iris hangs up the phone to see you and Rich stifling laughter.
  321. >"Out with it."
  322. >You and Richie share a look.
  323. "Like a movie?"
  325. >"H-hey, don't laugh at me! I love my parents! I've nothing to be ashamed of!"
  326. "Heheh, I'm sorry Iris."
  327. >"..."
  328. >"Well? Where's that apology?"
  329. >Richie hovers upwards and places his forehooves behind his head.
  330. >"Not sorry, that was hilarious!"
  331. "OH, come on, Rich!"
  332. >"I'm sorry you looove~ your parents so much you say it over the phone! Pfffftahahahaha..."
  333. >He flits and flies about in figure eights, chuckling as Iris levitates a flyswatter nearby to slap him with.
  334. >"Haha-hey! Hahaha-ow! Heeheheee-yeowch!"
  335. >As she strikes him on the back of the neck, he lands and rubs at it.
  336. >"WOW that smarts!"
  337. >"Justice has been delivered. Now apologize, or I strike you again."
  338. >He grimaces.
  339. >She tilts her head and menaces the flyswatter again.
  340. >"I'm sorry."
  341. >"Forrrrrr?"
  342. >He groans, shifting on his hooves.
  343. >"For making fun of you."
  344. >She places the flyswatter down on a counter.
  345. "We're all friends here, it's just...well, actually, what do we do next again?"
  346. >"LUNCH! I remember that part!"
  347. >Facehoof.
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