Nameless - Chapter 2 - A Stormy Night

Aug 16th, 2013
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  1. The blackness that surrounded you felt odd. It wasn't so much of a feeling of 'nothing' as you had expected being dead to feel, but more of a soft, comfortable feeling. You didn't even try to move in your cocoon of nothingness, it was so... Calming that you could probably stay there forever if a breeze of wind didn't blow the shroud away.
  3. You stared up at the night sky, surprised not just because you were looking up at the sky, but more by the fact that you were looking at anything at all. Was this heaven? You lay, extremely comfortable, staring at the night sky and did nothing. You felt kind of... Strange. Like you couldn't exactly think straight, your mind kept on wandering off to random thoughts like food or money rather than staying on the subject of the fact you had just been shot in the head.
  5. Abruptly, a shiver went through your body and you scrunched yourself up to keep warm. Wait, warm? You were dead, why would you need to stay warm? You shuffle around a little and notice an extreme difference to how your body felt. Your hands had become numb, to the point where you couldn't tell if you were actually moving them or not. Your nerves just seemed to be disconnected from certain parts of your body and the rest were jumbled up. There was another thing that you were finding strange though.
  6. Although you had lost some of your nerve connections... It almost felt like... There were some new ones too. Something awkward but smooth was attached to your sides and as you moved around a little in your wrap of cloths, you felt them move along with you.
  8. The wind began to blow harder, and you shivered again, really wishing that being dead wasn't so cold. Clouds began to gather and blot out the stars as they swept together, the wind simultaneously gaining in speed and roughness. What kind of bullshit afterlife is this? It can't be hell, surely hell wasn't like this. It couldn't be heaven either, you did nothing in my life to deserve that, nor did you believe in it.
  10. The wind began to blow so hard that a cloth covering half of your body blew away, letting you see that you were in fact, in some sort of strange basket, wrapped up in more cloth. A wet drop falls from the sky and lands directly on your forehead. Oh no, now it was starting to rain! You look around in a panic and try to move, but your strange body was constricted by the cloth tightly wrapped around you. You began to panic and hyperventilate, your strange feeling lips and face contorting to a scared glare as raindrops began to fall harder and harder.
  12. Strange feelings of extreme despair began to wash over you and you started to tear up. It was official, you were in hell. Whatever deity out there decided that you had been a bad man and sent you to hell. You began to cry and wail- Wait... This wasn't your voice. This sounded like a child’s cry, not you! Even this strange discovery didn't stop you from cry and as you got wetter and wetter from the rain, your cries only got louder.
  14. “Oh sweet Celestia, is that... Is that a foal?” You heard a woman say.
  15. Who was that?
  17. “Heeeeeehhhhh!” You tried to shout for help but all that escaped your mouth was a husky wail.
  19. “Oh my... It is a foal!” An large shadow passed over you, picked up the strange basket thing that you were in (with their mouth?) and cast the sheet over you, once again dipping you into darkness but once again protecting you from the raging storm outside. You stopped crying and suddenly felt so very tired. Your eyes drooped and you closed them, glad to be safe again.
  22. Your sleep was interrupted by the sound of a door slamming closed, cutting off the sound of rain, and strange hollow sounding footsteps. Were there two people here? A light turned on in the room and a few seconds later, the sheet was pulled off of your basket, causing you to squint as the light flooded in.
  24. As your eyes became more accustomed to the light, you saw a face staring down at you with a worried expression. Although it wasn't just any normal face.
  26. The face staring at you looked like it belonged to something from a cartoon. Its large green eyes filled with concern. She looked like some sort of horse or animal, but the colors were kinda strange. It was a deep maroon purple with a light pink mane, streaked with more light pink lines.
  28. “Hey there...” The purple thing said.
  30. Holy crap it could talk!? It must have been her who found you. But how...? Your mouth dropped open and the thing staring down at you giggled.
  32. “You must be very hungry! I'll go get you something to eat.” Before you could answer, she ran off, making more of those weird footsteps. A few seconds later, she came back into view and placed an enormous stick of celery in front of you. You squirmed, trying to free your arms of the cloth. The woman giggled again and lent forwards, gripping the shroud and tugging you free of it. You reached out to grab the stick but gasped as you saw that you didn't have hands anymore, just orange colored stumps.
  34. Holy crap, what happened to your hands!? You stared at them for a couple of seconds before realizing that the rest of your body was also covered in the same orange coating, right from your weirdly long nose right down to your... FEET! What happened to your feet! Did some sick fuck capture you and chop them off or something? No... No, it wasn't that. There was something weird about these limbs. You still had some form of articulation as you moved them around, but still no fingers.
  36. You look up at a very confused looking purple thing as she picked up the celery stick between her... Stumps. She emulated chewing on one and then poked you in the chest.
  37. 'Of course I know how to eat fucking celery!' was what you meant to say. Instead, a garbled 'Ofblalb abo celee!' came out. What the hell was wrong with you?
  39. She placed the celery in front of you again and you hesitantly reached out for it. You managed to somewhat clench it between your stump things, causing them to clack together as you got a grip on the celery. What were these things, hooves?
  41. You pull the celery into your mouth and bit down, but your bare gums bouncing off of the celery, hardly even denting it. Oh my god, did they take your fucking teeth? They didn't feel hurt and weren't covered in any kind of scarring, to your surprise. It was almost as if you hadn't had them in the first place. You suck on it a bit and try to crack through the celery's tough exterior but to no avail.
  43. “Oh, woops! I forgot that babies don't have any teeth. Let me get you something that you can eat.”
  45. What the hell was she on about? Wait, did she think you were a baby? What kind of idiot is she? You hardly looked like a--
  46. Well, you didn't know what you looked like anymore. In her absence, you observe your body some more, inspecting your arms, your legs, your tail, your- WHAT? A tail!? You grip the weird purple mass between your hooves and scrunch it up. Yep, it was definitely attached to you. Something else weird caught your eye while you were looking at your tail. Just at the base, slightly above your tail was... A vagina.
  49. You saw the purple horse lady place a bowl of something down next to you in the basket and pick up a spoon with her hoof. She lifted it closer to your face, but you shy away, tears filling your eyes. Of all the worst things that could possibly be done to you, they took your manhood away. You were relatively fine with them just taking your hands and feet, giving you a freaky purple tail thing and covering you in this strange orange fur stuff, but taking your dick? It was just... Just...
  50. You began to sob and cry, tears pouring down your cheeks and making you taste their saltiness when a couple of drops made their way into your mouth.
  52. The purple mare picked you up into her forelimbs and held you close to her, patting you on the back and whispering to you.
  54. “Shhh, shhh... It'll all be fine, little filly. Don't you worry your little head, I'm here, it's OK.”
  56. You have no idea why but... Her words made you calm. For some reason, the things she was saying made you feel like... Everything was going to be fine. You sobbed slowly and wrapped your hoof things around her neck, feeling so nice and safe in her arms. You just didn't want to leave. Ever.
  58. She lifted you up and walked over to a couch, placing you down and then getting onto the couch herself, folding her legs up and pulling you in between them. You wiped the tears from your eyes with a hoof and looked up at her. She smiled with the sweetest smile you had ever seen before and scratched the back of your head with a hoof.
  60. “It's OK, hm? We'll find your mummy in the morning and it'll be OK. But now, it's time for sleep, my little pony. Time for sleep...” She hummed a sweet tune to you as your eyes began to flutter and close. You didn't have a mummy, but... You wanted nothing more right now than for her to be with you.
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