Sea Foam FEMTO (3.0 Ed)

Mar 13th, 2019
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  1. -Character Information-
  2. Name: Sea Foam
  3. Race: Hippogriff
  4. -Racial Traits:
  5. --Two-Form (Passive): You carry the magic of your kingdom's sacred artifact. This change happens automatically when you go underwater or come up on to land, and you can trigger it freely as well.
  6. ->>Sea Pony: You can breathe both water and air, and swim swiftly. When underwater, you may choose to ignore range and treat all opponents as being in Melee range.
  7. ->>Hipogriff: You can fly, though not as fast as a Pegasus. When taking off from the water, Flight is automatic
  8. --Surf or Turf (Passive): You are especially attuned to one of your forms, and gain additional advantages when in that form.
  9. ->>Typhoon (Hippogriff Form, Recharge 2): The air is your domain. You may conjure strong winds, and in combat may focus them on to a singular target to give them a DC+1 (+2 if flying) to all actions as they fight against the wind. You may also use this to reflect ranged weapon attacks back at the attacker, if you roll higher.
  10. Gender: Male
  11. Age: 19
  13. Trained Talent:
  14. -When you hit with an unarmed attack or skill, you can choose to knock your opponent one zone away. You also gain an Elementalist effect of your choice.
  15. ->Water Element: Enemies affected by your water-element attacks suffer a +2 to their Critfail Range on their next turn. It can also be used to generate water, and dampen objects in the environment.
  16. Special Talent:
  17. -You've always enjoyed a nice pot of tea, and have a +1 to any roll involving tea (mostly for the purposes of brewing.)
  18. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  19. Class: Mystic
  20. -Multiclass Skill:
  21. --Primal Force (Passive): Pick an Elementalist effect of your choice. You gain an immunity to any natural sources of this element, and attacks modified by this Elementalist effect only deal half damage to you. You may apply this Elementalist effect to any unarmed strikes, and to any skills you have. Other Elementalist effects you have may be applied to your unarmed attacks, but not to skills.
  22. ->>Ice Element: Opponents affected by your ice-element attacks have an increased critical range (9-10). It can also be used to chill or freeze objects in the environment.
  23. -Free Skill (Mage):
  24. --Elementalist (Passive): Pick an element. You may apply this effect to any skills with the Spell tag.
  25. -->Fire Element: Enemies affected by your fire-element attacks are set on fire, taking 1 hit of damage for the next two turns. It can also be used to generate heat or burn objects in the environment.
  26. -Class Skills:
  27. --Stances (Instant, Automatic): You take a form while fighting to exemplify a particular style of combat. These effects are permanent until you choose to switch to a new stance.
  28. ->>Stance of the Bear: Sturdy and forward. You gain bonus hits equal to half of your current wounds, rounded up.
  29. ->>Stance of the Tiger: Reckless and fierce. You get a +1 to all unarmed attacks, but can not benefit from Weapon or Catalyst skills.
  30. ->>Stance of the Cross: Loose and calm. Self-inflicted helplessness from skills or Critfails do not incur a wound of damage.
  31. --Tumble (Recharge 1): Roll past an enemy and strike them, dealing damage. You may use this ability from helplessness, recovering on a successful roll. On a crit, you knock your opponent down and push them into another zone.
  32. --Spirit Step (Ranged, Recharge 1): You move so fast, that you appear to be in two places at once to the untrained eye. Deal damage, and move to another zone if you targeted someone there. On a crit your movement is entirely undetectable, and you may make a bonus action to strike either an opponent in your current zone if you attacked a target in another zone, or a second opponent in your current zone if you attacked a target there already. This bonus action attack does not incur a counterattack.
  34. Appearance:
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