TF: Unexpected Red 2 (this stuff is so old)

Aug 30th, 2012
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  1. More strange dreams you can't remember.
  2. You groan and roll out of bed, letting out a small squeal in the short time it takes you to fall flat on the floor. Smooth moves Ana. At least you're awake now though, usually you end up staying in bed until noon or something.
  3. You stare out across the wooden floor of your bedroom, narrowing your eyes when you see a cricket hop out of sight. Little buggers are probably whats attracting the scorpions. You wouldn't mind the scorpions so much if they would just eat the crickets and leave you alone, but being stung once was plenty enough to teach you to kill the evil fucking things on sight. You're gaze slowly drift towards the closet where your clean clothes are, and you consider getting dressed.
  4. Fuck that, pants are for suckers.
  6. You may be awake, but you don't feel like using your legs yet. So, you quite literally drag yourself into the bathroom, where you finally stand up and splash some water onto your face, still blinking the sleep away. You look at yourself in the mirror. Suddenly, your stomach gives an odd lurch, and it gives you pause. What was that about? You look more closely at yourself. Same face as usual, same blue eyes, same blood red hair. You stop for a second as you feel a very strange sensation, kind of like a reverse dejavu. You frown and squint a bit, making a weird face as you get even closer to the mirror. Did you always have red hair? At first this seems like a silly question, of course you've always had red hair, duh! But when you really think about it, a question occurs to you. Does hair even grow this red naturally? I mean you've seen some natural red heads, but your hair is, well, really really red. You run your fingers through the luxurious locks. It certainly doesn't feel dyed, dyed hair is usually dry and dead looking. Your hair is as smooth and full as its ever been, if not more so. You lose yourself for a while as you groom it, it's almost hypnotic.
  8. Another thought occurs to you.
  9. Didn't your dad say you had highlights yesterday? Your brain seems to trip itself up as it tries to comprehend this idea. Why was it so hard to think about this? You certainly have no highlights now, but you remember looking in the mirror of your car yesterday and seeing..
  10. Seeing what? You can't remember, and your brow furrows as you try. This turn of events disturbs you greatly. Normally you have an impeccable memory, and the idea of losing even a small amount of it kind of frightens you. Maybe somebody has been dying your hair while you sleep? No, that obviously makes no sense, and even if they were it wouldn't explain the memory loss. Unless they were drugging you or something. Deciding to humor yourself, you run through a list of people who you know that might be capable of something like that. You come up with nothing, heck just the list of people you know is pretty short. You decide to be the optimist and take this as a good sign that you don't hang out with insane people.
  12. You stare at your hair for a few more minutes, just running your hands through it lovingly. Following the trend set by your dreams, it appears that this morning going to be really weird. Very strange indeed, it seems you've found yourself a mystery, and standing here staring at yourself in the mirror isnt helping to solve it. It's probably time to continue on with your day.
  16. Continuing on with your day consists of lazing about for a few hours, watching tv, reading books, and playing games. You switch from one to the other pretty quickly. You cant really seem to focus on one or the other for very long. Your short attention span is starting to annoy you.
  17. Eventually you give up trying to be entertained and decide to eat something, You're famished. The journey downstairs is a short one, and you let gravity do most of the work, keeping balance using the smallest amount of energy possible. The kitchen is pretty bare, and you really don't feel like making anything fancy. You really wish you had some pre-cooked meals or something you could just heat up, which is not something you have wanted for a long time. Normally its fresh food or nothing for you. Definitely a weird morning.
  19. You realize the bacon you didn't eat from yesterday is still in the fridge. It's not much, but it would be a nice snack while you prepare something more filling. You grab the bacon strips from the fridge and begin munching on one while you fill a kettle with water. The bacon is cold from the fridge, and tastes really odd for some reason, there's an aftertaste to it that you never noticed before. You're more interested in it for the sustenance than anything else right now. What did you put water in the kettle for again? Probably some tea or oatmeal, both sound pretty good right now. You put the kettle on the stove and dig through some cabinets to find the oatmeal, finishing off the bacon while you do so. You keep leaning against the cold counter and pushing yourself away while you wait. It doesn't take long for the water to boil, not much of it was in there in the first place. You pour the steaming water and oatmeal into a bowl and sit down to eat. God damn oatmeal is delicious today.
  23. It's only noon. Still got several hours to kill before your meetup with Lizz, you really want to see Lizz. You try to play some video games again, but this time you keep wincing whenever you kill something, that's new. Axe to the face, that has really got to hurt. Why is this bothering you all of a sudden? You were fine with it a couple hours ago. With a grimace, you navigate to the options menu and disable blood and gore. It takes you a while to find the option, you've never done this before. That makes it a bit better, but you still seem to find the whole thing distasteful. In fact you kind of want to stop playing, but you know that would just result in your being bored and doing nothing instead. You decide to try making a stealth character instead.
  25. Everything feels different today. You wonder whats gotten you so squeamish. You chalk it up to a weird mood or something. Trying stealth in your game was a good idea though, and you're finally starting to enjoy yourself, and you can feel the time starting to fly by. You spend at least an hour content, all your worries fading away.
  26. Eventually though, your stealth fails, and somebody catches you. You're forced to deal with him rather gruesomely. Why couldn't he have just looked the other way?
  27. Just as you finish dispatching him, it feels like your stomach flips upside down in your belly and turns itself inside-out. You heave, clutching your gut in surprise. Come on, the kill wasn't THAT bad. Are you six or something? You've been killing people in video games ever since you found your dads DOOM game.
  28. In response you hear a loud gurgle and you wrap your arms across your midsection, keeling over.
  30. "Oohh.."
  32. Looks like this is some unrelated problem. You're not sure if you should be thankful or not. What IS the problem then? Was it something you ate? The image of the leftover bacon comes into view in your minds eye. There shouldn't have been anything wrong with it. You put it in the fridge right after you finished your omelet yesterday. Still, it was the most likely culprit. Kinda hard to mess up oatmeal.
  33. You let out a groan as there is more activity from your abdomen. Something really doesn't feel right in there. You flop out of your chair and crawl into the bathroom, leaning over the toilet just in case you decide to evacuate your breakfast. You're practically panting now, everything is too hot, you're probably sweating too. Things are roiling inside you, it feels like your innards are rearranging themselves. You fall yours hands into fists, trying to stay calm. You've never felt anything like this before, it doesn't exactly hurt, but it's very unpleasant. You stay like that for several minutes, just waiting for it end.
  34. Just when you start to consider calling an ambulance, things die down. Your stomach doesn't feel like its trying to hang itself anymore. Just as well, too. You aren't sure you could have made it to the phone even if you wanted to. You stay sitting on the floor a while longer just in case, wiping the drool from your face in the meantime.
  36. First the red hair and memory loss, now you're becoming suddenly and violently ill for no reason. You slowly stand up, shaking a little from what you assume is shock. Everything feels slightly off, like your center of gravity has shifted subtly. The major problems seem to have stopped, but you consider getting checked up by a doctor anyway. Things are getting just a little too strange for you. But doing that would mean you would have to call off your date with Lizz, and you've so been looking forward to that.
  37. You cant bear the thought of disappointing her.
  38. Besides, you feel fine now.
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