How does JustMarkets launch a Birthday Promo with a $120,000 Prize Pool

May 15th, 2024
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  2.  Table of Contents : JustMarkets
  3. 1. Introduction
  4. 2. A Decade of Excellence
  5. 3. Join the Celebration
  6. 4. How to Participate
  7. 5. Rewards for Engagement
  8. 6. Celebrating Community Spirit
  9. 7. Get Involved
  10. 8. Stay Connected
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  12. Introduction
  13. JustMarkets, a globally renowned brokerage firm, is jubilantly marking its 12th anniversary with the launch of the #iLoveJustMarkets birthday promo. This milestone celebration is an expression of gratitude towards the vibrant trading community that has contributed to JustMarkets' success over the past 12 years.
  14. A Decade of Excellence
  15. JustMarkets has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, catering to a diverse clientele with a comprehensive range of trading products and account options. As it embarks on its 12th year, JustMarkets is not only celebrating its achievements but also acknowledging the invaluable support and trust of its loyal traders.
  16. Join the Celebration
  17. Participation in the #iLoveJustMarkets birthday campaign is open to all traders and investors who meet the specified criteria. To be eligible, participants must be registered on the JustMarkets platform and maintain an active trading account with at least one lot traded. Additionally, active JustMarkets partners who have referred at least one client are invited to join in the festivities.
  18. How to Participate
  19. To enter the #iLoveJustMarkets promo, participants are encouraged to share their trading stories or experiences with JustMarkets on various social media platforms using the designated hashtag. By following JustMarkets on social media, tagging the official account in their posts, and submitting the post link through the provided form, participants can qualify for exciting prizes.
  20. Rewards for Engagement
  21. The #iLoveJustMarkets Birthday Promo offers rewards for both engagement and creativity. The first 4,000 participants will each receive a $30 trading promo code as a token of appreciation. Furthermore, the JustMarkets team will handpick the top 10 most compelling and heartfelt stories from traders, awarding them with a generous $120 cash prize each.
  22. Celebrating Community Spirit
  23. This promo serves as a tribute to the resilience and growth of the trading community over the past decade. It provides traders with a platform to share their strategies, victories, and learning experiences, fostering a sense of camaraderie and inspiration within the community.
  24. Get Involved
  25. For more information on the Terms & Conditions and how to participate in the #iLoveJustMarkets Promo, traders are encouraged to visit the JustMarkets website. Join JustMarkets in commemorating this milestone by sharing your trading stories and experiences that reflect the passion and spirit of traders worldwide.
  26. Stay Connected
  27. To stay updated on JustMarkets and the #iLoveJustMarkets Birthday Promo, follow them on their social media channels including Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook.
  29. JustMarkets' 12th anniversary is not just a celebration of its accomplishments but also a testament to the enduring bond between the brokerage and its trading community. Join the #iLoveJustMarkets birthday promo and be a part of this momentous occasion!
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